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Let`s discuss terms... When it is better to conceive the child?

In life practically of each woman come time when she thinks of the child`s birth. That the message about pregnancy did not take you unawares, it is necessary to be prepared for this event thoroughly and, first of all, to choose suitable time for conception.

And years fly...

Optimum age for the first pregnancy doctors consider by

the period from 21 to 26 years. The puberty period is complete by this time, the hormonal background is stabilized, the organism is young, is not burdened by any chronic diseases, tissues of ligaments, joints are elastic that facilitates the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth. However in the majority of the developed countries of the world the age of the women waiting for the firstborn increases. The unwillingness of women to interrupt education, aspiration to promote is the reason. Therefore time of the birth of the firstborn is postponed for the period after 30, and even after 35 years.

the late motherhood (and it is about first labor), of course, has also pluses: the woman approaches the firstborn`s birth, as a rule, responsibly, she has already taken place career, good financial security. Usually this more “conscious“ motherhood. However noticeable “postareniye“ of pervorodyashy causes alarm in doctors: if in emotionally - the psychological plan there are no objections, then physiologically for first labor younger age is optimum. A number of powerful arguments convinces that to postpone the birth of the first kid on far “then“ is not necessary: in - the first, ability to conception, and the woman decreases with age it is more difficult to become pregnant, In - the second, at women 35 - 40 years are more senior the probability of various gene violations at the level of gametes increases. It can become the reason of congenital diseases including genetic, and malformations at the child. At women 35 years more often are more senior complications during pregnancy meet, during incubation of the kid chronic diseases can be shown for the first time. The complicated course of pregnancy adversely affects also on health of the child.


was considered Earlier that the age of the father exerts smaller impact on health of future kid. Considering susceptibility of the modern person to massive influence of a number of adverse factors: bad ecology, stresses, harmful influence of alcohol, smoking etc., - it is noted that fertility (ability to fertilization) even at rather young men - - significantly decreases 30 - 40 years.

In definition of the best time of conception by the most important is your conscious decision to give birth to the child. Need of planning of future pregnancy is accepted by many spouses. How to define that optimum moment which not only will provide the maximum probability of conception but also will promote the safe course of all pregnancy and timely end by its easy childbirth, to the birth of the healthy and desired kid?

We will a little have a rest...

the Next holiday is recommended to be planned before the responsible period of pregnancy. Trips, flights, change of climatic and time zones can adversely affect pregnancy and the developing organism of the kid. If you with the husband - fans of extreme sports and rest, then it is necessary to remember that severe marching conditions, transfer of weights, mountain descents, rafting on the rough rivers with high thresholds, etc. can be very dangerous to future mother. Also it is necessary to minimize a possibility of a travmatization, you will be responsible not only for the life, but also for life and health of your yet not born child.

If you yet not otgulyal the next annual vacation, then it is rational to attach it to decretive, thereby having relieved itself of daily official duties, the road for work, early morning rises, trips in city transport etc.

If you still learn and to plan time of conception and pregnancy for “postschool hours“ it is impossible, then it is desirable to time pregnancy so that childbirth fell on time of vacation. Many cases when students did not even interrupt study after the delivery are known. Of course, without the aid of relatives who would remain with the kid for the period of visit by mother of studies not to manage here. Besides, on shoulders of young mother many new and important duties lay down, and also it is necessary to be restored after the delivery. Therefore additional loading in the form of visits of occupations, obviously, superfluous.

Before planning of time of pregnancy and childbirth should talk to the family - whether someone from them will be able to help you with the child, to stay at home with it if you come after vacation for study without the academic holiday. Mothers who were students during pregnancy do not advise to plan pregnancy for state exams and protection of the thesis. Expectation of the kid - not the best time for so intense and nervous period, and though most of teachers and members of examination committee consider special position of the student, will absolutely be possible to avoid nervousness examined hardly and among examiners differently adjusted people can get. Why to you excess experiences?


Needs the help!

Need of the help in the first weeks and months is after the delivery felt by many mothers especially sharply: load of the woman`s organism after the delivery, during formation of a lactation is too big. Besides, it is necessary to master in the shortest possible time elements of care of the kid, rules of breastfeeding etc. Therefore when planning pregnancy and childbirth discuss the plans with the family, for example future grandmothers and grandfathers. Their help can be invaluable.

the Help will be especially necessary to

at a small interval between childbirth when the senior child is still small and requires special attention. The solution of many tasks is significantly facilitated if someone from grandmothers or grandfathers already retired and do not object to sit with the little grandson or the granddaughter. Perhaps, someone from relatives will be able to go on leave after the birth of your kid, and further you resolve an issue with the nurse or learn to cope independently.

What we should build the house?

Presently expensive housing the housing problem for many young couples is particularly acute especially. To think over and resolve an issue where you will live with the new family member, it is desirable before pregnancy and childbirth. In the room where there will be a bed of the kid, it is recommended to make repair. Many pregnant women start repair by own efforts during expectation of the child. It is not rational as the complete elimination of contact with various construction materials and derivatives of paint and varnish industry would be optimum during pregnancy. Many organic solvents which are widely used in stroitelno - repair work, negatively influence health of the person, development of a fruit, can cause allergic and toxic reactions in the course of their drawing and drying until solvent completely re evaporates. Therefore this problem has to be solved before pregnancy or someone from members of the family of future mother has to be engaged in it, but not she.

If you remove housing, it is necessary to consider that some time after the delivery all financial loading on providing a family will lay down on shoulders of your spouse. Besides, the expenses connected with the birth of the kid (expenditure for disposable diapers, a kidswear etc.) will be added to a rent for housing . However and it is possible to solve this problem, having thought of a dowry for the kid in advance (clothes for kids, for certain, your acquaintances at whom children already grew up willingly will give), and the best and cheapest food is breast milk of mother!


When planning time of conception consider the fact that your kid will be born in the season preceding this event: if conception happens in the winter, then the child will be born in the fall if in the spring - date of birth is necessary for winter months if in the summer - the birth of the kid has to be expected in the spring and if in the fall - birthday of the new family member you celebrate in the summer. At the same time every season has advantages and shortcomings.

Conception in the winter - childbirth in the fall. Conception and the first months of pregnancy fall on epidemiologically unsuccessful season - a heat of incidence of a SARS and flu. In the first three months of life there pass several critical periods in which the embryo is extremely vulnerable and sensitive to influence of adverse external factors, including viral infections. Childbirth and the first months of life of the child will take place during a “sad“ autumn time. It is necessary to consider that bad autumn weather can interfere with walks with the kid in the fresh air, and gray, cloudy days, rains - to create threat to your good mood, especially considering that after the delivery women in general are subject to this misfortune. However if the last months pregnancies fall on cool autumn or winter months, then the last trimester and characteristic of it gestoz proceed more easily: tendency to hypostases, sleeplessness is less expressed.

Conception in the spring - childbirth in the winter. In such situation conception falls on the period when maternal and fatherly organisms are weakened by a spring gipovitaminoz though now at a wide choice of vitamin preparations the problem of a gipovitaminoz leaves on a background. When planning conception and pregnancy the doctor will appoint to future parents the necessary vitamins important for normal development of the kid. Also spring season is unsuccessful on incidence of respiratory viral infections. The last, third trimester of pregnancy is the share of a season when it is cold, slippery. It is fraught with falling, injuries, unsafe for mother and the kid.

treat good production of melatonin in the last trimester of pregnancy pluses of a winter season that plays a positive role in normal falling asleep of future mother and a safe current of the last weeks of pregnancy. Besides, the last months pregnancies are easier transferred to a cold season, than during a summer heat.

Conception in the summer - childbirth in the spring. Conception in one of the most safe on weather conditions and a saturation of an organism vitamins the period, certainly, is favorable for the most vulnerable first trimester of pregnancy. The birth of the kid and the period of a lactation will fall on the spring season which is famous not only awakening of life in the nature, but also gipovitaminozy, though mother and the newborn baby need enough vitamins. It can become the reason of weakening of an organism of the kid and woman in labor.

If conception happens in the winter, then the child will be born in the fall.

Conception in the fall - childbirth in the summer. Fall - a season when the organism is saturated with vitamins that is favorable for origin of new life. However the autumn slushy transition period is fraught with increase of incidence of a SARS, flu, repeating dangers of a winter season. The last trimester of pregnancy falls on long summer days. From - for long light day future mother can have problems with falling asleep which are so very characteristic of this period of pregnancy. In the conditions of long light day production of hormone of melatonin which is extremely important for a safe current of the last weeks of pregnancy also worsens. Besides, during a summer heat tendency to hypostases amplifies.

For the studying future mothers summer - an optimum season for childbirth. Having secured with the help of relatives since the beginning of academic year, the most difficult first months of life of the baby mother - the student will spend with the kid. It will allow it not to take the academic vacation and to continue study without interruption. Besides, the warm flying weather relieves of need to wear heavy clothes that in recent months pregnancies and it is so difficult in connection with considerably the increased weight.

we Make plans together

Surely discuss a problem of your work with the husband: whether you will work during pregnancy whether your work allows to solve those problems which inevitably arise during expectation of the child? What situation at you at work: whether the management can go to meet requirements of you, having shortened working hours, releasing to the doctor, resolving later beginning of the working day (what is important if, for example, in the morning you need to make tests), without sending to business trips etc.? Whether your family budget allows a situation in which the role of the getter completely will lay down on the husband`s shoulders? Even if answers to all these questions are not too consolatory - do not despair! From any, even the most difficult situation there is exit. Perhaps, the state of your health and the course of pregnancy will allow you to avoid all described difficulties. However be ready that if it is required, work and everything that is connected with it, it is necessary to offer - health of the child more important!

not to be late...

In series of the flashing days, weeks, months to us it is sometimes difficult to h2 to stop and think about most important and necessary Therefore so important and responsible step - the child`s birth - everything is postponed “until the best times“: when we finish study, we will get a job, we will promote when we move to the new apartment when we save up money, we will make repair when we deal with all affairs at work... Unfortunately, inevitably running time can play a dirty trick with us, and the pleasure of motherhood and paternity will turn into unrealized dream. Therefore try to manage to plan everything and to count, to agree about everything and to execute everything, however remember that anyway conception and the birth of your kid will happen at the most right and necessary moment of your life! Even if this moment also does not coincide with timed you conceptions.