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Clear-out of

Several important issues which we usually remember at the wrong time.

we Put a drawing room and a bedroom in order.

  1. we Make a warm bed. Before cleaning woolen plaids and warm winter blankets in a case, wash them or hand over in a dry-cleaner. Otherwise after long storage they will get an unpleasant smell. Properly dry them on the sun, and on a shelf put pieces of fragrant soap.
  2. we Clean crystal. Remove all details which it is possible from a chandelier or the lamp. Put them in the basin filled with warm water add means for washing of ware. In a few minutes take out details from a basin and wipe everyone a pure rag. For convenience it is possible to put on cotton gloves hands.
  3. we Wash the dimmed vases. For a start pour vinegar in vases and leave it for the night. If the vase became pure after night procedure, just rinse it cold water. If the raid on walls remained, throw a rice handful into vinegar, shake, chat, wipe with wall grains. Now the raid has to depart.
  4. we Erase tulle and lacy curtains. That curtains remained white and did not grow dull, try to erase them more often. If curtains turned yellow, wet them in bleach for half an hour, and then wash in the car. Hang up tulle on eaves, without waiting until it dries. Heavy curtains and blinds can just be vacuumed by means of a narrow nozzle.
  5. we Delete with
  6. ashes and dirt from a fireplace by means of a dry rag or a brush of the vacuum cleaner. And a lattice clean space before a fireplace an iron brush. For cast iron use paste.

put in order equipment

  1. the Computer, the TV and phone. For a start disconnect the computer and the TV from food. By means of a pure dry rag from microfiber wipe the screen from dust, beginning from above. Fat stains from fingers can be processed the cleaning wipes eliminating static electricity. However ZhK - screens cannot be cleaned the means containing alcohol or solvents. Special means for ZhK - displays is required. To clean the computer keyboard, disconnect it from the computer, turn and shake over a garbage can. The remained dust can be cleaned by means of the vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle, having established the lowest power. Wipe space between keys with Q-tips, having moistened them in usual soap solution. Wipe remote controls and the receiver with antibacterial napkins.

It is put in order furniture

  1. Leather furniture. At first remove dust and dirt by means of a soft damp rag, then put special means which will keep softness and elasticity of skin and will protect from spots. Have furniture at distance of 40 cm from heat sources.
  2. Wooden furniture by means of special paste remove with
  3. scratches. One more way - to level a little them an emery paper, and then to wipe with beeswax. For gloss giving the surface can be rubbed with a woolen rag.

It is put in order kitchen

  1. we Wash copper by means of a lemon half. Dip a lemon in salt and rub with it walls of copper ware. After a while wash away and let`s dry. Such method does copper ware brighter and returns it initial color. It is useful to use it from time to time.
  2. we Look after a sink For a start wipe a sink and a zone around it with good abrasive means. Collect all brushes, sponges and brushes in separate capacity. Get rid of those which served the term. Sponges and brushes which you are going to leave disinfect in the microwave oven.
  3. we Clean cranes. Moisten a small rag in means for removal of a limy raid and wrap up it the crane. Leave for necessary time, and then wash away water. If there is no special means, moisten a rag in vinegar or lemon juice and leave at several o`clock. Remember that such method cannot be used for cranes with finishing under gold.
  4. we Will sterilize boards and containers. Use just boiled water to sterilize wooden chopping boards. Get rid of old boards and those which became covered at the edges by a mold. Plastic forms are enough to be washed in the dishwasher.
  5. we Touch groceries. You will throw out expired products and buy a set of good containers which will keep products and will prolong their storage. When there is time, also check a locker with medicines and throw out all that is delayed.
  6. we wash with
  7. a tile. To put in order space between a ceramic tile, soft bleach and an old toothbrush will be necessary for you. It is possible to get rid of the eaten dirt on a tile by means of mix of liquid soap and sugar. Rub a tile with this structure, and then wash away a wet rag.