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To Paris with small children of

of Paris, je t “ame...

I Hope, this information on our travel to Paris with small children will be interesting and useful to you. I will try to note especially some important points concerning the baby. Our trip took place on spring vacation (on March 23 - 29, 2009). In total us was five: two adults, twins of 11 years and baby of 9 months. Important point! The baby on breastfeeding, and a feeding up at us according to the pedagogical scheme, i.e. we give the same that we eat and occasionally can food (if there is no opportunity something to prepare).

Planning. the Main objective was to bring to vacation of children - teenagers (The Disneyland and other delights and entertainments). Doubts concerning a trip of the youngest family member were, but decided that age of 9 months - most that. The baby, and so far all problems are solved with the help of “tita“ already sits, but does not go yet; besides our baby quite adequate on life.

the Trip was completely planned independently: tickets, visas, hotel booking, insurance. With themselves took a minimum of things, being guided by a weather forecast. Actually weather was even better. Decided that we go to the civilized country, and, if something happens, everything can be bought on the place. We remember at the same time that in Paris many shops do not work on days off, and with round-the-clock also a problem. The only thing that I took for emergency, so is diapers (very opportunely as then it appeared) and a little more can food with itself. Put in the first-aid kit febrifugal, to a smekt, laktofiltrum, absorbent carbon, d - pantenol, but - a shpa, a thermometer. The carriage was decided to be bought on the place since we had at that time no summer walking option. Previously I found information on children`s shops in Paris. With themselves took an irreplaceable backpack and a baby sling. I found useful information for Russians with children in Paris here. Including about shops, food and also where to ask for the help etc.

the Visa. Formalities with the visa were solved very simply and quickly. In Yekaterinburg there is a consulate of France. We filed documents, and in 2 days could already look at result on the website. Visas gave us without problems.

Tickets and flight. Air tickets bought in the regular way, through cash desks in Yekaterinburg. As there are no direct flights from the capital of the Urals to Paris, we considered options with change in Kaliningrad, Helsinki and Prague. Moscow and St. Petersburg were not taken into account for the reason of unreal high cost. We live in the interesting country all-. And so, the Yekaterinburg option - Kaliningrad - Paris, flight with the Kaliningrad airlines was the most economical and convenient from the point of view of carrying out a minimum of time at the transfer airport. The price for tickets made about 70 thousand rubles on all in both parties.

But here just trouble to Kgavia happened. The company had financial difficulties and them (it seems) declared a bankrupt, but the local government supported a carrier. Or somehow so, not an essence. Flight took place. But! There, to Kaliningrad, united two flights - Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg (it was not lucky those who flew to Paris from Chelyabinsk, they had two stops - respectively in Yekaterinburg and Kaliningrad). And back, in Kaliningrad, united Yekaterinburg and Ufa, i.e. it was not lucky us, we had an additional stop in Ufa. At night flight with children - it, to put it mildly, enraged me a little. Chelyabinsk, by the way, on the way back too was united, with Samara this time. To put it briefly, if you want to save nerves, fly with foreign airlines. Flight through Prague was 15 - 20 thousands more expensive. Through Helsinki it is slightly less, but there were longer feet. I recommend to plan flights through Amadeus.

I will tell

Concerning conveniences to passengers with small children in the transfer hall of the airport of Kaliningrad one - they are absent. Neither rooms of mother and the child, nor napkins in a toilet. These are details. We are familiar with the Russian reality and were well prepared for all occasions.

the Baby transferred flight well, slept, was practically not capricious. Stared on the parties much and actively tried to interact with all people around: will smile, the handle will stretch. Certainly, hung on a breast much. Especially it rescued during take off and landing when it stuffs up ears. Tityu gave - and forward, any problems.

we Arrived on Sunday, in the second half of day, and decided not to take a taxi, and to reach independently hotel. Strayed on the airport in search of an exit to RER a little, but everything was solved when addressed on Information rack (the personnel speak in English). In general, as it seemed to me, in Paris there was much more than the people speaking in English (in comparison with 2002). I will not stop in detail on the Parisian transport, useful links on this subject will be lower.

Weather stood super: neither hot, nor it is cold, sometimes a rain, but not long. The only thing that is quite windy. It is difficult to estimate average temperature since on the sun absolutely hot, especially in the last day of our travel warmed already quite strongly.

Hotel. Appart Valley Paris Hotel - Gare Austerlitz was reserved through www. booking. com. The main criteria at the choice of the place accommodation were the following: 3 - 4 stars, apartments at least to 2 rooms with kitchen, near the subway, park and are not really far from the center. From booking. com was sent confirmation, I called itself once again in hotel that to specify everything (they did not respond to e-mails). But all the same there was a slip. The matter is that in some hotels the reception works only in strictly allotted hours. For example, as in our case, with 8 to 11 and with 16 to 19, and on Sunday only with 8 to 11. We just arrived on Sunday after a lunch. On the website of booking there was no information about features of work of hotel on Sunday. And in the hotel we were not warned that will be nobody on the place though I called previously, confirmed dates and time of arrival. Therefore we appeared at the locked door of hotel. Having listened to information on an answering machine, we thought nothing though more or less we know French also English. Probably so got tired from the trip that thought tugovato. Small already began to podpiskivat. To put it briefly, the code for the on-door speakerphone which we were not told was necessary just (though later the managing director assured me that sent the letter with a code on e - a mail).

Without thinking twice, we found in the guide the address of the nearest hotel in this area (near the station Austerlits) and Saint - Charles became populated there. Took two double rooms, the owner gave us a discount. Everything was sincere, pure and, running forward, for the morning we received an excellent breakfast in a buffet format (at additional expense, as in many hotels of Paris). Around small small streets, silent cafes. In the evening of the first day we noted arrival by a sincere dinner with huge portions of salads and wine. Children are happy, the baby slept.

most of all endured

Ya from - about time differences, all - 4 hours with Yekaterinburg. But the child somehow adapted at once, and there were no problems. In general small slept much.

For the second day I woke up from singing of birds behind a window. Oh, Paris!

the Hotel me was pleasant to

, but we decided to move nevertheless to the apartments ordered earlier as we planned at once. As a result lived near a botanical garden, a zoo and the Museum of natural history. In the museum it is not really cozy, the place is a lot of bones, but for fans of paleontology. In a garden it is very healthy and beautiful. Already everything blossomed.

In the second day we walked much. Walked along Seine, visited Notre Dame, bought a carriage, traveled all over much everything and, at last, came to the Eiffel Tower. Wind was very strong that day, just blew off. I still thought that it is necessary not to rise by a tower and to go with the baby home. But remained. And, probably, it caught a draft a little or just the organism included some protective reaction to a stress from flight and change of a situation. Well, for the third day it gave me temperature 38. We did not begin to panic, just stayed at home. The husband with the senior children went to the Disneyland. We with younger all the same there did not gather. I did not begin to give to drink to her drugs, except temperature there were neither snivels, nor cough. Normal child. Just saw much and slept. Took a walk even it is sensitive. And next day already everything was as it should be, temperature fell, in the evening already walked. And until the end of a trip there were no excesses any more. Every morning bought round the corner fresh croissants, desserts, cheese and made a breakfast. Wandered about Paris in the afternoon, enjoyed food, architecture, the atmosphere and beauty. Very much it was pleasant in the museum D`Orsay, Montmartre we love hotly and strong, Notre Dame is graceful and stately, the Champs Elysee are solemn, parks, Seine, small streets, the markets, cafe... Personally I go bananas from Paris, I like everything there. Senior children delighted with the Disneyland and Town of science and industry (Cite des Sciences & de l “Industrie). Wanted to go to park of Asteriks, but it opens in April.

Children`s food and diapers. As I already mentioned, the baby at us on breastfeeding, plus we feed with the same that we eat. As in the conditions of travel it is problematic to eat regularly, it is necessary to stock up with can food. With myself from the house I took very little, only on flight in one party (“A grandmother`s bast basket“). Therefore on the place we were at once puzzled with a question of baby food. First of all chose the nursery to a milk from Danon. And here with can mashed potatoes at us did not go. Nestle was not pleasant to us on taste, one more brand we bought in a drugstore, I do not remember the name, any vegetable puree - the allergy poured out at once. And one more was tried, the name of brand, unexpected for the Russian pronunciation, - Bledina. Was on sale in usual shop. Fruit tastes - it is good, but on vegetable an allergy. Any more we tried nothing from can, fed with usual food.

Still for some reason unexpectedly the problem with diapers from 9 kg and arose above. They just were not. It is good that I took with myself from the house with a stock therefore stretched almost until the end of residence in Paris. And then - bought local - not really successful, however, they proceeded. It is strange that to us Fixis, the French brand did not meet, in principle. But, perhaps, we badly looked for. Just took what came across.

Movement on a carriage and the attitude towards children. It is very convenient to strong to walk with a carriage on foot, sidewalks “are that is called adapted“. Without problems if it is necessary to stop by with a carriage at little shop or cafe. In the museums of also any difficulties, there are elevators. But here in the subway it is problematic, it is not provided. One RER more simply, there are elevators.

Separately should be told

about the attitude of French to kids. I did not expect it in any way. There is a feeling that the baby for them is the most important person, the center of the Universe. Everywhere, where we were, in any public place (cafe, the museum, the airport) the baby the attention was paid to the person. And it did not irritate at all as looked very sincerely and naturally when, for example, the manager of cafe approached, greeted the child, smiled, lyulyukat, played. Or if suddenly the child burst into tears, then the ridiculous French uncle surely approached and tried to make laugh the child. One word, active communication and participation. Almost in all institutions in which we were in toilets there were pelenalny little tables.

About sights and features of transport the mass of information on the Internet. We, generally used the following sources:

  • the Official site of Paris in the French and English languages
  • the Interactive map of Paris very convenient
  • the Card of transport
  • Public transport of Paris. Fare, travel cards and discounts
  • Tickets in Paris
  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in France

in conclusion wants to tell

  • to
  • of the Taxi in Paris that Paris is beautiful, Paris is smart, Paris - forever. Personally I adore this city and is very glad that went with the family there. On travel to Europe with the small child I do not see any special difficulties. Main thing, corresponding spirit and positive thinking. Enjoy the fine moments together with your children.