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One our day, or Laugher Dee of

Early morning... Silence... I sleep... “The Maaaa - a maaaa!“ I fly up over a bed from surprise! But a dream - that all the same prevails... “Mother! Mother! Naa!“ Bamts! Something plopped down on a forehead! I grope the arrived pacifier... “Ha - ha - ha! Mothers! On! On!“ I slightly open one eye: Dee half leaned out of a bed and hangs over me, here - here will plop down! My God, thank you that there are days off! I catch the woken-up daughter “in flight“ and I am again filled up with her on a bed in hope still though slightly - slightly to have a sleep. Far from it... “Maam! Boom!!“ Dianka balances on the edge of a bed. I stack it, I begin to do with it exercises. Well as charging... Dee it is lazy stretches, and I have to iron her a back and kiss on a tummy. A kiss in a navel! Aaaaa! My hair! Ooh, tenacious handles at you! “Mother! Ha - ha - ha!“ The daughter obviously woke up in mood... A top - a top - a top... Wow, went to awake the grandfather and the grandmother, probably. “Woman! Grandfather! On! On!“ Well... Perhaps, really it is time to rise!

So, for a start - a breakfast. But to force Dee to eat since morning - that still occupation! We agree to yogurt, grapes and a bagel. And that is good. Now it is time and to think of himself. “Mother, on! On!“ I look out of kitchen - Dee demands the books lying on the most top shelf. I submit it books. Itself I give myself some tea. Grandfather! On! Tnba! Banana!“ It means, Dee already opened the favourite book on the last page and forces the grandfather to read with it. There photos of all its favourite products - sausage, yogurt, banana, grapes. The grandfather has to show, and Dee will call them. Game is such.

Approximately in an hour - the room not to learn

any more. Everywhere toys, details of the designer and the grandmother`s 25 clothespegs which are imprudently left in the available place roll. The cat hid on the TV also pretends that he sleeps. Ugu, naive. In a couple of minutes of Dee already pushes before itself a chair - it is necessary to look what is there, on the TV! The cat suspecting something wrong slightly opens the right eye and - hryas! Is hit a slap on a muzzle! Hryas! Dee drags it for an ear: “Nye - Nye - Nye!“ In attempt to escape the unfortunate cat was caught for a tail. And so it was also overthrown from the TV, but thanks to the resourceful nature managed to disappear. Dianka, having understood that there any more it is more of nothing interesting is not present (well except father`s earphones of course, but she broke them still the day before yesterday), gets down from a chair: “Mother! Tnda, Water!“ Neeeet! Diya!. Nobody listens to me. The daughter drags a chair through all room and kitchen to a sink in kitchen. Gets on a chair. Ours begins “the water epic“! I suffer, the grandmother cannot any more. Everything that stands nearby that can be got flies to a sink. Spoons, daughter`s mug, set of wooden rakes, poilnik. In total generously pours down cold water and “washes“. Now Dee drinks water directly from - under the crane. Gathers full hands of water and “washes“ to himself the head. Well, and at the end of “program“ pours water in a mug, gathers a full mouth of water and does “a pkhua!“ water on walls, on a floor and on a chair. Wet all around. Dee wet from legs to the head. On help the grandmother with a rag rushes. Also most “to a pkhu receives this!“ water! Now and grandmother wet! “Ha - ha - ha! Woman! Pkhuu! Water!“ - Dee is happy.

It is time for p to gather for walk. Dianka rushes from the room to the room and hides from me. Plays. I dress it on weight literally. “Ha - ha - ha! Mother! Them! To Net!“ - it seems as resists. “Dee, we to walk - that we go?“ “Ua - va! Mother! Ua - va!“ It at us means - “to walk“! Everything, we put on without resistance further.

we Go outside. Today walk at us is in reaching the market and back. We four together - I, my parents and Dee. And the folder ours at work. We seat Dee in a carriage, went. We go quietly, Dianka still has a mood. To the market - two stops on foot. Good walk, Dee goes bananas. From a carriage we do not pull out it - rain and everywhere pools expected to fall. “Mother! public educational institution - go!“ Dee saw a horse. Already all road. All were listed “av - av“, “meow - meow“ and even “krya - krya“ saw once! The benefit, went on the private sector.

In the market crowd to the people. Dee bothered to sit in a carriage and I watch that she wants to sleep. To her Bor on hands. I buy by it a jacket, and we move to department of toys. My parents are bought by household goods. In department of toys of Dee inertly sticks with a hand into some stick of a strange look.“ The stick“ joins - shines and changes color. We take. Dianka begins to be capricious. Wants to sleep. To it to juice now. And the poilnik stayed at home. Everything, absolutely burst into tears, and no toys are necessary to it. I leave from the market, Dee escapes from a carriage. The main thing - tranquility, it is temporary. Indeed. I am caught up by parents with purchases, we slowly move towards the house, and Dianka already peacefully snuffles in a carriage - fell asleep.

the Road back home was stretched almost for 40 minutes. Now it is necessary to try to transfer Dianka home so that she did not wake up. Aha, where there! We rise home, Dee opened eyes. We stack it in a bed. It seems she is ready to have a sleep still. But it is necessary to undress! I undress. We begin to remove from it kombez. And here she begins to laugh loudly! “Ha - ha - ha!“ Everything, undressed. Mother remains - says that she will lay. I go to other room, I include a computer. Here they, minutes of happiness! From a bedroom of minutes through 15 again Diankin laughter.“ Mother! Mother! Grandfather! Ha!“ Mdaa, apparently, should not be counted on a dream. And in 10 minutes - here it, my happiness, already stamps to me in excellent mood!

“Dee, nyam - nyam you will be?“ - “Nyam - nyam! Mother!“ For lunch - borsch. It we always with pleasure! Navorachivayet for both cheeks! Got hungry. Separate point - meat. “Mother! Mya!“ Little chicken light meat, juice. Everything, have dinner. Oh, is not present? “Mother! On - on - on - on!“ - “Mmm... What do you want?“ Dee shows a finger on a locker. “On - on - on!“ And... “Fruit jelly?“ - “Dya!“ Dessert!

Then everything begins

on the second circle. Cat, water, chairs. I change clothes of Dee after next “bathing“ in a sink. “Dianka, well we will go we will play together, and?“ - “Net!“ Winds the head. Climbs at a computer table. In a couple of minutes the main panel of system is moved up, on each side two more some panels. Dianka cracked so again that to me then behind her only to correct! Again picked in settings of the monitor! “Dee, we will go to put a pyramid?“ - “Net!“ Approaches, takes me by hand, conducts in a bedroom.

In a bedroom at us still the whole arsenal of toys. “Mother! Bee - bi! Those are those Bibi!“ Aaa... It is clear... Let`s roll a birdie now - a stork in a truck body. I, so have to load a bird there and return her into place if it falls out. Let`s roll! Dee drags the car for a string, I follow. On turn in a corridor the car turns over, and the stork flops on a floor. Dee thoughtfully states: “Bubukh! Mothers!“ I lift an unfortunate toy and again I put in a car body. Went further. So we play minutes 20. I constantly select a plush stork and I return into place because he falls out, and still Dee specially so shakes the machine. Then this business bothers it.

I See

that Dee is tired, - business by the evening, I conduct it to look animated cartoons. Today we have a cartoon from the I Can Do Everything! series - “To - re - mi“. Dee sits at me on hands. Looks. I explain to her, she comments. The benefit that the cartoon in Russian, analog “Baby Enstein“. Looked through to the middle, Dee began to distract and spin. I include children`s clips - we have dances! Dianka adores these clips - razvivalka with music. We dance. It is turned and laughs loudly. This, of course, is more interesting! 30 minutes of impetuous fun and dances.

Oho, so evening! Soon and my parents from giving will return. “Dee, nyam - nyam?“ The offered cutlet right there is fed to a dog. Well... “Mother! Berry!“ I get grapes, I clean apples - we love it! Dee though calmed down a little, puts a pyramid.

of Ur, all family assembled, all houses! Here and dinner. Dee Navorachivayet together with all fried eggs with tomatoes and with onions. It has the plateau and a spoon. In a poilnik - cherry compote. Sits together with us at a table d`hote. Sometimes costs. Sometimes plays about - throws tomato in my glass and crumbles bread on a floor. Dee gorged on...

the energy surplus is closer than

to a dream at us again. I try to change clothes of it for a pizhamka. Dee gets out and peeps. Everything, are ready to a dream. While I warm up milk - the baby with ecstasy combs to the grandfather moustaches a hairbrush. In a couple of minutes already laughs loudly with the father. Everything, milk is ready. “Diana, tell all so far - so long!“ Dee waves the handle: “And - And - And!“ I carry her on hands in a bedroom, we will keep within. There already the grandmother waits. They have with Dee the ritual, special.

the Husband has supper, we stir with it. The grandmother leaves in about 20 minutes. Dianka sleeps. Now it is possible and to sit behind a computer. And then - too to sleep. Closer to Dee. That next morning to hear it “Mother again!“.