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As we struggled with flat-footedness. Also won!

Children`s foot are formed till 6 years, but you should not count only on the mother - the nature... When the orthopedist paid attention to feet of my child, at first I sounded the alarm. And then we developed charging which we try to carry out every day with the daughter. We began occupations in a game form therefore the daughter had no negative at all. And now an initiator of charging is the daughter!

For a start I picked up music from children`s animated films, and fast and rhythmical music has to pass in quiet and more melodious, - i.e. rhythms in a complex have to be different.

Any improving complex should be begun with

with warm-up - in our case from walking on the place (it is possible to suggest the kid to walk round the room as if on the wood, and to turn on the music with nature sounds etc.) . We continue our travel by walking on external and inside of foot. Here the child should be helped, simply to show on the example it is not enough, the kid has to feel the legs this exercise. Turning foot, be not overzealous - for the first time muscles can withdraw painful feelings. You should not demand ideal performance at once! We with the daughter showed how bears go and ducks, discussed at the same time where they live and that eat: the kid attentively listens, carries out exercise, and time passes quickly!

can offer

For active part of our charging for feet the following exercises:

we suggest to make by

at the end of charging the weakening massage. It at us with the daughter too special - we luxuriate on a sofa, we embrace - do not even represent how it is pleasant and unforgettable! Even if your kid goes to kindergarten, 10 minutes of charging and 5 minutes of massage will present you unforgettable impressions of communication with the child, the main thing, to perceive it not as a duty and as game, so necessary ours children simply communication!

Krom of such exercises for legs we with the daughter try to select small objects fingers of legs. On a floor we scatter toys, cubes, balls, meccano details - to run on such strip of an obstacle it will hardly turn out, and here it is worth walking. At a playground I drew attention of the daughter to various short flights of stairs. At first it was necessary to support her and to catch, and now, especially when heavy winter boots were replaced with spring easy footwear, she hurries where - nibud to get. And not to roll down from a hill or to ask me to pick up, and to go down most. I consider as one more acquisition in fight for healthy legs an orthopedic rug. It easy lies in a game zone of the room, but each family member and our guests seeks to walk on it.

I Hope that our small victories will help also you! Health to you and your children!