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Our family teeth of

Here and morning... Oh, and the night was! But what am I telling?

let`s get acquainted In the beginning - I, mother Ksyusha, and my family - the son Igoryoshka who is 10 years old, the daughter Dashenka, 10 months from a sort, and the father Vanya. Well, if you thought that you the father too the child, then were deeply mistaken - our father the getter and the supporter, and still the most gentle and careful father in the world though sometimes and it is strict (but it it so, for image maintenance).

Yes our morning begins

since night as the tone of next day is set by our small vredinka - the daughter Dasha who is accustomed to ache at night. The son sometimes becomes angry about it that prevents to sleep at night, and to him in the morning in school, but invariable ritual when it comes from school, the kissing of this vredinka is!

Morning at Dashenka consists of a breakfast and wires for work of the father and Igor in school. Then we have a morning dream within one hour or forty minutes. Also day begins! Each new day for the small child is very informative. Today, for example, we learned that our legs are put in socks, and indispensable occupation was them, these socks to remove as soon as mother puts on them! Then built big turrets of cubes - it appears, cubes happen big and small! And it is possible to put them one on another! And the biggest opening was that the computer at which the father works has such device as a mouse, and it shines!

A then! As we live in the private house, for us all dogs and cats - invariable attributes of the street, it is even possible to tell, for the sake of them we there and we go, and all should be touched and to greet all! There is no wish to come back to the house from the warm, solar street therefore we arrange a lunch directly in the yard (at the same time not only Dasha, but also a dog Doggy eats). Then a day dream under a gagakanye of geese and bark of dogs, we sometimes transfer it quietly, but all in the right frame of mind. Then Igorek comes from school, and we go to learn lessons, previously having fed the senior little son.

we play

I again - “Pat-a-cake“, “Forty - a crow“... And, having turned on the music, my children arrange dances. Oh, you cannot even present how it is pleasant to look at my children, they are sometimes so amicable!

A later, having snatched the moment when Igor left the portfolio unguarded moreover and opened, our Dashenka found out that there is a beautiful color book which she right there began to chew and as result - the bitten-off diary corner. I had to apply all the talent of the diplomat to avoid a hysterics at both. But Igor at school with pride tells that his little sister has two zubik (it and there is a result of sleepless nights).