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Tired with the sun of


- Yes, the road? Repeat what you told?! More loudly! Even more loudly! Your holiday is postponed to indefinite time?! You apologize for the fact that you will not be able to show me that beautiful small fish in the Red Sea? Next year? For now at Senkevich?... And in it it is necessary to work?! Yes, darling? In the evenings we will walk along the seashore, having taken cover under an umbrella?

Expensive! You, apparently, badly understand female psychology! To be exact, at all you do not understand. Darling, I am ready for holiday and I in rage. You imagine taste of this cocktail? Is not present? I so far too, but... I precisely know that I go to holiday. Yes, one! Minutes without hesitating, I go to tour agency and I buy the permit! Where? Yes I do not know where! To me all the same if only there the sun shone and there was no familiar face! And I will switch-off phone, I should not call! I took offense!

of the Tear of rage are dimmed by eyes, the destroyed dreams will wound heart splinters, the look of darling full of reproach presses on mentality, but all this crosses out desire to dash away up hill and down dale and to have a rest properly. Emotions cover me with the head, I fly to travel agency and I buy the first the permit, suitable at cost and dates. Having a little calmed down, it turn out before the fact that in a week I take off for Turkey. Week passes dreamily. I wake up at the airport of Antalya, submitting the passport to the frontier guard. I wake up and freeze from horror: what do I do? What will I do one in the unfamiliar country? But together with trezvomysliy the crazy imp who is crying out in all throat wakes up: “Hey, you that? You will be from - dy - huts!“ - and I right there calm down.

At the next moment of awakening I already sit in a chaise lounge ashore brightly - the blue sea and I consider the place in which it appeared thanks to the favourite workaholic and the determination. Yes, situation! In my opinion, none of lodgers of hotel speak in Russian. Convulsively I rummage in archival files of memory, finding familiar words in all known languages, I take them and I try to have a talk with the bartender. If to consider that the phrase for some reason begins with the acquaintance since the childhood “Hyundai hokh“, and comes to an end Estonian “rue“ - the naborchik turns out still that! But, probably, the desperate look plus temperamental gesticulation force the young man to expose all choice of drinks on a bar counter: juice, mineral water, coffee, ayran. I stick with a finger into mineral water and, having despaired to remember as in German “lemon“, I bryakat in Russian that supposedly not bad couple of slices of a lemon and ice. With surprise I notice that the young man stretches me a saucer with slices of a lemon and smiles - a clear and unconditional victory! Hurrah! the Victory over own fear that I will spend all holidays, having hammered into a chaise lounge and I will come up from it in day of departure. From this point to me the quiet confidence comes back, and I am ready to conquer the world, well, as a last resort, to be content with the local resort. Vindictively thought of stuffy office in Tallinn and about expensive - razlyubezny, pursued long krone to the detriment of two weeks of pleasure. “So it is also necessary to it!“ - I solved, switching-off phone and smiling to the bright bartender.

This action served

as a starting point in an infinite chain of flirtation, compliments and a coquetry, walks under the moon and the scorching sun, picnics in the middle of the sea and concerts in amphitheaters - generally, to all that the Italian, German, Polish, Turkish and Russian men, in the first stage of an opyaneneniye the sun and freedom can offer the young white lady. I participated in all competitions held in hotel: sang, danced, jumped in bags, threw darts, flopped with running start to the pool and from everything derived unearthly pleasure. For the third day of stay in hotel, without possessing the Hollywood appearance and standards of model at all, and exclusively recklessness of youth, managed to receive the title “Ms. of Hotel“ thanks to what, me began to learn and greet. As they say, “on taste and color“... With surprise I noticed that I began to be capricious, touch admirers, to favourably accept signs of attention and without shadow of grief to say goodbye to new acquaintances. Being looked in a mirror, could not recognize herself - where my recent Xing - green complexion? Where circles under eyes got to? And ice look and airs and graces of the snow queen? Really it I?!

Ya behaved it is absolutely reprehensible in the opinion of the respectable Turkish matrons who are wrapped up in multilayered clothes and carried out day, watching the children lapping in the pool. Possibly, they ranked me as the category of skilled courtesans. No, dear, no, I all - navsy enjoy man`s attention, without having any mercenary purposes, and I do not make artful plans of rather virtuous fathers of family, waking up in innocent loneliness! Sometimes I tried to catch a jaundiced eye from - under a scarf of some lady, and in reply to me there were a wish to shout: “Life is fine, enjoy it!“ .

For the tenth day of this paradise existence I woke up and understood that something not so. Closed eyes and listened to herself: nothing hurts, any dark thoughts, any problems. What happened? Reflecting on discomfort, started wandering for breakfast and, inertly picking a fork salad, continued to scan itself, without finding any reasons for concern. Day passed as usual, the sun shone, flowers smelled sweet, the actual admirer whispered something on an ear, I tried to find familiar words in its English and at the same time thought of something special. Suddenly dawned on me: I it is simple - naprosto missed! As that character of the famous movie overfed by black caviar I missed on simple and familiar, but far - the boyfriend who remained in rainy Estonia. Oh God! How I could?! I sit to myself all such suntanned and well rested here, and he, poor, sticks in the days and at the nights?! By the way, interestingly, and he can not only sticks? Perhaps has in turn a rest at full scale from the hysterical person who took off the devil - knows - where and left him to the mercy of fate? Without turning on the struck dumb admirer the slightest attention, I darted off and rushed off in number. Where I thrust phone?! Did not throw out it absolutely! Oh, here it! Well give! Beep. Still beep. Well where you? Really, not at work? Oh, damn, well take the call!!!

- Hallo!...

I here I sobbed. And talked, sitting on a floor of a hotel room and smearing tears on cheeks. Having hung up into the account “ten“, I calmed down and crossed out a felt-tip pen day on a calendar. There were three more...

the Remained days I carried out

buying up souvenirs in neighboring shops, bringing to a hiccups of sellers the requirements of “the best gift“, and in the evenings did not think up anything the best how to write letters to darling. In three days sent three cards, called about ten times, and brought letters with itself and gave out then on one before going to bed.

In day of departure I warmly said goodbye to those who returned these two weeks to the tired-out sexless being gloss in eyes, self-confidence and helped to place correctly accents in the relation to world around and close people. Finally dived into the warm sea, got a cockleshell from a bottom, hid it more deeply in a pocket and, even without having managed to dry up hair, rushed off in the bus which was taking away me in the airport.

Leaving to the hall of the Tallinn airport, I found eyes of the one whom looked for, schstlivo sighed and threw out a cockleshell in a musornitsa.

All. The fantastic resort dream ended and the reality is well!