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How to bring up twins whether or History from life of the multichild

I Thought, being a little girl, playing in the daughter - mother what in adulthood I will become mummy having many children?! I have three kids, the boy Vitalik (he is three years old) both Anechk`s twins and the Katyusha of five months. I want to tell how my kids grow and develop and as desire, the patience, love and tenderness helps my kids to receive this invaluable product - breast milk.

Everything began

on January 14, 2006 when my first kid Vitalik was born (3500 gr both 52 cm, and 8/9 across Apgar). Then in me the feeding mother was born. Stay with the kid was joint, there was a lot of milk, all day long I was decanted, in maternity hospital manually, about the beginning by means of medical staff which helped me to adjust correctly breastfeeding, houses by means of a milk pump I also continued decantation after each feeding. As a result the sonny grew healthy, every month added on kilogram, and so we were fed till two years and 3 months. Pleasure was derived by both him, and I. I gave it part of, the love, caress and tenderness which is transmitted to feeding time when your kid, having gorged on your milk, falls asleep on your breast. In general, by three years we planned to finish smoothly breastfeeding, but in April, 2008 we learned that we wait for twins and to feed was very painful therefore ours synulya ceased to drink a chest milk. Pregnancy proceeded normally, and on the 39th week two of our daughters of Anechk and the Katyusha were born on November 13. Gave birth itself, of course, it was difficult, but being a pregnant woman, I was ready for breastfeeding. And here I in postnatal office, kids were separately, in the rodzal put both of them to a breast, on the first feeding after the delivery I was given one baby, on the second feeding another. It seemed to me that as - that not frankly, one I nurse, and the second eats mix at this time, and already by the end of the first day I took both girls and fed serially. At first one, then another. Milk came quickly, and after feeding I decanted gram on 100 - 150. Houses, of course, it was very difficult, I am the whole day of the house with three children, two of whom chest. While their mode was adjusted, there were almost sleepless nights, my constant tears and fatigue which did not pass. But we coped.


So far at them more - less set the mode, of course, when two girls at the same time want to eat, it is very difficult, the pillow for feeding of twins came to the rescue, and I at the same time fed two little girls. But, as well as two different kids, at our daughters have two different characters, two different temperaments, and two different schedules. Therefore even more often it turns out that when one daughter sleeps, the second wants to eat. It, of course, is more convenient, but a little with some difficulty because the number of feedings increases twice, at first feed one, and then the second. But we cope, we are five months old, we are cheerful, sociable girls. Anechka was born 3050 and 50 cm, the Katyusha of 3590 and 53 cm, in 4 months of Anechk weighs 6640 and 62 cm, Katyushka of 6400 and 64 cm. Both of them have enough chest milk because I follow the rule that the best that I can give to the children is a breast milk. Also I try in all ways to keep breastfeeding. Even if it seems that it is not enough milk, I put them to a breast so many time how many they will demand. I.e. the most important criterion for successful breastfeeding is a feeding on demand. You should not stop feeding from - for banal colds, and if it seems that milk to become a little, you feed, you feed and once again you feed. Because your kid is the most expensive and the most invaluable that you have, and for this purpose you have to give invaluable and dear kid invaluable, not comparable with one product - similarity of milk. Have to give what will make also you, and its rather happy - breast milk!!