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My divided twins

Every day I ask myself a question: what it will be, my tomorrow? And every time it is not similar to previous. I wake up at 5 in the morning and I run to feed the daughter, she is 4 months old and she has a brother - the twin, but now they are divided necessarily. Daughter of the house, and sonny... in reanimation. And already the second time for the short life. My sonny was fated to be born with heart disease, and he already underwent a heavy operation twice. Last time quite recently. And here I sit the whole day with it in hospital, at evening I come home to feed the daughter, to have a sleep a little, and the main thing, to decant it amounts of milk what would last for the daughter for the whole day, I will have no opportunity to come to it till the evening. So, I put the daughter to a breast, previously strong having attached her to myself, there is no time to sit absolutely. And here so, together with the child sucking a breast I begin to be going to hospital. Pampers for the son, disposable diapers, cream, wet towel wipes and towels for rubbing, socks that legs did not freeze. So important to forget nothing. And on the road - in a drugstore, new drugs are necessary. There now, everything seems collected, and the daughter, seemingly, gorged on and fell asleep at a breast. I untie a scarf, carefully I shift it in a bed, then I have hastily breakfast itself, I put on, I kiss the sleeping baby and I fly to Bakulev`s clinic. There is my sonny.


It is surprising, he meets me by a serious look of the gray eyes, such tiny that it is almost not visible from - under various tubules and droppers. But he waits for me, I know it. Several drops of a milk from a small bottle (more so far it is impossible), change of a diaper, conversation with the doctor, new instructions from the nurse, the next list of drugs, again milk drops, diapers... And long conversation with the son at his bed. “You hear me, the kid? At us everything will be good!“

Day passes

imperceptibly, but I nevertheless manage to have dinner in the hospital dining room. Regular meal is very important, I am simply obliged to keep breast milk for the daughter and especially for the son. And here again evening, I kiss the fallen asleep sonny and I go home. I am met by my baby, and in spite of the fact that I see her seldom and few, exactly she gives me the smile. I love you, my girl! Also I believe that soon we all will fill up and wake up together, in one bed: you, I and your brother.