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Table tennis of

Table tennis one of the most optimum sports for many children. For this sport there are practically no contraindications, and the minimum of possible injuries does table tennis possible even for kids.
Unfortunately, this sport unfairly enjoys small popularity, but game in table tennis will help to develop dexterity, flexibility, speed and even endurance at the child. The table tennis ball is the smallest ball from existing for sports, but the speed of its flight is rather high therefore the young athlete should concentrate all the attention and reaction.

the Racket for table tennis

the Children`s racket for table tennis can be got in sports shop. It is desirable to select a racket with the child, having given him the chance previously to take it in a hand. It has to be convenient to child to hold a racket, it should not be too heavy or big. The form and thickness of the handle depends on specific features of a brush of the child. There are different rackets depending on breeds of a tree of which they are made. They differ and number of layers of wood. Usually the racket is made of 3 - 9 layers of a tree of various breeds. From these features the ball rebound in many respects depends on a racket which can be fast, slow or average. The game surface of a racket is pasted over with special material - a slip. Material of slips can be the most various, rubber slips which can be both single-layer, and two-layer very often are for this purpose used. As a rule, at acquaintance to table tennis recommend to play with a single-layer slip. Also thickness of a slip on which ball rebound speed depends is important. Considering that the choice of a racket for the child - business rather difficult, do not forget to ask council the trainer.

the Table tennis ball

the Table tennis ball has very small sizes and weight. This ball also demands attentively the choice. The ball is made of two halves which surely have to be the identical size that it is easy to define, it is attentive it having considered. If this rule is not followed, then the child during game will have the wrong rebound of a ball from a racket. Pay attention that the seam has to be smooth and pass precisely on the center of a ball. The correct spherical shape of a ball can be checked, having tightened up it palms on a plain surface. Rotation of a ball has to be uniform, and at a look from above it has to seem a round form.

the Table for table tennis

do not forget

that the child can play table tennis not only in sports section, but also together with you, for example at the dacha. For this purpose it is possible to make independently a table for table tennis. The table has to have a rectangular shape 274 cm long, 152,5 cm wide, 76 cm high. These are the classical sizes, for children make tables of the smaller sizes, for example for the child of preschool age recommend a table 244 × 122 cm with height about 60 - 70 cm. The game surface of a table has to be horizontal and smooth. Thickness of a table is recommended not less than 15 mm. Paint a table opaque paint of usually green or other dark color. Apply lines (white paint) on a surface of a table 2 cm wide at the edges of and for pair game 0,3 cm wide parallel to sidelines. For a table use firm boards or drevesno - struzhechny plates which give a normal rebound of a ball. In order that to check it, the ball is thrown on a board from height of 30,5 cm, at the same time it has to jump aside on height of 23,5 - 25,5 cm. Height of the tense grid makes 15,15 cm (6 inches), and length of 183 cm. The grid divides a table precisely into two half.

the Table for game with the child in table tennis can be delivered to

to the room, on a verandah, out of the placement on an equal ground, etc. It is undesirable to put a table on a rigid covering (for example asphalt). Prefer earth soil. For game of the child it is possible to dress in any convenient clothes: for example, in a t-shirt and shorts. On legs - easy footwear on a rubber sole.