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From what age it is possible to begin to drive children in campaigns of

For a start small retreat. Preparing this material, we glanced over the books on tourism published in 80 - e years, and faced unanimous opinion about age of children in a campaign. In hikes, according to authors of these books, it is possible to drive children is more senior than two years. Children can participate in water, mountain and ski trips, since 5 - summer age. “How so?“ - you will tell - “there is a set of examples of families which successfully go to hikes, including water, with one-year-old and even with babies“. Well, probably, this restriction became simply outdated, since then a lot of things changed.

In - the first, the commodity market for children violently expanded: one emergence of disposable diapers played an important role. In - the second, the market of marching equipment including children`s is quite not bad developed now. In - the third, it is just time factor: over the years even categorization of routes decreases. Though the age level in 5 years is, seemingly, actual for mountain and ski routes to this day.

0 - 2 years

So as it became clear to you from heading to begin to drive it is possible (to carry) children in a campaign practically since the birth, in view of the following reasons.

to go or not to go with absolutely small child to water hikes (mountain campaigns, cycle campaigns)? Each family has to resolve this issue for itself independently, commensurating responsibility and own marching experience in this type of tourism.

If to your kid have less than 2,5 - 3, in a campaign you need the device for its carrying. Very few people decide to take in a campaign of the kid of the first months of life, but nevertheless such meet. For such kids it can be a backpack - a kangaroo or a baby sling (it is a scrappy holder, a sling). Well, and for kids is more senior (from 1 to 3 years) - a special backpack for carrying of the child.

Baby sling, kangaroo or backpack?

Some mothers got used to carry the kid in a baby sling. It is convenient for the feeding mothers: it is possible to feed the child literally on the run, plus to it your kid is always happy and quiet. As for balance advantage / harm of a baby sling for the child - among pediatricians is not present still unambiguous opinion therefore also we will leave this question “behind a board“. Useful unambiguously it is impossible to call also backpacks - a kangaroo of vertical carrying, especially cheap and outdated models. Mothers - the baby sling supporters which were going hiking agree in opinion that a baby sling on rings (in which carry absolutely tiny babies) - a thing not for a campaign. Alternative - a kangaroo or carrying of horizontal carrying. Though absolutely safe and harmless means for carrying of the child of this age, seemingly, do not exist therefore it is necessary to be content available, or to wait when the child a little grows up. Some other types of baby slings (“scarf“, “May“, etc.) are very practical for long campaigns with children of several months from a sort since they allow to put on also a backpack, and the child is in a pose, allegedly convenient for it, facing mother. However It should be noted that its use demands certain practical skills and if you never to a campaign used a baby sling, learn prior to the beginning of a campaign.

Especially talented tourists take

babies in water hikes. In principle, here it is possible to manage a baby sling: on camps to carry the kid in a baby sling, and for the period of an alloy with comfort to put him to bed directly in a kayak. Categorically it is impossible to sit down in any means of an alloy, having on themselves the child in a baby sling or a kangaroo, exactly as well as in any way to fix the child in a kayak. The child irrespective of age has to be in a kayak (on a catamaran, etc.) in a life jacket. If the child outgrew a mark 8 - 9 kg, to carry him in front in a baby sling or a kangaroo can develop into uniform mockery at himself. Here the special children`s backpack about which the speech will go below will come to the rescue. To carry the kid in such backpack much more comfortably, but to put on at the same time also the usual marching backpack will not turn out. Therefore for long pedestrian, mountain campaigns we choose ruyukzak - carrying with the maximum engine capacity of a luggage compartment.

Even if your child already eats with

“adult“ food, and the marching menu is made so that quite suits it, we advise to take a small amount of baby food (soluble porridge, fruit, meat mashes, etc.) to provide some independence of the general copper. Small children in a campaign are inclined to want to eat and sleep in “inopportune“ time and the group quite can deviate the schedule a little.

2 - 4 years

About about two years the kid is already “morally“ ready

to small campaigns - on one - two or three days.

Even for the two-year-old child who got used to go much on foot we recommend to take

a backpack for its carrying. If you decided not to take with yourself such backpack - better not to plan pedestrian transitions more than one and a half long - two kilometers.

However, it should be taken into account that children of this age in general prefer frequent “change of scenery“. Long it will be difficult to go on shoulders at parents to the two-year-old fidget too - also, as well as to go long on transport. Therefore in a campaign with such children they should give the chance to gambol more often.

Even if your child got used to use

a pot, up to 3 - 3. 5 years surely take with yourself a stock of disposable diapers, otherwise you can appear in a difficult situation.

For such small children in a campaign needs to be watched that they on the quiet did not run away into the wood, did not come in input, were not put in a fire. Though most of kids are afraid to depart from camp further, than on 10 - 20 meters, remember: children are unpredictable - at any time curiosity can get the best.

I still: in a ski trip, of course, for such kids still early, and here with parents - it is a high time for the first ski walks! Parents, besides, can take with themselves a backpack for carrying of the child - it will be very opportunely.

Since 3 - 4 years, the kid can already make quite long transitions. Besides he already well transfers driving on transport.

In hikes with children of this age is recommended to set the movement 20 mode - 30 min. transition / 20 - 30 min. rest. Often closer to the end of a campaign children adapt and can do quite long transitions. Then it is possible to shift the mode of the movement a little depending on activity of children. In water hikes motionless sitting in a kayak for children is even more tiresome therefore and here the mode of the movement is similar: 30 min. the movement / 30 min. - “warm-up“ (games, collecting mushrooms, berries).

of 5 - 7 years

Children of this age already perfectly feel in a campaign. They can participate in watches and help adults with installation of camp or preparation of firewood (for example, to carry the chopped-off branches to a fire).

we Will repeat: the main problem for the child during the movement on a route - not fatigue, but monotony of the movement. It fully belongs also to water and other activities of tourism. If the child in 15 min. after a start of motion speaks “I was tired“, he means “to me bored to go along this asphalt road with not changing landscape“. It is difficult to find clear business, a route with continuous change of a situation, but it is possible to plan frequent halts and their “filling“.

So far children participate in a campaign passively, it is necessary to organize their “leisure“ since what attracts the adult in a campaign (physicality, types of the nature, a song at a fire, etc.) it will not be so interesting to the child. It is necessary to think over to a campaign, than it will be possible to occupy children. It is possible to charge them certain tasks, for example, to entrust the camera. Also the sport stock (balls, badminton) is pertinent in a campaign. As it was already told by

to p above, with 5 - 6 - summer age it is possible to try to bring together the child in a simple mountain or ski trip.

the 7th plus to School students in a campaign is already much more interesting than


. It is good to teach children of this age to bases of “social“ behavior in a campaign (look back and check whether behind going lags behind; on rise go carefully not to lower a stone on the one who goes behind; do not release sharply a branch if for you the person goes straight; your companion fell - offer a hand, help to rise, etc.) . In water hikes children approximately with 8 - summer age can allow to row. During halts also also we recommend to organize outdoor games, etc. Duration of transitions for school students - 40 - 50 min., intervals have to make about 10 - 20 min., depending on age of children. From 8 - 9 years children can already independently cook on a fire food (under supervision of adults).

Since 9 - 10 years skilled (that is already participating in campaigns) is turistit it is possible to take in campaigns 2 categories of complexity, and approximately from 12 years - in campaigns 3 categories of complexity. Teenagers are more senior than 13 - 14 years can take part in campaigns almost on an equal basis with adults. Smaller loading, certainly, will fall on them where physical force is necessary.