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To embrace itself. At office of

the Huge part of the life we carry out fitness at office. Often it is sedentary work. And even if work to you in pleasure, an organism not always rejoices to eight hours of continuous sitting in front of the computer. And, by the way, besides the banal swelled legs and the become stiff back, such pastime can bring much more troubles subsequently.

But even, despite big load during the working day, can take some measures for the prevention of unpleasant illnesses in the future and to help to remain efficient all day.

Here and severe headaches (the nervous terminations and current of blood to the head is at a loss in a type of a curvature of a bearing and tension in a neck), and “female diseases“ (the same notorious stagnation of blood in pelvic area), and about problems with joints and it is not necessary to tell.
In - the first, the correct organization of a workplace is very important

. Not to resemble the letter “zyu“, the computer should be put directly before itself. If you have to kill constantly sideways, the overclamping is formed. In - the second, adjust height of the monitor and extent of increase that you had not “to stick“ to the screen a nose or to incline the head.

B - the third, the chair has to be convenient. It is the best of all if it in a form reminds an automobile seat. On the other hand, the chair should not be soft not to roll in it. It is quite good to obtain also a convenient rug under a mouse with an orthopedic small pillow. So the hand will be tired less of a monotonous klikanye, and you will avoid “an illness of all programmers“.

For prevention can do small exercise: clench and unclench fists several times, then make several rotations brushes, and at the end freely stir up hands.
Should paying to

special attention and gymnastics for eyes (they at us are tired, perhaps, more, than a backbone). Also put here not in “the harmful radiation“ at all, and that we spend unlimited amount of time, having stared, not blinking, consider, in one point.

should take

For the rule 15 - timinutny breaks everyone two - three hours. It is possible to look at first up, down, on the left and to the right. Then to begin “to draw“ figure eyes in air (circles, the eights, words in cursive script). It is possible to choose some point or a subject for examining.

It is good if it is several objects, and they it is unequal are removed from you (quickly we transfer a view from one of another). Choose, for example, the car on the parking and the folder for files on a table.

If one eye at you sees
better than another, train them separately. And, of course, without points. It is necessary to finish gymnastics relaxation: several times blink, close eyes. Then put on them palms (previously to rub that were warm). Sense - to see utter darkness without any points and hyphens.

Now about our distressful neck. There are several ways to get rid of discomfort, for example, besides to write out in word air, but already a nose tip. It is desirable to choose the word longer and to register it at first from left to right, and then on the contrary.

As for roundabouts the head, they have to be the smoothest that the head freely and, of course, without pain was rolled from a shoulder to a shoulder. However, this exercise will suit not all. If earlier some vertebra took off or you feel that something there not as it should be, strictly it is forbidden to rotate the head strictly. But it can already show only a X-ray so visit to the doctor will be useful.

But exercise “on resistance“ it is shown all. We press the right palm on the right cheek so that the head pressed on a hand. We hold tension five - six seconds. We relax. We make the same with the left side. Repetitions on average about three - four. Then, sitting at a table, we put elbows on its surface and we press the head on hands (seconds five). Relaxation and repetition four more times. And in other party: we put hands on a nape and we press on them the head. it is logical to p to pass

After cervical department to other parts of a backbone. The most infallible and simple remedy - a pandiculation. At first up (not sharply). Then we put hands on shoulders and we do twisting (the back by all means has to be a straight line and the head is not inclined).

after that we last shoulders up, we lower, we do several rotations by shoulders forward - back. Still option: we close eyes and we lean back on a chair back. Also we begin “to thaw“, that is as much as possible to relax, slip etc. Then we raise hands for the head and we try to bend as much as possible a back in shovels (a delay for several seconds and relaxation). We get up, having put hands behind the back in the lock, and we last, cramping shovels. At the end - we embrace ourselves hands.

to be engaged in the lower part of a backbone (from here it is the most difficult for salt to expel), enough during the day imperceptibly will do on some inclinations and rotations by hips. For greater efficiency it is possible to go for belly dance.

I, finally, several receptions for maintenance of muscles in a tone. Sitting at a table, serially we extend and we bend legs, without lowering them on a floor. Further - we bend a leg and we drag it to a stomach, exhaling, and when straightening a leg we take a breath. It is quite good to strain still periodically muscles of a stomach and buttocks for several seconds (somewhere on 20 repetitions). The main thing not to hold at the same time the breath.

in general one exercises you will not be full

A. If, for example, you forget what is the elevator and will begin to use only ladders, and your lunch break will be followed by a promenade around the building, then it is possible especially and not to shock fellow workers with the gymnastic pases.

I of any excuses about load and forgetfulness. Outside 21st century: the reminder on phone can be put not to forget about pass - charging. Then in the future it is not necessary to justify the laziness before health various rheumatism ointments.