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Outdated drugs

We can consider ourselves as judges of a healthy lifestyle, go to fitness and drink exclusively fat-free yogurt... But it is worth aching, we are treated by obsolete preparations, and, so useless and hazardous to health.

was Called by the friend - sells “Mitsubisi - the Lancer“ 2006: speaks, the car became morally outdated. “And what you drink when tooth hurts?“ - I ask between times. “How that? Analginum. But at what here it?“ - the friend is surprised. “And you did not think that analginum to which 100 years will knock soon became morally outdated much more, than yours „ Lancer “?“

From the sore head on healthy

analginum was excluded Not so long ago from the preferential list of drugs. To the word - it is not simply excluded for a long time, and forbidden to sale in the territory of the majority of the European countries.

sodium Metamizol - an analginum basis - was synthesized by

in 1920. At that time it showed high efficiency and small (in comparison with narcotic analgetics) quantity of side effects therefore quickly began to win the world market.

When forbade


  • 1965 - in Australia and Great Britain
  • 1977 - in the USA
  • 1979 - in Italy
  • 1987 - in Germany
  • 1989 - in Spain

Analginum even in a literal translation with Latin means “absence of pain“. And only over time it became clear that it causes many side effects including very dangerous. The most terrible complications - anaphylactic shock and agranulotsitoz (heavy violation of blood formation).

Why it is not forbidden at us? In Russia the mechanism of collection of data on side effects of drugs does not work. There is no statistics from doctors - there are also no formal bases for a ban. Roszdravnadzor stopped forming system of monitoring of safety of medicines several months ago. Also there will pass a lot of time before all cases of side effects are documentary recorded.

Ambulance - an antibiotic

In the people biseptol is considered to be as “semi-antibiotic“. It actually also is it, only “to a floor -“ means not safety, and it is rather an absence of medical effect. In due time it was appointed so often that at pathogenic microorganisms stability was developed long ago.

But it is foreign data. Our physicians have no convincing statistics, and it is considered that biseptol still works.

But a target of a bispetol - not the viruses causing cold. And causative agents of cystitis, prostatitis, acute and chronic bronchitis, otitis and sinusitis, dysentery, salmonellosis.

“This preparation is necessary to

in spite of the fact that doctors already almost ceased to appoint it, - the therapist Lyubov Dulova explains. - Written out according to indications, with obligatory check of sensitivity to it, it is very effective, especially when other preparations do not help. But without consultation of the doctor and the more so at respiratory viral infections biseptol it is impossible to accept! At prolonged unreasonable use it, as well as other sulfanylamides, causes extensive allergic reactions as the small tortoiseshell“. And in England, for example, biseptol in general children are forbidden to appoint till 12 years from - for possible toxic action.

Old - checked means?


concerns also others “old kind“ preparations - a tetratsiklina and a levomitsetina. Appointing them to itself by the principle “me still mother to them treated“, we risk to suffer from their toxic action and, besides, we raise army of bacteria, steady against medicine.

Levomitsetin - a favourite “parental“ preparation if the child has a diarrhea and vomiting. But the main treatment of intestinal frustration - starvation and drink. And obligatory consultation of the doctor (the child is younger - the quicker he needs the help). It is very important not to allow dehydration and to exclude an infection.

Tetracycline ointment - a toxic outdated preparation by which citizens are often treated at conjunctivitis. Forget about it! As well as the fact that it is possible to cope with conjunctivitis most - useless tea tea leaves or weak and toxic albucid, Dmitry Maychuk, the doctor of medical sciences, the manager scientifically - the pedagogical center MNTK glaza Mikrokhirurgiya Federal State Institution of a name of the academician S. N. Fedorov calls:“ The inflammation will pass sooner or later, and here consequences - the repeating conjunctivitis and a syndrome of a dry eye - will remain. The risk of subjects is higher, than longer you do not remove an inflammation“.


At viral conjunctivitis needs complex treatment - eye drops with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect. And as the final stage - slezozamestitelny therapy. The dose and the scheme of application are painted only by the doctor.

heart Worries...

One more mastodon which reached us from grandmother`s fairy tales - validol. By tradition it is applied at feeling sick in general and in particular at increase of pressure and pain in heart. Years the 20th cardiologists are not tired to repeat that validol - a baby`s dummy. Even to summaries to a preparation it is written that it has easy vasodilating and somnolent effect - and all. And “the lung vasodilating“ was not proved by sense.

his fellow - Corvalol. History repeats itself, except that unlike validol in which except menthol there is nothing extract of a valerian and sleeping pill phenobarbital is a part of Corvalol.

of Components, helping work of heart, neither in Corvalol, nor in valocordin, nor in validol is not present. Perceiving these means as warm, we lose precious minutes. It is more reliable to call “ambulance“ or to accept the real warm preparation.

By the way, and as calming Corvalol it is impossible to accept constantly and long: phenobarbital causes accustoming. Or rather, already caused, and at a large number of fellow citizens. You remember how under the influence of rumors about a ban of nonprescription sale of Corvalol it for several days was just swept away from counters?

the Outdated preparation What is dangerous by of
Modern analogs
Analginum Damage mucous a stomach, kidneys and a liver, an allergy, blood formation process violation Anaesthetics from group of nonsteroid resolvents. For decrease in temperature - paracetamol
Biseptol Allergic rash Antibiotics of the directed action on concrete group of bacteria
Tetracycline ointment the Itch, reddening, hypostasis Eye drops with antibacterial action
Levomitsetin At frequent reception can cause suppression of marrowy blood formation Antibacterial preparations of the last generation