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Travel to the world of hobbies, or why to boys of a hobby?

are known to All that boys - the people vigorous and very curious. And often “eternal to move this also the prygatel“ that sits almost in each little man, does not allow them to concentrate long on some one occupation.

They seek to see, hear, feel and endure

all that can offer life, and every second. At mothers of boys, especially if in the house not one child, sometimes just around goes the head. They should think out everything new and new occupations that it was not boring for the son and to watch that in the course of knowledge of the world the little researcher was not traumatized. To facilitate life of parents and to send the raging energy of boys to some positive course, it is quite good to think up to the boy some hobby.

How to pick up a hobby to the boy?

the World of hobbies in general is so wide

that it is simply impossible to list them all especially as people invent everything new and new interesting hobbies. “How to pick up that occupation which will be interesting to my son?“ - you ask. Here answers can be a little. Sometimes - proceeding from temperament and features of your child, and sometimes and simply by “method of a scientific tyk“. Offer and show it different types of interesting occupations. You drive at excursion in various circles and sections. Let the boy learn, the world of hobbies is how big and will pick up to itself work to liking. to

also. Very often boys choose to themselves that hobby on which the senior men in a family are keen. It should be encouraged in every possible way too. Let goes fishing with the grandfather or plays with the father in chess.

Likes to draw or mold

? Wonderfully! Do not stint qualitative art accessories and, whenever possible, take away the kid in a fine art studio. The child likes to make something? Remarkably! Though popularity of technical hobbies is not so high now as earlier, you should not refuse idea to teach the boy to use a fret saw, the hammer and a drill. Many to five - six-year-old children with the great pleasure make models of planes and ships. These can be engaged also at home and in some technical circle. In general, ability to do something by the hands becomes more and more actual hobby. Beautiful self-made things always in the price therefore the similar hobby can give also a quite good increase of the budget in the future. Well, and now little masters let develop taste, spatial thinking and small motility.

the good hobby for the boy also care of animals can be p>

, communication with dumb animals teaches the child of responsibility and care. If the child is interested in animals, then it is worth finding a circle with a nature corner or what was called “station of young naturalists“ earlier. Especially as communication with animals in places specially allotted for this purpose, keeps nerves to parents, not welcoming abundance of living creatures in the house.

to Excellent hobbies for boys with any temperament. Jet children will find the place for a splash of the activity here, and shy and clamped will be able to get rid of constraint. The main thing that in drama schools the child can reveal as the many-sided creative person, to learn to communicate fully, to move and speak beautifully.


From music before programming

Not the last place in the world of hobbies of boys music, books, a collecting, learning of foreign languages and of course occupy, modern technologies (computers, the Internet, mobile phones). However, when the world of hobbies of sons is reduced to the computer - concerns mothers as far as it is useful. The answer one - everything is good moderately. Computer games can be too a hobby, here the main thing that from the world of hobbies this occupation would not turn into mania. However, it concerns any occupation. And knowledge of the computer can become a basis and other hobbies of the boy, for example, the photo, to design art, programming. The hobby can be not one, and a little.

Sport... Sport? Sport!!

If the boy is too mobile

, it, at least periodically, it is necessary to distract some quiet occupation and if, on the contrary, sits much - to think up the hobby connected with the movement. Sport can be a hobby too. Boys with pleasure play soccer and hockey, are engaged in karting, track and field athletics and lap in the pool. It is not obligatory to send the child to “serious“ sport at the same time. Let it will be it just sports occupation for the general development, there can be in process a kid to be defined that it is pleasant to it more. whether

“not man`s“ hobbies Are dangerous by


Many parents are afraid of “not man`s“, in their opinion, hobbies of the sons. For example, they are guarded by such hobbies of boys as floriculture, an embroidery or knitting. Not always there are bases for similar disorders. In - the first, such phenomena are extremely rare, boys nevertheless choose to themselves a bit different world of hobbies. Well, and in protection of similar hobbies it is possible to cite as an example the Hollywood actors George Clooney and Russell Crowe whose courage does not raise doubts, at the same time both of them chose as the hobby knitting by spokes and succeeded in this occupation. Generally, the aspiration of boys to any regular job needs to be encouraged in every possible way. All children, and especially boys, need support and the direction of adults. The hobby will give to the child not only interesting occupation, it will help it to become more built, accurater. Encourage boys in any aspiration to find themselves in the huge world of hobbies and then purposeful will grow from them and men are more active. Existence of a hobby will allow them to decide on the life priorities and tendencies, and, perhaps, will develop into a profession.

However, it is worth to remember that hobbies are necessary not for training of children for school or early career guidance at all and in order that the child could do favorite things, creativity, to realize the dreams, to communicate with adherents (both with peers, and with clever and talented adults). Existence of a hobby will allow to make life of our boys more various, brighter and more cheerful.