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Not to sigh, not to exhale

With arrival of a cold time children even more often begin to have various sharp respiratory infections, and any child till 5 - 8 years, especially kids till 3 years, the false croup can develop. This complication frightens parents by the fact that the child hysterically coughs, rattles and chokes. What to do that quickly and effectively to help the kid before visit of the doctor?

the False croup (sharp subdepository laryngitis) - the inflammatory process developing in subvoice area of a throat (under voice folds) and meeting at children mainly till 5 - 8 years. Acute respiratory diseases (flu, paraflu, an adenoviral infection, the bacterial infection caused by streptococci, stafilokokka, etc.) are its main reason . Diathesis, tendency to allergic reactions, hypererethism of nervous system, rickets and artificial feeding contribute to development of a false croup.

the natural question why adults who are ill ORZ too have no false croup Arises. It is connected with features of a structure of a throat at children. The matter is that kids have a throat gleam narrow, and friable cellulose under voice folds is strongly developed and at influence of the infectious agent reacts hypostasis, reddening. Under voice folds “swelling“ appears, considerably narrowing a gleam of a throat and, thereby, complicating breath. Hypostasis in subvoice area - the main component of development of a false croup. However two more components can matter. This congestion separated (phlegms) in a gleam of a throat and a spasm of muscles of a throat which arises in response to an inflammation. All three components influence weight of a false croup which is defined, mainly, by degree of a stenosis (narrowing) of a throat and, as a result, - degree of difficulty of breath.

How to distinguish an illness?

the Disease, as a rule, begins

with a usual inflammation of the top airways, there can be a congestion and allocations from a nose, small cough, slight increase of body temperature, otherwise, the most usual ORZ. In the afternoon quite satisfactory also does not cause a condition of the child neither in parents, nor in the local pediatrician nor the slightest fears. However at night the child suddenly wakes up with the barking cough, short wind, the whistling noisy breath, an osiplost of a voice and with asthma of various degree of expressiveness.

are Allocated by 4 stages of a stenosis (narrowing) of a throat.

If in the house the inhaler is, then it is necessary to carry out inhalation by mineral water.
After a while the attack can end with

, the child calms down and falls asleep. But such attacks can repeat several times in this and the next nights.

Development of an attack is explained by increase in hypostasis of a mucous membrane under voice folds in horizontal position, a slime congestion in a throat gleam at night. Besides, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes more active at night - it is that part of the nervous system regulating work of internals which causes a spasm of bronchial tubes, throats.

First aid

At suspicion needs to call

on a false croup “03“ at once. It is not necessary to deliberate, be afraid “to disturb“ physicians or this disease demands hospitalization to wait for improvement - therefore the crew of “ambulance“ on the diagnosis of “grain“ or the complaint of parents to the barking cough and short wind leaves immediately. It is not necessary to refuse hospitalization, only uncomplicated (without the complicated breath) laryngitis is treated at home. The false croup poses potential threat of life of the child from - for narrowings of a gleam of a throat and difficulty of breath therefore the little patient demands continuous supervision of experts.


waiting for arrival of doctors of “ambulance“:

  • not to panic, your fear is felt by the child, and his crying, shout and concern will only worsen a state from - for bigger irritations of a mucous membrane of a throat and strengthening of its inflammation and hypostasis. Also the calm of the child contributes to normalization of breath and reduction of need for oxygen that is very important at the complicated breath. Take the kid on hands (in vertical position) or give sublime situation in a bed, read him, put the favourite animated film - make everything that the child calmed down. If the kid cries, the amount of slime increases and the spasm amplifies.
  • needs to be limited to
  • also physical activity of the baby as it strengthens manifestations of a croup. That is it is better to take the child on hands and to try to distract some quiet occupation. Of course, it is good if at the same time someone helps mother and the kid.
  • At considerable difficulty of breath can cause an emetic reflex, having pressed a language root, in this case the throat spasm reflex passes.
  • by
  • to Make to the child inhalation. It is the most important aspect of first aid at a false croup. The good effect renders stay in a bathroom with the included hot water, the child at the same time breathes warm wet vapor within 5 - 10 minutes. In the bathtub which is filled with water it is possible to pour out a pack of baking soda. The kid should be brought in a bathtub as soon as steam appears, it is possible to carry out procedure with an open door. If hot water long flows in a bathtub, in the room will become hot, it is uncomfortable for the child and can provoke a bigger concern of the baby, rise in temperature.

Also in the room where there is a child, can hang out wet sheets or to put an electric tile with the boiling pan or a teapot (it is possible to add 2 h a spoon of baking soda on 1 liter of water to water).

If in the house the inhaler (ultrasonic, compressor) is, then it is necessary to carry out inhalation with physiological solution or alkalescent mineral water (before use it needs to be decontaminated - to pour in open capacity and intensively to stir before disappearance of bubbles). As a last resort (if there is no physiological solution and mineral water) it is possible to use usual water. In an inhaler it is necessary to pour 3 - 4 ml of liquid, process of an ingalirovaniye continues until solution in an inhaler chamber, as a rule, reaches a limit these are 5 - 10 minutes. In this case it is possible to breathe both through a mouth, and through a nose (by means of a mouthpiece, a nozzle for a nose or a children`s mask - depending on age and desire of the child), but breath has to be “in the usual mode“, i.e. for this purpose it is not required to breathe deeply and often. Through a small period (20 - 30 minutes) inhalation can be repeated.

airways are moistened with

Thanks to inhalation, viscosity of a phlegm decreases that promotes its best otkhozhdeniye, and also receptors of a throat are activated and air passing improves.

  • of Zakapat in a nose to the child vasoconstrictive drops (for example, nazivin children`s, nazol baby, etc.) - at hit of a vasoconstrictive preparation through a nasopharynx in a gortanoglotka hypostasis decreases.
  • Can give to the child one of antihistaminic preparations, for example, suprastin to children of 1 - 12 months - 1/4 tablets, 2 - 6 years - 1/3 tablet (the preparation has the calming and moderate spazmolitichesky effect, eliminates an allergic component). Antihistaminic preparations possess also antiedematous action that can matter at a false croup.
  • Give to the child warm drink (tea with milk, just warm water, juice or compote on which the child definitely has no allergy; if the kid is on breastfeeding, offer it a breast). In drink of the child do not limit!
  • Can carry out the so-called distracting procedures: hot foot or manual bathtubs (water temperature about 38 º With within 5 minutes). These procedures promote reduction of hypostasis.

If breath became complicated again, and “ambulance“ still in way, make inhalation again.

Why a croup call “false“?

The matter is that the false croup is opposed to a true croup, i.e. diphtheria of a throat which reason the specific activator - a diphtheritic stick is. At diphtheria the formed films can block partially or completely airways. The symptomatology of a true and false croup is similar, however the skilled doctor usually cannot establish the right diagnosis. The correct diagnosis in this case has basic value as at diphtheria specific treatment is required.


of the Child hospitalize in infectious (more rare in the ENT SPECIALIST) or in intensive care unit depending on weight of a state, extent of narrowing of a gleam of a throat and respiratory insufficiency. In a hospital without fail along with usual inspection conduct bacteriological research of dabs from a throat, a throat and a nose on a diphtheritic stick.

Give to the child warm drink: tea with milk, just warm water, juice or compote.
carry usually out by by

However in certain cases, despite everything the held events, improvements it is not observed, and the phenomena of a stenosis accrue, then transfer the child to the intensive care unit where to it carry out an intubation (introduction through a mouth to a throat of a special tube for ensuring breath)), and if necessary render surgery - a trakheostomiya (operation which purpose is creation of the message of a cavity of a trachea with environment by formation of “opening“ (tracheostoma); through a tracheostoma ventilation of lungs is carried out and removal of an inflammatory secret from a trachea and bronchial tubes is made).

What to take with itself in hospital?

So far one of family members is engaged in the child, another can pack things for hospitalization: the passport of one of parents, the policy of the child, slipper, “hospital clothes“ and children`s accessories depending on age - pampers, a pacifier, several diapers, change of clothes, a small bottle for feeding, baby food, a favourite toy - generally, only to you will bring the most necessary, all rest in the morning.


At the child who transferred a croup, this state can repeat at ORZ. With age the probability of a croup decreases.

needs to carry out prevention of ORZ - immunity strengthening - a hardening, a rational day regimen, food. It is better to vaccinate the children who transferred a croup from flu during the autumn period.

If the kid transferred a false croup once, then it is better for parents to get an ultrasonic or compressor inhaler - as the most effective remedy of first aid and treatment of this state.

needs to carry out by

At emergence of ORZ timely, complex treatment under supervision of the doctor, including inhalation treatment, antihistaminic preparations, etc.

in conclusion would like to emphasize plentiful drink with

that a false croup - a dangerous state at which self-treatment and application of means of traditional and nonconventional medicine is inadmissible. It is necessary to ask for the qualified medical care that the kid was under continuous supervision of doctors urgently. In most cases this state comes to an end with rather fast and absolute recovery.