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Children`s sports complex

our kids adore jumping, climbing and running. How to keep physical activity at all seasons of the year?

the Child has to move much - it is useful for health. The kid can give, of course, a free hand (that in some situations makes sense too!) but, you see, much it is more interesting to be engaged in something together!

If an opportunity is, it is the best of all to establish the stationary children`s sports complex (CSC). In - the first, the child will perceive a complex as self-evident. In - the second, the kid it is possible early (in 10 - 12 months) to acquaint with shells.

it is Very important to teach children to safety measures at once. If small got very highly up, let someone surely cost below and insures. If the kid carries out difficult exercise - turns, draws in legs in hanging, is brought up, - let nobody distract anybody that and does not make laugh.

By that moment when you begin to leave the child of one at a house children`s sports complex (approximately in 2 - 3 years), it is important to p to know: if your kid fell and cries out, quietly finish the affairs (it is possible to finish washing, for example, a plate) and go to him, but if you hear that the kid fell and is silent, at once run there!

How to choose a house sports complex

the Choice of children`s house sports complexes it is huge today: metal and wooden, fastening a vraspor or to a wall.

Wooden children`s sports complexes are more esthetic

in the nursery, but, unfortunately, are less reliable. The complex can be got for one child, but it will not be suitable for having many children or very hospitable family - often maximum allowable weight at wooden designs only of 60 - 75 kg. Besides they fasten usually to a wall, but not between a floor and a ceiling.

Metal children`s sports complexes happen different too. It is better to choose a nonskid covering of steps on short flights of stairs: it, unlike paint, will not be obluplyatsya and to scratch legs of little gymnasts. If there is a place, then it is better to buy the complex for all family maintaining weight to 100 - 150 kg at once. It is very useful for both father, and mother to hang for a while on a horizontal bar too, and the kid will be simply happy from an opportunity to compete with parents. Whether many office workers to be brought up 10 times? And children - please! An opportunity to be the first is very important for children, but you should not “play at giveaway“, train together better!

If place in the apartment have some

, be limited to installation of the Swedish wall with a cross ladder from above. However in such small-sized children`s sports complexes and the games “small-sized“. Often they are also put so there is no scope for swing on rings, and the horizontal bar in general is available only to the father.

Upon purchase of a sports complex pay attention to completeness. Can quite be that a half of the shells presented on a sample to you will be suggested to be bought separately. In it there are also pluses: it is possible to refuse, say, a swing if there are rings.

For “family stadium“ it is desirable for p to have the Swedish wall 60 - 65 cm wide with distance between steps of 15 - 20 cm and step no more than 3 cm thick, otherwise it will be difficult for kid to grasp it with handles. It is quite good if there is also a horizontal short flight of stairs, at least in several steps (like a rukokhod), for children is more senior.

the Rope ladder - too very good shell, develops coordination and a vestibular mechanism. Remarkably, if kids have a rope with knotted on it that it was even convenient to absolutely small to climb it. In a standard set usually there is a trapeze (a crossbeam on ropes) on which it is possible to be tightened and shake.

can Separately get a punching bag, a board for a press, and also a basketball ring. Irrespective of the fact which you choose a complex, under it you need a mat or a mattress, and it is better - a little. It is possible to put an old spring mattress, then the trampoline, the dream of which arises almost at all children, is not required. There will be a legal place where it is possible to jump, thereby you will rescue the beds from jumps of young horses. “On our bed it is impossible to jump, and under a sports complex it is possible!“

the Children`s sports complex in the absence of the place

Sometimes, that parents want to be engaged in physical development of the kids, but there is no place to put a children`s sports complex simply. Then construct “obstacle course“ for kids. Invent a story, for example:“ We now through Moscow current, through Liski, in a mink for mushrooms for a hedgehog“. At first put on a floor a lattice from a bed, afterwards a rug (“grass“), further a narrow path from cubes, an inclined board (“gorochka“), put a chair that under it to crawl; put the roller that, sitting on it to jump as frogs. If the room narrow - we build a path on length if square - around. Children like to overcome difficulties!

do not hesitate of

, invent the cheerful fairy tale or a story for the sake of which it is worth moving. To study new. To what? To crawl in a tunnel (chairs or the twisted skins), to coordinate the movements of hands and legs, to strengthen muscles, to master the movements on a limited surface - generally, in every possible way to add to the motive experience.

the Children`s house sports complex the hands

  1. of the Lattice from a bed
    Put it on a floor - it is remarkable prevention of flat-footedness.

  2. the Rug - “grass“ (a rigid rug for a hall)
    Walking on it strengthens legs. Fill on it a mosaic, and then choose its elements from “blades“ - small motility develops.

  3. of the Stick or paths which are stuck together by an adhesive tape from plastic cubes
    Can be used when training in walking in a limited surface and development of a vestibular mechanism.

  4. the mattress Twisted by a roll, a thick blanket
    Helps to develop coordination and balance.

  5. Chairs, stools
    Under them can crawl as in a tunnel, from them the excellent train will turn out.

  6. the Hoop
    you Teach the kid to crawl in it, to put on a floor - “house“ will turn out. By the way, it will be suitable and for studying of the theory of sets (we will collect only red toys, balls in a hoop).

  7. the Tape - a flypaper of 3 m, balls from fleece or soft toys with the flypaper pieces sewed on an ear
    Pull a flypaper between a case and a window at such height that the child got, having risen on tiptoe, and lasted grow. Hang out, on it different toys, and the kid will reap this “crop“.

  8. of the Box or boxes Very much will be useful to
    . That in them to get or get through them.

  9. the Linen basin

    B it can shower with
  10. balls, playing a certain similarity of basketball for little athletes.

  11. or the foam rubber sheathed by fabric
    Can jump over
  12. of the Pillow from a sofa through them, to build of them various obstacles.
  13. the Board 20 - 25 cm wide and 60 - 70 cm long

    on edge of a bed, and the hill will turn out to ride!