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Two hours from life of mother and the kid of

All a sediment, the world mess, my head with a hole, sellers bad people!!


A with the fact that we with Ilyukh in policlinic drove - to a milk to write out... Drove with Ilyukh - it means (all will understand) to dress, make up, brush itself, in passing driving away inquisitive children`s mind and picking out from children`s pads ink, a brush for a bathroom, rescuing a computer mouse from a zagryzaniye and a great number of others of the superinteresting, important rescued things...

the kid needs to be caught, dressed Then half, to begin to put on most, repeating in passing the same procedures of release of objects from the executor - the experimenter. To push the turned-out child in a carriage, to pull on itself a coat and to flutter out from the house! Ufff...

the Serial zapikhivaniye of the baby, bags in the car, opening, closing of garage, pasture of the car takes away plenty of time and represents several tens small manipulations about one of which it is impossible to forget in any way.

In policlinic (after we undressed and were pushed by things in clothes) it turned out that we left a card at home! And all this process needs to be done immediately upside-down! Moreover to call mother what would sit with the kid since it is already time for him on a day dream. Phone in the block! What wood goblin? Only yesterday on it money was put! Tra - that is that green!

Decided to award herself with purchase of a small fish. Ugu, at an unlucky moment! The small fish consisted of ice! And somewhere there, in a deep subsoil of an ice glybka, something gently grew white and turned pink. Took an interest at the seller, as if to me to get desirable natatorial, but without this water! Or at least in its minimum quantity... Untranslatable folklore from which I understood that it is impossible to make it! I was given a knife, this small fish and recommendations to show process with own hand! Goggle eyes on my face, then change of a mimicry in such party that were apologized instantly and it is recommended to buy shrimps since there the smallest amount of water from all goods of this department. Generally, after shrimps I bought in a consolation of what I did not plan to buy, and again - was upset!

the series of small “priyatnost“ in the form of payment of phone and the kid who strove to make audit of purchases and immediately at this time are farther than

! In a consequence of what while I tried to appease it one hand, the kapyushonchik rasknopitsya, fell down a dirty floor, and the happy kid, having received freedom instantly got all products on a floor! Zapikhivaniye of all this good back in a package, and then in the car, driving by the turn, an ulyapyvaniye of a svezhepomyty car, unloading of good from the car, a zapikhivaniye of the last at once after closing of garage that the car did not need to be hidden, me in 10 minutes on it to go to garage and inspiration!

of the House a fast-undressing of under a sirenopodobny cry of the successor reporting that the day dream came long ago, a raspinyvaniye of cats which have obviously loading week and they stay in constant feeling of hunger (found to whom to complain - I on a diet 10 - y day!) . And if I am direct now, direct immediately I will not throw the child and I will not give them a grub, they will fall lifeless fluffy little bodies directly to me on legs! Cats just two. To put did not suffer the competition and engaged. Also won it - my run along a corridor reminded an obstacle course through live barriers because I rushed on kitchen with the purpose to appease at least one of trumpets of Jericho. It was possible, the mouth quickly zachmokat a small bottle, and I rushed to rescue house cattle. Hedgehogs salty!. Full bowls of food and drink! I so hissed on them that minutes 20 any was not visible and heard! Sorted bags - does not getting hungry absolutely! And all this occurred in 2 hours. Whole life!