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The grandfather of

Happen in coincidence life. But there are also destiny signs. There is a communication with ancestors who lived long before you. Support of a sort which gives strength in difficult days. I believe that not incidentally my son was born in one day with my grandfather.


of the Grandfather called

Vasily, and it had a reputation for the merry fellow and the cheerful person.

Besides the life the grandfather passion as liked to catch fish, but did not like to eat it. In 80 - e years Herring under a Fur Coat salad became fashionable. Somehow for New year my mother prepared it. And the grandfather, having hardly tasted salad, said: “Tasty, daughter. Only smells of fish?!“ Joked, did not offend indifference.

the grandfather Loved aromas of the svezhevspakhanny field and an autumn garden fructifying fruit. He taught me to understand grades of apples. I remember myself and the grandfather in the big garden put by his ancestors. The grandfather told me about each tree. As if and not trees it were, and people, everyone with the history. He was an excellent speaker.

“This pepin shafranny, a shtrefling, an antonovka, a borovinka - autumn grades of apples. And this white bulk, - the grandfather from a bush broke the round shining fruit - a papirovka or white filling, the most tasty August apple. Try“.

Ya I narrow eyes and I feel soft juicy reripeness, sweet with easy sourness. Tasty!

, as they say, do not argue On tastes. Food my grandfather preferred simple. Russian cabbage soup yes porridge - our food. In his childhood all family gathered at a big wooden table. If Russian cabbage soup moreover with meat cooked, and they prepared on holidays, then the big plate of the size of a basin was poured. The senior man in the house began to eat with the first. The owner got the tidbits.

Obligatory Russian cabbage soup for lunch - here the small culinary recipe of usual family happiness from the grandfather. And “modomar“, in Russian potato in a uniform or fried by all means with a salty cucumber and under a pile cool “Capital“. The Moksha word emerged from secluded corners of memory. Yes it is not casual.


Ded Vasya was born

on the bank of Moksha. Great once, I will tell you, there was a river, navigable. Were covered with dense thickets in which there lived wild animals the earth of Mordovia.

the Village Old Samayevka was stretched by

in the lowland among hills and lakes. As in the steppe. It is wide and free it is breathed, easily walked. Especially, when you are 18 years old. War ended. It seems that all adversities remained behind. And the father with mother blessed for study in the big city.

to Study

Vasily went to Leningrad. Came to agricultural academy. Following a parting word of the father received the agronomist`s profession. Having fulfilled on distribution in the northern town of Shadrinsk, he came back to the native village. Yes any: with the young wife Verochka and the little daughter Galochkaya.


On the Russian wife of the grandfather Vasya all village, numerous relatives ran together to watch with p. Looked and gasped, whispered:

- And where “such“ found?

Small, thin. One glazishch blue in half-faces yes a crown from braids around the head.

- See you, the princess with the chest child on hands! From where itself you will be? - asked the woman Vera on - rustic strong, a cut above her noisy woman. Here such healthy tall women were appreciated in the Mordovian villages. At once it is visible, hard-working. About them Nekrasov wrote it, as the horse can be stopped at full tilt and if it is necessary to zakhomutat the man also.

- From Tambov region I, - surely answered my grandmother. And a voice at it, it is necessary to tell, all life was put, command. And who told that will power depends on build? The one who is self-assured also to the correctness is strong.


Vera learned to Argue the point of view at Komsomol meetings. At one of such meetings it also did reprimand to my guilty grandfather. Sorted his not Komsomol behavior. Put - that was: took wines, drank in honor of a holiday a little, slightly fought, well nobody suffered, really. Business is young. Ded Vasya liked both the nice girl, and her ardent speech. And he, without thinking twice, invited her right after meeting to dances, having motivated with the fact that it has to track correction of his behavior. The young grandfather as god danced. Well or it is a little worse. Felt dance by soul, all over. Was plastic also fashionable. In riding breeches, a color shirt, with the curly forelock multiplied by gallant manners in which it was impossible to guess the simple rural fellow in any way it made indelible impression on the grandmother.

I, despite a lack of money and difficult post-war years, they infinitely enjoyed life. Sang, danced, with enthusiasm studied, watched concerts and movies, having got on tops of trees and risking to break itself edges. Once in Pushkin directly on the island in the middle of imperial park showed the ballet “Swan Lake“ where great Ulanova danced. And mine the grandmother with the grandfather were present, let sitting on branches of trees, let from far away, but they is bewitched watched “Dance of little swans“. It was their first in life ballet.


Well, and further in their scenario of love separation, test time was coming

. Ded stopped studying for a year before the grandmother. Agreed that on the end of study it will arrive to it to Shadrinsk.

In half a year as there left the grandfather Vasya, the woman Vera received the letter in which the woman unfamiliar to it told of the relations with Vasily. She asked from Vera no more, no less - to refuse claims on the groom. Because at all not it he is a groom! The stranger assured that she expects a baby from the grandfather.

the Letter not so afflicted Vera with

, how surprised and motivated to act. Eh, that stranger would know that my grandma was able to convince people and knew where it is necessary to write response letters. At each organization at that time there was a Komsomol or party cell where for immoral behavior it was necessary to answer not thetas - and - thetas with the competitor, and to all companions, and business was made public.


the letter got to the address, and events did not keep themselves waiting.

Shortly before the end of study called my grandma in “secret bodies“ which and aloud it was not accepted to mention, and suggested to sign papers about cooperation. It was necessary uzhy to dodge it. Only also told the man with a gray unwinking gaze:

- Thanks for the done honor. But I cannot!
- What means you “can not“? - with astonishment it raised an eyebrow.
- I Go to the husband to Siberia, we agreed with it, he waits for me.
- Dekabristka, means? - the man grinned. - You missed the chance, good-bye.

Fast sent the telegram to the grandfather. Collected the simple belongings and to the road.

Went out of the train on the platform in a blizzard. Around not a soul, only wind howls. Rose under the lonely, dimly shining lamp, chilly muffling up in thin autumn paltetso and shifting from one foot to the other in easy canvas shoes. Has a snack from disappointment a lip:

“Where I now? Really will not arrive? Did not receive the telegram! whether“

“Heat to you, maiden? Whether warmly to you, red?“ - she heard unexpectedly familiar fun-loving voice.

It is Vasya it dashingly drove on the cart harnessed by the three of horses. Jumped off on snow and threw with a fur coat shoulders.

“Oh, yes you absolutely turned into an icicle. Unless it is so possible to dress up in the winter. Pull rather valenoks, did not catch a cold yet!“

Began to live together. Easily and simply. Descended routinely in a registry office, undersigned. Nothing was. Neither house nor home. Anything, except youth yes of love. And whether it is necessary for happiness much? Worked, put fields and gardens, removed new grades of wheat, gave birth and raised children.


the grandfather`s Daughters god awarded


. Galina, Olga (my mother) and Irina. Loved all and helped equally. But indulged, perhaps, most youngest. And Irinka the sweet tooth grew up. Being already married, slowly dragged at the woman Vera from a bedside table the candies prepared for new year for grandsons from gifts.

And it was as a gift, New Year`s. Whether joke. Was born on January 1. Childbirth was heavy. Doctors in regional hospital caused, nearly from a holiday table. Ded went together with the wife. Stood under a door and worried.

When the doctor left and said:

- Has to disappoint you, Vasily Ilyich, - but you gave birth to the daughter! (and waited for the son)

Ded so loudly cried for pleasure that the confused doctor at first did not understand joyful or sad it brought a message.

- the Daughter! I am so glad that I have a daughter, - started embracing raged newly appeared daddy.


of Grandsons are told, love more, than children.

in the Summer the grandmother with the grandfather quite often took

us with the cousin Alenka on the dacha with spending the night. Oh, it were delightful days. At them on a site constructed a wooden lodge. Directly on a floor in which, spread a down feather-bed. And we fell asleep under rustle of mice behind a wall, and woke up with singing of birds. Favourite our entertainment was not to fall asleep until as will fall asleep the grandfather with the grandmother, and having slowly crept, to drag off at them slippers. Choking with laughter, it was necessary to creep silently to steam of meters. Ded quite often woke up and began to rebuke us, and we, without restraining, laughed loudly to tears.


in the middle of the seasonal dacha put in the Afternoon a folding bed, exactly under a rose bush in an environment of juicy berries of strawberry. It was our place in the sun.

A in the evening when the sun drooped, the grandmother cooked surprisingly tasty canned food soup on a fire and warmed pearl-barley porridge with meat.

U us with Lena: every spring, coming for the first time on a site, we found the dead of birds. Them we with honors and with indispensable bouquets from fresh flowers buried them on a small ptichkiny cemetery behind the house. And at the exit from the house near a big iron barrel with water the real field of wonders or treasures was located. In secret from each other we with the sister dug out a pole, put a brilliant candy candy wrapper or a floret under a fragment of glass and covered with earth. Played sekretik.

That house burned down long ago, and the garden site came to desolation, but it fructifies apples still every fall and is a silent keeper of my children`s memoirs penetrated by the sun and heat of a holiday under the name “Summer“.

the Favourite winter celebration for me New year was p>

8. We surely gathered all family in the apartment of the grandfather with the grandmother for a feast with the improvised concert which is coming to an end with compulsory dances. Irina sat down at a grand piano and dashingly played cheerful songs, Alenka was the soloist, other guests sang along, my mother showed “A gipsy dance with an exit“ and when the grandmother began the song, for seconds all guests faded.

“In the noisy city we met you...“ - loudly, surely, its voice polnogrudno sounded.

it seemed to

I, she looked younger in the eyes. Ded Vasya who had no hearing, but liked to sing, without coming off, looked at the Verunya. At the holiday table disagreements and offenses were forgotten. And in this congregational singing there was unusual force and support of a sort.


Ded was a hospitable person. Whether the acquaintance whether the stranger came into the house, it by all means seated all at the table, was interested in affairs. Listened, gave advice.

In the apartment constantly someone stayed or lived: numerous relatives, friends, children of friends. Not the apartment, but hostel. He wanted to be necessary, and till a certain moment he him was.

at the beginning of 70 - x years there lived at them with the grandmother the daughter of his friend, the academician with Ukraine. Ded helped it to enter to the Mordovian UNIVERSITY (during that time he was the dean of agricultural institute) because it was inconvenient to academician to ask for it. The daughter was spoiled by money and influence of the father. Dresses, restaurants, and then pregnancy from the nice guy who did not think to marry it. Ded personally talked to that guy, convinced him and him organized a wedding. The academician only needed to add:“ Council yes love“. Ded Vasya was able to see the main thing, without distracting minor. Was able to find proper words.


Growing old, the grandfather became sentimental. He began to write verses. Several times in an evening called, coped, as with us business. Sometimes his kindness and love were persuasive. And we waved away from it, as from an importunate fly. And he as caught at a straw at meetings with relatives. Called the brother, and they rushed there where they were always waited by the laid table, domestic apple wine and the loving sister`s look. In her house there was no word of reproach. There was a shelter and support, a small piece from their far childhood.

It is possible, then, after 60 - summer anniversary, the grandfather suddenly sharply realized as he became lonely. Boundary. The huge family gathered at a big table. Both children, and grandsons, all with it and in too time not with it - at them are the life.

In the last year of his life only the little grandson Segunyasha became the closest, reached for it certainly, trustfully. Ded devoted to the grandson verses and read fairy tales. Sometimes, alternating a story about kind “Doctor Aybolit“ to own stories, showing in books of the picture from those places where he managed to visit.


From all the business trips the grandfather Vasya brought books. Racks, high to a ceiling, with the books located on shelves in 2 rows along walls, perhaps, were also the main property, good which is saved up for years of labor life of a grandfather`s family. Taste to reading at me took root since the childhood. Years in 10, 12 most fascinating books about adventures seemed, on such literature there was a scarce subscription. I became engrossed in reading of Dumas, London and Cooper.

time of the Russian classics came Then. And every time, having seen the next book in my hands, the grandfather discussed with me its contents, shared own impressions of reading. Somewhere in the last classes of school I noticed that at the grandfather the whole case of books and scientific works on agronomics which author was he was gathered.


to Submit the application for economics department I went together with the grandfather.

He very much rejoiced and worried at the same time. Having snatched out at me the handle, spoiled the third form, filling in columns with a disobedient hand, removed an incorrect surname: Lipatova, Platov.

- Ded and Platonova I. Give itself I will fill. Be not nervous you so.
- As to me not to be nervous, the granddaughter! The modern times impudent and quick, young came. I did not learn neither to take, nor to bribe. Weak, lightweight became. I cannot ask for you, you will arrive. You will arrive?
- I Will arrive, the grandfather!
- Eh, me your confidence. Here and at university I feel how in a nape my pupils breathe. Expel on pension.


the grandfather gave the last lecture, very artistically. Came to listen to it even those who made plans to take its place.

- And the old man - that still anything. Mind kept, - whispered.

the call Rang out. As though called him, and the grandfather Vasya unexpectedly felt alarm, it all grew and increased in his breast. He came on department, warned students that the following couple is cancelled, and went home.

“Vasyatka“, - so in the childhood mother called it.

“the Cornflower, Vasenka“, - tenderly addressed it his young wife Verochka.

How long he did not hear those umenshitelno pet names? Since became Vasily Ilyich, dear professor, the teacher.


Ded did not reach

to the house. Left not at the stop. Saw wooden houses as in the native village and went along high fences. For a second it was thought that earlier people lived, without hiding behind fences. Neighbors were on friendly terms and easily went, to each other on a visit. He went and noticed a set of trifles. As in a recent dream which was told recently by Verune. And thin patten branches of birches with the whithered rusty leaflets which got confused in a foggy drizzle rare. And a ball of the yelping Ball curling at a leg defending borders of the territory entrusted it. And sharp shout of a raven, unruly keeper of cemeterial rest. Also howl the siren which flashed by it on the road of the car.

“The fire somewhere“, - the echo of own thoughts reached it. - “My God, as hot as closely in a breast, everything burns. And where I go?“

- Vasyatka, the sonny, - it is unexpected fromchetlivo he heard mother`s voice.

aloud badly obeying lips said


- Mother, I go to you! Now, wait, I will only get up.


I with horror that hands and legs grew dumb. From a pocket of his raincoat on the earth the yellow antonovsky apple was rolled out and, having run on a knot, stiffened in several meters from his hand. He tried to reach, but fingers did not obey.

As just everything comes to an end with

. To pain simply. There are no questions to anybody any more. And only light at the end of the tunnel.

It lay the whole day on the road near one of houses. Owners several times left on it to look, but it only muffledly splashed the turned blue lips. Stroke. And they thought that drunk. Fell face down in dirt.


Light at the beginning of life, at the beginning of day...

Loud, it is exacting - pleading shout announced chamber of delivery room. Also there was something primitive, firm, important in this shout of a small red lump of live flesh.

- I Congratulate, you gave birth to the son, - the joyful voice of the midwife was distributed.

“Spring, gardens blossom, and everything only begins“, - I thought at that moment.