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Sport and we

the Child and physical culture - a subject, very much me concerning.

One my familiar mother of the fourth-grader considers that the main thing - additional classes on mathematics, Russian and English. What here sport, when? And in general - why so to overload the child?

Other look: why to the thirteen-year-old girl to continue to be engaged in sports section if time of “obligatory children`s sport“ ended, and with the world champion to become all the same does not shine this girl? Besides - serious loadings in school take all free time.

Still the advanced parents who understand that sport, of course, is necessary for children (as well as classes with the tutor in difficult objects) are. And children of such parents obediently visits section of the sports direction fashionable now. Parents at the same time conduct, to put it mildly, an “unsportsmanlike“ way of life. That is children`s exercises come to an end at an exit from a gym...

A here one more example which is also “spotted“ from life. Winter. A city forest park (not a fashionable suburban ski resort with the equipped routes, and just green space in city line) with the ski track knurled by fans. Ski track, of course, not really equal. Near a ski track - a wide footpath (too absolutely uneven) on which other fans ride in style of “skating stride“. And here on this “ridge“ path the family goes on skis. Ahead - the father. It makes a start only one stick because the second is attached and pulls for itself(himself)... children`s sledge. Absolutely small child, naturally, sits in the sledge. Behind the rope is attached to the sledge, and the ski stick which is held by mother is also attached to a rope-. The second stick mother makes a start, like the father. And this Trinity so dashingly goes, the lovely sight is simple! Passersby with astonishment (and, I am sure, with envy) turn around. No sledge was attached to me, and here I could not go quicker them! It is easy to guess that the child in this “fizkulturolyubivy“ family will get up on skis, only having learned to go!

All this preface. So to speak, there was a wish to express examples an own view of sports education: the physical culture is not periodic occupation, it is a way of life. To begin never late, it will not want to finish. By the way, in the above-named forest park fans from 2 to, apparently, 82 years ski...

A now own history “instilling“ of love to physical culture at the child.

In - the first, it is necessary to understand that any physical activity - it is heavy (probably, for this reason absolutely tiny babies not delighted with medical massages). Training in new skills - too is heavy. Therefore training of the small child in new sports skills - occupation twice heavy. But as it is pleasant to see results already 2 - 3 later!

Physical culture № 1. Swimming. At the sea for the first time I brought the child in 1 year. As: southern air, sea splashes, such delight! On the contrary. The child madly was frightened and just could not stop shout at each approach to the beach (when noise of the sea became heard). Only 2 weeks later he ceased to be afraid of a view of the sea, and, apparently, only by the end of a trip (that is still 2 weeks later) allowed to bath himself in sea water.

However month was not in vain ashore - in 1,5 years the son went to a day nursery and several months was not ill at all.

Since then we go to the sea every year. In 2 years the son of the sea was not afraid any more, began to flounder in it. Now, in nearly 7 years, it became real “amphibian“. Quietly dived into our last trip from the yacht in “high sea“. At the same time experience of swimming - only at the sea (it is no more than 1 month in a year), we do not go to pools.

Physical culture № 2. Bicycle. In two years we, of course, bought Leshik children`s velosipedik (which reminded the modernized carriage more). That is the child as if sits in “are big“ and even holds legs on pedals. But it is lucky - that his mother for the handle which is attached behind!

I here to the son three years. Having seen enough of the peers by “adult“ bicycles, the son demands to himself same. We go to children`s shop, we buy. Of course, unit four-wheel. Lesh mine it is proud sits down on him and... for some reason does not go. I (at first it is patient) explain to him that pedals - that need to be twisted (unlike the habitual children`s bicycle - a carriage). It also twists - at once two. It is impossible to go again. Then I begin to twist a hand his legs on pedals - with the necessary frequency. But he, in my opinion, all the same understands nothing. Cries. Does not want to ride any more (and cannot). I begin to lose patience:“ Well, maybe, it is big in shop we will carry?“ Is not present, it is a pity... “Then try!“ Tries... Often falls. I remember, we passed so - with tears - the whole quarter from children`s shop where it was bought is big. The woman who as the fates decree was a witness to our first “training“ at the beginning of a way was near (when did not understand Lesh that generally pedals need to be twisted moreover and in a certain order). And here the woman so with astonishment exclaims: “Oh, you passed already so much!“

Slowly learned to ride, only small additional wheels begin to be bent and break. And still this “unit“ on itself needs and in ceremonial to be brought, and in the apartment somewhere to store.

we fell in love with

But gradually the bicycle. In five it is already proud twisted pedals by the “real“ two-wheeled bicycle. And now at us in the apartment (instead of a hanger) at an entrance 2 bicycles are piled up already: adult (mother`s) and children`s (son). With pleasure we ride together. Here what we had a festivities style in the spring and in the summer: we get on the bicycles and just we ride on convenient paths. We notice some interesting platform, we stop. The child plays on it with children, and I sit next and I read. Walk from “obligation“ turns into a cheerful adventure, and at the same time we choose platforms not on proximity to the house, and just those which are pleasant to us! And each time we open for ourselves new!

Physical culture № 3. Skis. With skis it was even more difficult, than with bicycle (not only Lesh, but also me). Everything began in three years with the requirement again: “Mothers, buy also me skis!“ (Just we often walked in that park where as I already wrote above, fans of skis from 2 - x to 82 ride - x...) . Bought. The first skis were with “children`s“ plastic fastening. On a frost it was barehanded necessary to thrust wide children`s shoes in these for some reason awfully narrow fastenings, to clasp them. And then still to teach the child to ride... To ride it was ceased to want quickly. As by bicycle we did not understand that it is necessary to twist serially pedals, so on skis we did not understand that on skis it is necessary... to slide! Lesh on skis stubborn “stamped“. But anything, mother though impatient, but stubborn. Besides before eyes there was an example of other little skiers.

So the next year we rode already tolerably. And we had skis with “adult“ fastenings, fashionable ski boots were bought. Especially fell in love with Lesh to ride from hills. Only several falling, and we felt all charm of free flight!

A this winter I noticed strange feature for the child: instead of going on a ski track, he diligently tried “to place legs“ on a wide footpath nearby. “Lesh, what for?“ “Mother, well you look how uncles go - so quicker! I too so want!“ Uncles, it is necessary to tell, go the “ridge“ course. And my son inspired by an example decided to master this equipment independently. After several such training drivings our father (who was engaged in ski section earlier) estimated progress of the son as quite satisfactory. I hope, it was the objective assessment...

Physical culture № 4. House sports corner. No comments.

Physical culture № 5. Children`s sports section. Lesh was 5 and a half years old when I for some reason decided that right now it “is time“. Just saw that at the child energy is in full swing, and worthy does not find a way out (in the garden “rush“ do not give, skis and the bicycle are only with mother on days off, and on weekdays “idle time“). Besides I am firmly sure that sport not only tempers a body, but also disciplines and brings up. And still helps intellectual development (not for nothing recommend to the remains which are lagging behind in development intensive massage!). “Courage, grace and plasticity“, - as the famous poet sang. It is especially healthy when boys are trained by men.

Section was chosen on territorial availability - the section of taekwondo was the closest. The child is excited about section, will go for the first time to a sports center this summer.

Physical culture № 6. Chess. Once to pass away time in the train, my sister showed and taught to play my child in chess. Result? Lesh just ached with this game. It was necessary to look for to it the chess circle corresponding to age (6 years.) . After several of its occupations in a circle to me, his mother, to my shame, it is almost impossible to win against it...

Here so. As it appeared, in the majority sports occupations do not demand considerable time and material inputs (it is rather simple to take on walk with the child of a ski or the bicycle, and in the road - a fascinating board game), and results will not keep themselves waiting!

I conduct the child in a garden This morning. We approach the crosswalk. Red light on the traffic light. While we wait green, my son suddenly puts hands on shoulders and begins them to twist intensively. Funny? And still I remember how recently during our registration for flight at the airport of Barcelona of Lesh, having slightly departed from turn, began to train “tkhekvondoshny“ “moves“ with turns. Here and so the physical culture and sport imperceptibly fascinated my child...

to What sports he will give to

preference when he grows up? To me it is unimportant. I only sincerely hope that love for sports at it - forever...