Rus Articles Journal

All we will be in time, everything we can do

of Ruse one year and two months, it at us very restless boy. And each our day is unique. But nevertheless we have a certain schedule. And it was established by itself, and is very convenient both for mother and for Russia.

our day Begins

with rise and washing. It is very fascinating: we with Rusy go to a bathtub, I wash it and I clean to it teeth (a brush without toothpaste so far), and he takes other big toothbrush and brushes teeth to the beloved mummy - it is so amusing.

Then we together with it go on kitchen and we begin to make a breakfast. So far Ruslanchik examines that there behind a window, I manage to cook to us the most tasty porridge on light, it is made with love in the remarkable company with loved by a synochka.

Then we eat

, at first I feed to a synulk from a spoon (though it already does attempts to eat itself with a spoon), I wash it, I give a small bottle with tea and I sit down to eat. Now all are full and happy, it is possible and to play: to leave a ball, to posobirat a pyramid and many other things.

Later certain time there comes cleaning time. While vacuums mothers, Rusya does attempts to sweep (he saw once how it is done by the grandmother, and now from this occupation for ears you will not tear off it). Then we wipe dust and we collect toys. Time passes quickly, and there comes walk time.

We collect by

all necessary: couple of toys, a small bottle with tea or a fruit drink, a roll or cookies, dried fruits. We put on, we take a carriage and forward march on the street in search of something new and interesting. Having acquired, a little tired, but happy we come home. We eat something tasty, for example, cottage cheese or fruit puree, and mother puts Rusyu to bed. He quickly and with pleasure falls asleep.

So far Rusya sleeps, mother fast wipes a floor (this only thing that I do on the house while Ruslanchik sleeps). And only in order that Rusya, having run, did not slip. Then I can take care of the own life and the affairs: to write course, to rewrite lectures, to esteem, tie - generally, all anything.

Later two - three hours Rusya wakes up, and we go to have dinner. Here also there passed a half of day. Having had dinner, we gather for walk again, on the street it is good, much everything is interesting, fresh air, children with which it is very interesting to Ruslanchik to communicate.

Having taken a walk one or one and a half hours, we go home. Having visited in the fresh air, nabegavshis, having become impregnated with new impressions, we, of course, got hungry, and we sit down to drink tea, a warm milk or kefir with a roll, cookies or vanilla croutons again.

After an afternoon snack there comes time of games. We play, we consider pictures in books, we read, generally - we have fun. Passes time so quickly, there comes dinner time. We have supper. And at this time so far the bathtub is gathered. Here we have supper, the bathtub was gathered, and Rusichka already runs in a bathroom - he very much likes to bathe. Rusya about half an hour flops in a bathroom, then we are rinsed under a shower, we are wiped, we put on shorts. Rusya drinks kefir, I carefully put it in a bed, half an hour more it voshkatsya and fills up. I come into its room - he quietly snuffles, I cost also minutes ten I admire the little son - the lassie.

Then quietly I cover with

a door, I can esteem still, to do something. Two hours later also I go to bed, falling asleep with thoughts of what remarkable family at me, what clever grows the kid. And what a lot of things we made today and learned. And still we will manage to make and learn a lot of things.

So there passes our day when our father on days. And if the father of the house, then we do all this three together.