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Loneliness? Or road to new paradise?

of Which of us did not pass family fights? To which of us are room Ice slaughters not known? Lovely, favourite, only in a terrible image of the Teutonic knight, swinging the striking sword, showering with you with furious lightnings from an eye of Omniscience, rushes on a white horse. You strike back, still, still, and... at last, behind it the door slams...

Well, now for the militant amazon the relaxation period came. The ware is broken, men`s shirts are torn, photos are thrown out so time to cry came. But whether it is worth shedding invaluable female tears? As a matter of fact, absolutely, not very well, whether there was it temporary quarrel or “better half“ left your house forever. Anyway you have ahead a long and happy life, and for this life nervous cages, oh, as still will be useful.

Now the most important not to panic, not to give in to a hysterics, and to think of how to lighten itself mood, to put in order emotions and (oh, blasphemy!) to begin to make plans for bright future.

In - the first, for a start it would be quite good to take the estimating view of all apartment. Undoubtedly, there will be things, lovely knickknacks, gently cherished your expensive, a collection of some nonsense. And everything that so irritated you, throw out, with a fair shred of simplification in a garbage can. Down with bringing you to white heat grown hateful, eternally filled with stubs, ashtrays! Designate the multi-colored herd of empty beer jars brought on your favourite shelf from all over the world! Send clumsy metal details, whether from the computer, whether from the iron there, and smile. You feel, in the left side of a thorax extraordinary ease is already planned? it would be quite good to p to carry out by

audit and in the things Now. Ah, in this golubenky dress in lime peas you were on the first romantic appointment, and it, with the shocking decollete, - the mute witness of “that“ night! And this long skirt with a section to the place where legs grow, brought it to a moment of an eye, and He, in general, forbade you to put on a lilac sundress from transparent chiffon! Well, in a sundress it is necessary to dress by all means that “fatal“, and, maybe, and the happiest for you day. The playful skirt still is required more than once to you. And here with “decollete“ and “lime peas“ it is more difficult. Or it is “history“, or “out of sight, out of mind“. In parallel with this “attack“ bring order to the cosmetics bag. Say goodbye, at last, to the bothered banks - bottles, and get something necessary or not absolutely necessary. And, of course, change spirits! New aroma - the almost inaudible messenger of your future.

That who have a strong character and iron will, can be engaged in auto-training and auto-suggestion. But, “I will tell you better“ - try to receive more positive emotions. You have yet no lovely habit to begin day with a cup of coffee and the interesting book? And evening tea drinking with a drinking bowl in one hand and the receiver in another? Dare to talk, without the slightest zazreniye of conscience, with the best friend till the dawn. Yes, it will be rather heavy at work, but how many small pleasures the last night of vigils brought to you! as inexcusably it is thoughtless to p to oversleep

A almost in the forenoon during week-end which, by the way, you awake to plan only at discretion. In the same, filled with freedom days, it is possible to throw a grandiose party. You have nobody to invite? It is not such big problem as it seems at first sight. For certain you will have old friends and friends, for example, school. Yes, yes you graduated from school not this summer, but how much interesting you can tell each other and as there are a lot of mutual friends. As they say, is what to remember and revive old customs as... to dtsat years back. Colleagues? The party - an excellent opportunity to communicate in an informal situation. Oh, you are waited a lot of by the intriguing moments! There will be no holding-down semi-official organ, careful subordination, - it is more than ease. Allow to be to yourself a little thoughtless and flashing. Eventually, you are a free woman and are able to afford an arch look and coquettish ease of noncommittal flirtation.

That to miss long - long evenings, it is time to look for club on interests. Painting lessons, driving lessons, amateur performance circle, cross stitching, at last! You supporter of active leisure? In the summer - rollers, in the winter - mountain skiing. Diving - refined pleasure for well-founded, for not really - jogging in the mornings, and swimming by a breast stroke in open reservoirs. Here, however, it is necessary to look for water more purely. Generally, pioneer rule “Air, the Sun and Water - Our Best Friends!“ and - in a whirlpool with the head, you are waited by the mass of pleasures on which, by the way, at you (besides!) earlier simply there was no time.

Can bring the fluffy pet or small fishes if, of course, you do not have all this “good“ yet. But, having lodged near itself five cats and seven dogs, it is necessary to say goodbye to private life as there is a risk to turn into the timid and careful dog nurse.

But all this not large-scale actions, and to you needs something in a big way. For example, apartment renovation. You changed life, so let everything will exchange! Away from a bathroom a pink tile with butterflies! Replace it on violet in a speck! Change upholstered furniture and you will choose only that tone which to be pleasant to you, at the worst re-stick wall-paper.

From the well-known “Russian melancholy“ our ancestors escaped long travel on overseas lands. So why and to you not to be going to surprise with the existence far-away countries? It is better to choose something exotic. In - the first, impressions will be more, in - the second, will be what to tell the girlfriends missing and completely wallowed in family life, and in the third, it is so romantic!

And that to spend in vain today`s, very pleasant and good evening, at least once risk, and you descend there where on your deep belief it is not accepted to appear to the attractive girl in absolute loneliness not only, and it is just indecent. For example, in cafe, on a disco or in night female (though it is possible also in man`s) club. Also believe, with this lovely “impropriety“, very lovely ease, and from it to paradise and no distance will come.