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The world under the name “Mother and Daughter“

to my daughter will be on April 22 year.
Ya I devote the story to my princess!
my day of the real mother begins

century. 12th day! If you thought that I happy zasonya, and my child liking to have a sleep, you are mistaken. At 12 in the afternoon I come from work. And here I become rather happy! Yes, unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, I came to work when the baby was 10 months old. But it does not do me by bad mother! All rest of the time I completely give myself to my princess!

Well, dear readers, I invite you to our world! More quietly... The baby for certain sleeps... It has a day dream! Very quietly we open an entrance door... We take off shoes and a jacket, we look to the room... My God, thank you for such moments! She smiles! She waits for me! Five minutes in this world are not present anybody except mother and the daughter! Well everything, is time to eat and go to group of development!

As you do not want

? And what you want? To be given smacking kiss? Yes you are my dear!

we Kiss even minutes 10. We eat, we put on, we deliver the grandmother home, and - to develop!

I here we do not depart from mummy, well if only behind that toy. And now - to learn letters! To go on a prickly rug and to draw animals! What you at me well done!

Has enough communication, nazanimatsya by

, it is possible and to go home!

“So far, so far, children! See you again!“

we Go home... Tsss... Dear readers, we fell asleep... Slowly we take the princess on hands and we bear home.

There now, it is possible to take rest also to mummy and to have breakfast at least. As it is good that there is such season as spring!

Here we woke up, ate and went to look “meow - meow, gav - gav, babble - babble“. Well and that that we do not run legs yet? But mummy so interestingly tells here about this pussycat and about this doggie!

let Nikulya is not able to tell

I yet, but happiness sparkle in the opinion of the baby makes mother most happy! And I am ready to walk and tell for hours with it though about an UFO if only my button smiled!

Earlier, after walk, we went to the pool! Our huge love to water - separate history! But, unfortunately, the pool was closed on quarantine...

I after solar and air bathtubs we go home, we eat and we begin to play! I made to the daughter a lot of the developing cubes with letters, on the alphabet of a format A - 3 pasted photos of relatives under letters with which their names begin, sewed sacks with various grain for development of small motility. These toys are loved by my daughter! Though we have also a lot of purchased “razvivalok“, but probably, the power of maternal love is the most expensive!

Hurrah! we Go to bathe! I advise you to undress... Otherwise you leave a bathtub mokry Nicki. So we like to lap and frolic in water!

the Bathtub - it is obligatory for

with sea salt... Massage with lavender oil for a quiet dream...

I only the head of the princess touches a pillow, she fills up with a sweet dream!

Sleep, my pleasure! And let the miracle will dream you!

A tomorrow, at 12 in the afternoon, I quietly will open a room door... Also magic under the name “Mother and Daughter“ will begin...