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The feeling of love will surely come!

my pregnancy was planned and very desired! I fell in love with this small lump already when she was only three weeks old, and 3 tests showed positive result. Since that moment my life was divided on “to“ and “later“. Every day my feeling of love grew in a geometrical progression. The husband was madly happy too and whether waited for our baby slightly no more, than I!

in 8 weeks of pregnancy I wanted to give rise and press somewhat quicker to myself my treasure, to embrace her (I was for some reason sure that there will be a daughter), to kiss, glance in her eyes and to admit all-consuming Love to it! Thinking of this moment, I cried, cried with happiness!

Ya asked mother all the time as she did not die of happiness when she took me the first time on hands.

I there passed 12 hours of pain... The baby put to me on a breast... Well and where my tears of love, where that happiness for which I waited? I understood that I feel nothing! Absolutely!

the Daughter was carried away to process, swaddled and put under a lamp, and I did not even want to look at it, I literally forced to watch myself in that party where it lies, it was a shame to me before by itself. I tried to find in the soul Lyubov to this being... But as though some angry wizard switched off all my feelings.

In 5 hours the newly made father and 30 minutes came looked at the daughter and cried! Cried with love and happiness. And how I? Really I am bad mother?

Next day, in the next feeding, I, as always, looked at Nika and suddenly in my soul such wave of love rose! Tears poured down from my eyes, I cried the whole hour, cried with happiness, with understanding that at me at last - that is this dearest little man that in my life there is a sense now! These feelings I had to wait for the whole days! They seemed me eternity! But now I know that I am the real mother!

Dear future mummies if you appear in the same situation, do not despair! The feeling of love will surely come! And you will not be able to imagine life without this lump of happiness any more!

to my baby soon year! And my love to it grows every second!