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Till the birth of the kid I read the first lessons of swimming

about advantage of early swimming in development of the child much. Unfortunately, we have a usual policlinic - without pool, nurses are not trained in the skills allowing to immerse the child with a head in water since the birth. But at heart I had a thought that the child should do swimming. The sonny grew, and so far we swam only at home - in a tray or in a big bathtub.

we could only get To the pool after 2 - x years. And on the eve of this event my friend told that she already descended with the son to the pool and shared with me a valuable advice (they just already were 2 years old). Business it was the late fall, but I honestly ran all over all sporting goods stores to buy a hat, oversleeves and a rubber ring. At last, everything was bought, references are received, and we went to the pool.

the First occupation was heavy - even the splash pool for my Aleshki seemed big! He was frightened a little and wanted to go to water not really. And here still there are a lot of new impressions! Therefore from the very beginning oversleeves were not useful to us at all though I also inflated them - all the time I had a son on hands. By the end of occupations, it accustomed a little and even with interest looked at everything already in a circle. We worked less than the put time - from 45 minutes were only 20, but for the first time it was good.

In the following occupation he already not so was afraid of water and spent in a circle more time though it is far from it I did not departure. So far without circle we did not swim. But in the second occupation brought toys for game in water: balls, ducks and so forth. The trainer sitting there advised to overcome at first fear to water and to simply derive pleasure that we also did.

our Following occupations took place

more and more successfully - we already tried to swim without circle, in oversleeves. At first, however, it was more similar to “walking“ - because it lowered legs down and just them touched. I tried to keep the correct shape in water, at first there were few results. But nevertheless the first break was already made - he was not afraid of water. We even jumped in water from sides, and once I consciously allowed it to leave under water where it and secured - the fright was not! Now our occupations took place so: let`s a little swim for a while, we will a little jump or we will play. Gradually also skill of swimming began to come - especially if I on couple of steps departed from it. Somewhere in half a year of occupations it could overcome some distance independently. So slowly we also learn to swim though we go seldom - once a week. I want to tell that water - the fine calming and weakening means. During occupations the child so well splashes out the emotions that after them very well sleeps and becomes a little quieter.

to Mothers who plan to drive the child to the pool would like to give several advice:

I still important council: many children after the first visit of the pool catch a cold. I can tell with pride that during the whole time while we visited the pool, never ached. And to make several our recommendations.

  1. Optional, but desirable. Gradually accustom the child to change of temperatures when bathing. If it is possible, apply a contrast shower. Or just after bathing of the house rinse slightly cool water. If you already temper the child - it is healthy. But here the main thing - gradualness.
  2. Main “dry rule“. At once after the pool to rub off and change clothes of the child for dry. Our splash pool it is far from a locker room, we go there through the cold gym therefore I conduct the child in an undershirt, and some mothers - in terry dressing gowns. Before bathing on a small bench we undress, and after bathing we are rubbed off, we remove all wet and at once we put on all dry.