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The thorny road of

Breastfeeding conceals in itself many reefs, and I can understand those women who do not nurse. This natural, apparently, process - it difficult and simple at the same time. And here my history....

my angel after the appointed term for 10 days Was born

. It was slightly larger, than I assumed - 3630 gr, 53 cm. Took a breast not at once and very reluctantly - from the fifth attempt.

my kid did not hunger

In the first three days, almost constantly slept, there was not enough colostrum. I did not finish feeding and did not even give to drink to my baby water. On 4 - e days wrote out us.

to me it was frightening - there is no milk. What to feed the child with? The husband buzzed constantly that I have no milk. Bought mix, but it was not useful.

of Mother and the grandmother began to feed and give to drink to me very much. Walnuts, milk, tea, cookies, teas for a lactation were used.

I when on 6 - e days milk came - my breast was the real bomb! By this time on nipples the bleeding wounds were formed, milk came, and to feed it was insufferably sick. I decanted a milk pump each 2 hours and even at night. Fed from a bottle with the decanted milk.... When cracks disappeared - nursed, then from a bottle again. So it turned out because my kid was very lazy, sucked badly and painfully long - on an hour and longer. On my personal feeling he chewed me as the meat grinder. Therefore more often I fed from a bottle, and the breast just allowed to be indulged. So proceeded to 2 - x months. Painful decantation exhausted me to exhaustion, sometimes it was necessary to be decanted on one or two hours, but I persistently fed the kid with breast milk. For the first two months I endured 2 laktatsionny crises and 3 laktostaz.

Laktostaz it something!! Temperature 39 C, pains... The infallible remedy - a hot spirit compress rescued me. For what many thanks to my mother.

Perhaps, so would proceed further, but my kid began to increase portions of milk to 140 ml for one feeding, and cried, will not eat up everything yet... The increase in weight was above norm too - 1500 for the first month and 1600 for the second, and it, in my opinion, is a bit too much.


Ya that my child needs not so much food, and warmly mother`s body. Also made the decision to nurse. He apprehended my decision with big enthusiasm and at once took a breast. At first it seemed to me that the child does not eat up since time of sucking of 3 - 5 minutes, 7 feedings a day. What can be eaten for such time interval!? But the child surely put on weight, and there is even more norm.


decantation it was finished! And the strangest that the kid completely refused a baby`s dummy.

Now to my kid 6,5 months, 10 kg weigh with a height of 70 cm, it on breastfeeding plus 50 gr fruit puree or juice. I with great pleasure feed him, and he eats me.