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The most great happiness of

Four months ago I tested such incredible happiness which is very difficult for describing words. I cannot still confide and realize in it what happened to me, I did not expect at all that I so early will become a mother. Pregnancy and childbirth were the most unforgettable event in my life.

grew at Puziko`s

slowly and imperceptibly for people around, only by 6 months my treasure became visible. Though this pregnancy not long-awaited, but nevertheless I very strongly dreamed of our meeting with the Daisy. Thought that exactly in 9 months I will appear in maternity hospital, and exactly there I will be brought on “ambulance“ with fights. The last months of pregnancy, we together with puziky sat and read now and then the next stories about childbirth, some with horror, and some - with tears in the eyes. Uncertainty frightened me.

Came on December 4, day of my PDR, and I went with the husband to ZhK. The doctor examined me and gave the direction in the 14th maternity hospital, probably, there was no wish to be her responsible for health me and my baby. And I very much did not want “to give up“ in maternity hospital, there was a wish to carry out everything the remained days in a cozy house situation as I felt perfectly and did not expect childbirth though, of course, understood that in any second everything could begin.

I here I in way: we arrived to a reception, before me there was one more girl, accepted dolgovato of course so in thoughts sliped: “And how would be if I have fights?“ In the same way to sit and wait?“ And here I give documents, I change clothes in the hospital odezh, standardly the nurse carries out all procedures and lifts me in pathology, on the 3rd floor. The floor is divided into two offices: postnatal and pathology. In pathology 4 chambers, 2 of which on 4 places and 2 on 5, a shower and a bathroom with imitation a bidet, the TV. The situation very good-natured and pleasant, nurses - remarkable people, the attending physician will always explain everything and will coordinate. I stayed in pathology week, perekhazhivat, went 41 - I am week, doctors suggested to open a bubble, but I refused.“ Means, early,“ - I thought. Time - that still suffered, very much waited for fights. Meanwhile I was prepared for childbirth. Four surveys on a chair. The last stimulated my childbirth. After each survey at me the stomach ached a bit, at first quickly passed, and then longer and longer, the stopper departed meanwhile.

on December 10 I at first did not understand that I it “it“, but nevertheless assumed, quietly passed, almost galloped to 12 o`clock in the morning. Pains were, but everything is tolerant, feeling such: at first the back, then at the same time with a back a crotch ached a bit and, at last, also the stomach was added. I was so tired of stay in maternity hospital that went on a ladder and thought: “And suddenly fights will end, and I will wait for birth of Margushki again?“ By o`clock to 12 I was almost precisely confident that all this is “it“, and told about it to the nurse, that called the doctor on duty - Alla Arkadyevna (further A. A.) . She accurately examined, told that disclosure 3 fingers, I was delighted, I think: “At last, was so tired...“

, after an enema in soul it was very good. I called mother and reported about fast childbirth. Then I was sent to prenatal, changed clothes for state, put a catheter and KTG. On the street there was a night, I looked out of the window and thought that late little men even do not guess that my baby here - here will be born. It was very difficult to lie on a back, A. A. prompted to me that I need to enclose a hand under a waist, it was so much better. Later KTG to me allowed to walk on chamber, I went so hour 2, then there was not enough patience any more though A. A. offered favorable poses, I laid down. Periodically the doctor examined me - it was the most unpleasant and painful, there was a wish to lie quietly and that nobody touched. Punctured a bubble, made anesthetic which was in that after each end of fight I fell asleep. I spent all this time prior to the beginning of attempts as if in fog. A. A. approached me, patted on a back, calmed, talked to me, but it was useless, I was silent, only trying to low something, from - for it it could not understand how I feel.

When I opened eyes, saw the girl - the probationer, felt that my child already wants to get out of the cozy town, reported about it, asked to call the doctor, the girl reacted to a request inquiries, I began panic, I did not know that to do, make an effort or not, began to shout at it that I called the doctor rather, she, scared, ran. The doctor and the midwife came, several times tried to be extinguished, the head of the baby fell, and I was led in patrimonial. Jumped fast on a table - I long waited for it, I was prepared for childbirth. In the course of childbirth I was cut as at me very bad sight (almost minus 8), and they very much worried about it. Felt only a mosquito sting. A. A. helped me an elbow, it was impossible to make an effort at full capacity.

my pleasure was born at 6 - 15 in the morning on December 11 - it was the happiest day in my life. Put on a tummy, we admired with each other, later the midwife showed me that I gave birth to the daughter. It was carried away, a bit later I learned that its weight 3680 gr and height of 52 cm

Stay in postnatal the office was very pleasant: same friendly nurses, children`s doctors and nurses. In the same day still gave birth to three girls, and settled them to me as I was the earliest. We cheerfully spent time stories about childbirth in the society of newborn kids.

I Wish all to get to the 14th maternity hospital of the city of Moscow to skilled and professional doctors. Thanks to Sgibneva Alla Arkadyevna and other midwifes for easy childbirth and my baby, it grows healthy (fie - fie - fie) and the smiling little girl.