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Depression. How to derive from it pleasure? It it is easy to tell

: try to find the place of pleasure in the life. And here is how to make it?

Rule 1. Refuse communication which does not bring you pleasure, from contacts which seem empty.

Rule 2. At work for some time take a position “from here to here“. Do only what is necessary. And it is more by no means.

Rule 3. Become the egoist and stop to pretend that everything is excellent - at least before the closest people.

In psychology the concept of the channel of perception by means of which the person accepts and transfers information is. Their of everything four: Visual, Kinestechichesky, Audialny and the fourth, Degitalny. There are also those who master information of a sinesteticheska - that is it is equally good through all four previous. But it is already big rarity.

Strictly speaking, such division is rather conditional. All of us mostly prefer to receive, process and issue information, using at least two channels. But there are also some features connected with the preferable channel. So far as concerns obtaining pleasant emotions, about “charging“ good energy, our features become more obvious.

the Visual learner

In your lexicon it is full of “able to see“ verbs. You often speak “I see it differently“, “probably“, “let`s look at it with open eyes“. You love painting, and beauty of a sea landscape is capable to bring you to a state of silent ecstasy. You try to put on so that your image looked finished. The disorder in the apartment can upset you to tears. You hate when on a kitchen table - crumbs, and on chairs - clothes. At the same time you absolutely quietly transfer a disorder in a case. Only you try more rare to open it.

Medicine. Look for positive emotions and food for food of soul in the museums, at exhibitions, in ancient estates, on avenues of beautiful parks. And even - do not laugh: in good furniture and iteryerny salons and salons of flowers: here too care for that to us it was beautiful. Be engaged in decoration of the house and try to keep order in it. Can happen so that elementary cleaning of the apartment will be for you salutary: ordering life, perhaps, you will manage to order also feelings.

Be engaged in

in painting, stained-glass windows, an embroidery, graphics, any kind of visual art. Try to express the grief by means of images.


Expressing to

the opinion, you, most likely will tell that “I feel that it is correct“. And, giving the characteristic to the person, you will use definitions “warm“ or “cold“. In clothes for you the main thing - comfort. You love jersey because it does not hold down movements and allows you to feel comfortably. If you pure kinestetik, then perfectly feel also in the apartment where the disorder reigns: the main thing that it was warm and pleasant smelled and whether magazines or jeans roll on a floor or both - not really interests you. If you the active person, then are necessary for you sports occupations. If more likely the sybarite, then you adore warm bathrooms, massages, different cosmetic procedures.

Medicine. For certain you are encouraged and pacified by a bath. Perhaps, you should do swimming or run, and it is even better - dances. By the way, dance, especially free, without regulations and rules, can help you to express the grief and other unpleasant feelings. Buy several cozy, comfortable things in which to you it will be good. Aromatic bathtubs and pleasant smells of the house will help you to keep priyemliyemy emotional level.


In pure form meets extremely seldom. And nevertheless, there are people at whom this channel is developed more, than the others. If you prefer acoustical way of communication with the world, then often use expressions it seems “it speaks for itself“, “I would like to hear from you“. You are greedy for beautiful voices and in general for beautiful sounds. The person possessing a fascinating timbre can win your arrangement two minutes. And still you for certain love radio.

Medicine. Cartridges and disks with records of sounds of the nature: noise of waves, twitter of birds, rustle of leaves... Records of music which has the pacifying effect on you. Try goes to concerts of those performers and collectives which are pleasant to you. Limit communication with people whose voice irritates you.


This type - too not from the most widespread. He learns the world about the help of signs - figures, letters, schemes and charts. So to speak, directly brains, without any silly emotions. If you treat this type, then, most likely, at you life is painted in daily log sections, you feed tenderness for tables in textbooks and books, always remember for what money you bought this or that thing. In the aspiration to an order and symmetry you sometimes go too far and someone even considers you by a cracker though you just love that everything was accurate. You spoil mood if something does not meet with your calculations. You are sure that it is necessary to approach everything first of all “reasonably“, and in your dictionary there are a lot of pseudoscientific words. It seems to you that so more beautifully and more precisely.

Medicine. Begin to master something new, it is desirable, connected with reflections: for example, you learn to play chess. Also you will suit occupations by any foreign language. Perhaps, you will be helped by work on the scientific article or the new computer program.

It is important!

I all - we, people, is more difficult, than thinks of itself! Except the leading channel, we more or less successfully uses also all others. Do not limit the life only to those pleasures which we dictate you yours favourite “communication channel“ with the world. When overcome sad thoughts and it seems that life was not successful, it is just a high time to try something from a diet of pleasures of what is preferred by representatives of other channels. Perhaps, it will open to your soul a way to new impressions and will help to understand about itself something like that, as there will be that “treasure“ which we and have to find at the bottom of the depression.