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How I am eager to satisfy? Children`s tea hurries to the aid!

In a hot season are necessary for the kid additional amount of liquid. It is possible to fill its shortcoming, having offered the baby boiled water. But there is an option “more tasty“ - children`s tea!

What is children`s tea?

At the word tea at the majority of us arises representation of hot drink darkly - the brown color with a fragrant smell and slightly bitterish smack prepared from leaves of a tea tree. Drinks for kids of the first year of life with the similar name have nothing in common with this picture. The liquid loved by many peanuts, translucent by sight and sweetish on taste, easily turns out at dissolution by warm water of granules of dry powder. And here structure his most various.

Teas contain extracts of one or several species of medicinal herbs (a camomile, fennel, fennel, a melissa, mint, an anise, etc.) . Some teas include fruit or berry additives (orange, a lemon, etc.) . To obligatory components of these drinks the carbohydrate component as which use sucrose, glucose or a dextrinmaltose is.

Nice to the taste, they besides differ in useful properties. Made on the basis of herbs, many of them possess preventive and medical action, and are applied at treatment of a number of diseases at children of the first year of life. From the range of children`s teas which is available in shops, it is possible to meet the drinks making favorable impact on work zheludochno - an intestinal path, for example, teas with fennel, a camomile, the Italian fennel, etc. There are teas for cough calming. The tea drinks made only on the basis of extracts of fruit or berries are recommended to be used as an additional source of liquid for the child. Some of them well satisfy thirst and have the refreshing effect.

Children`s teas are fast

in preparation! They will easily solve a problem of mother deliberating over what to give to drink the baby during walk. The small bottle of this drink is always useful during a summer heat!

When to tell:“ Be indulged with a tea“

Time to drink tea at everyone the baby the. It is defined by specific features of the child, a state of his health, and also feeding type. The children who are fed with breast milk in the first months of life, even in a hot season, do not need additional reception of liquid. Women`s milk completely satisfies needs of the kid for it! To children - bottle-fed babies specialists of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science recommend to enter tea drinks not earlier than the third - the fourth month of life, and to babies a bit later, on the fourth - the fifth month. For the kids only beginning to get acquainted with this type of drinks it is necessary to buy the teas which are let out for children of the first half of the year of life. Age recommendations are always specified on a label! Teas for kids are more senior than six months differ in quantitative and ingrediyentny structure.

Despite wonderful properties of many tea drinks, it is necessary to offer children them carefully - no more than 100 - 150 ml a day. All types of teas contain significant amounts of carbohydrates therefore their excess use can become the reason of caries, allergic reactions, promote strengthening of fermentative processes in intestines.

Before purchase of children`s tea surely consult at the doctor!