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Superchisto! Intimate hygiene after the delivery of

After the delivery the woman is very vulnerable for infections, internal genitals represent in fact one big wound. To avoid any threat of complications, it is very important to woman in childbirth to follow rules of intimate hygiene.

of Feature of an organism of young mother

the Postnatal period, along with the periods of pregnancy and childbirth, plays not less important role in the woman`s life, there is at this time the return development (involution) of all bodies and systems which changed during pregnancy. It is considered that the postnatal period lasts from 6 to 8 weeks and comes to an end when the organism of the woman comes to a state in which it was before pregnancy.

During the postnatal period the organism of the woman in childbirth has a number of the features doing it very vulnerable for various infections. Let`s dwell upon them.

In - the first, in a cavity of a uterus the extensive wound surface is available - it is the place where the placenta (the placentary platform) was attached. This wound, as well as any other (for example, a cut on a finger) easily inflames at hit of microbes in it. The allocations from a uterus cavity called by lokhiya are no other than wound separated. In the first 2 - 3 - e days after the delivery lokhiya will be bloody, since 3 - x days they become lighter, krovyanisto - serous (i.e. watery, with impurity of a small amount of blood), on 7 - 9 - e days after the delivery - serous and more poor, at last with 10 - x days - serozno - mucous, completely stopping to 5 - 6 - y to week of the postnatal period. The bloody allocations from a genital tract remaining a long time after the delivery indicate existence of complications.

In - the second, the uterus neck which was carrying out in labor a role of “gate“ through which the kid was born in the postnatal period a long time remains slightly opened. Right after childbirth the channel of a neck of a uterus freely passes a hand, in a day after the delivery - 2 fingers, in 3 days - 1 finger, in 10 days the cervical channel already passes a finger dome, being completely closed in 3 weeks after the delivery. That is pass to a wound in the first days is after the delivery open for microbes.

B - the third, in the postnatal period in a vagina alkaline reaction (it is caused by the fact that lokhiya have alkaline reaction) whereas in a usual state the vaginal environment has sour reaction that is an effective barrier to alien agents prevails. At young mother this protective factor does not work.

B - the fourth, at women in childbirth reduced immune (protective) forces as besides natural oppression of immunity during pregnancy the patrimonial stress, powerful hormonal reorganization, and also blood loss, inevitable in labor exerts impact on an organism.

B - the fifth, existence of the seams imposed on ruptures of soft patrimonial ways also is risk factor of penetration of an infection. It should be noted that if in labor there were no obvious ruptures of a neck of a uterus, vaginas and crotches which demanded mending all the same are available for any woman in childbirth microcracks which can become “entrance gate“ for an infection.

Simple rules

When performing hygienic procedures needs to follow certain rules strictly:

needs to be washed away by

Hygienic laying


that in the first days after the delivery lokhiya happen quite plentiful, laying should be chosen well absorbing (so-called “night“, or “maxi“), well fixed on linen. Now among conditioning agents there was special postnatal laying possessing the good absorbing ability. Replacement of laying should be made at least, than in 2 - 3 hours or in process of pollution, it is dictated by the fact that lokhiya are a fine nutrient medium for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. In the first days it is after the delivery quite possible to use big fabric laying or diapers which will give out to you in postnatal office as it will be easier for doctor and midwife to define quantity and nature of allocations not to pass pathology. At a large number of postnatal allocations, and also at their absence it is necessary to inform immediately on it medical staff as plentiful bloody lokhiya (when laying gets wet through in only a few minutes, and also blood clots are allocated) can demonstrate to postnatal bleeding that demands the urgent help. Complete cessation of allocations can be caused by obstruction of the cervical channel a blood clot, decrease in sokratitelny ability of a uterus.




To linen in the postnatal period impose two main requirements - in - the first, it has to pass well air, in - the second - not too densely to adjoin to skin not to create “greenhouse effect“, not to injure in addition, especially seams. Now on sale there is a special disposable linen for the postnatal period which perfectly meets these requirements. Earlier in maternity hospitals in the postnatal period it was not allowed to use laying at all and to carry linen that the crotch always was dry, especially if on it there are seams. With the advent of modern means of hygiene these requirements were softened, but it will be useful if at stay in a bed you remove underwear for “airing“ of a crotch. At the same time it is possible to use a disposable diaper.

If seams

Existence of seams on a uterus neck, a vagina are available, vulvar lips and a crotch confirms additional “entrance gate“ for an infection that dictates need of especially careful respect for intimate hygiene. Usually on a uterus neck, a vagina and vulvar lips the resolving seams which do not demand special processing are imposed and are removed independently. If to you seams were imposed on a crotch, then the inclination of 3 - 4 weeks is not recommended to sit that seams did not disperse, it is recommended to feed the child standing or lying in a bed. During stay in postnatal office the midwife will process seams twice a day solution of brilliant green or iodine, at safe healing silk seams will be removed from a crotch on 5 - e days of the postnatal period. At a podmyvaniye there is also no need to use a sponge or a bast, it is desirable not to touch seams by hands, it is enough to direct a shower stream to this area, and then to accurately blot skin with a towel or a diaper. For increase in antiseptic action it is expedient to finish hygienic procedures rinsing weak faintly - pink solution of potassium permanganate or ready water solutions of a hlorgeksidin, Furacilin, an oktenisept which will give out to you in postnatal office. Houses for this purpose it is possible to apply also infusions of the herbs having antiseptic effect - camomiles, calendulas (1 tablespoon on 1 glass of water) or pharmaceutical solution of a hlorgeksidin, oktenisept (it is possible to buy convenient packing with a spray in advance).

Hygienic bans

Delicate problems

In the first days of the postnatal period it is important to li to monitor timely depletion of a bladder and rectum as violation of depletion of the bodies, next to a uterus, will stir it normal reduction and consequently, can complicate a current of the postnatal period.

The matter is that at the expense of a sdavleniye at the time of delivery quite often in the first days after the delivery the woman does not feel as a head of a fruit of nervous textures of a basin desires to an urination due to loss of nervous sensitivity while contents of a bladder reach several liters. Therefore even if you do not feel desire to urinate, it is necessary to empty a bladder each 3 hours. If you do not manage to empty independently a bladder, surely tell about it to the doctor or the midwife, in certain cases it is necessary to resort to medicamentous therapy.

Second, quite frequent problem of the postnatal period - emergence or an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, and also locks. It is caused by a sdavleniye a pregnant uterus of veins of a small pelvis, (owing to what venous outflow is at a loss) and leads to unpleasant consequences. Timely depletion of intestines is especially important in the presence of seams on a crotch, the excessive natuzhivaniye can lead to a divergence of seams. It is necessary that intestines were emptied in 2 - 3 days after the delivery. For this purpose it is necessary to consume enough cellulose in the form of grain porridges, fruit and vegetables, fermented milk products. The use of whole milk, fresh white loaf and rich products, sharp, spicy and fat products is forbidden. It will be easy to keep to such diet as these principles are actual for the nursing mothers. At an exacerbation of hemorrhoids after visit of a toilet it is better not to use toilet paper, and to be washed away by cool water. If necessary it is possible to use candles which will be advised by the doctor.

the General hygiene

Along with observance of rules of intimate hygiene for a smooth current of the postnatal period is not less important to conform carefully and to the rules of the general hygiene. The simplest and important principle is frequent washing of hands, you will contact to the kid who is still very vulnerable for an infection. It is desirable to take a shower twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The bed linen in the postnatal period needs to be changed at least, than in 5 - 7 days. In postnatal office on a bed there is an oilcloth over which the diaper changed daily or in process of pollution creeps. The shirt has to be cotton, it is necessary to change it daily. Towels for hands, mammary glands and intimate hygiene have to be strictly individual.

After the delivery application of new means of hygiene can cause allergic reaction.
Mammary glands should wash

with hands, without the aid of sponges and basts 2 times a day children`s soap are not more often. The washing of mammary glands before each feeding practicing earlier leads to an excessive travmatization of nipples and washing off of a protective lipidic layer that promotes penetration of an infection. It is not necessary to grease area of nipples with antiseptics (brilliant green, for example) - it overdries skin, reduces own protective forces. The best way for prevention of an infection - after feeding to squeeze out couple of drops of milk, to grease with it area of a nipple and an okolososkovy circle, to allow to dry on air within 2 - 3 minutes.

In the first days after the delivery the sheaves supporting a uterus still are in the stretched state at the expense of what it is very mobile. For acceptance by a uterus of the correct situation (it has to be turned kpered) it is desirable to sleep on a stomach. In this situation there is no difficulty of outflow of lokhiya.

in conclusion wants to remind of need of survey of the gynecologist in 10 - 14 days after an extract from maternity hospital. Even if disturbs nothing you, the doctor has to be convinced, that the postnatal period proceeds without pathological deviations (the uterus was reduced normally, the neck of a uterus was created, seams began to live, etc.), and also to recommend a suitable contraceptive.