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What will help sex?

would Seem, sex - it and is sex. And for it only feelings, desire and forces are necessary...

Nevertheless any objects and devices which can help with the solution of small sexual problems, improve the separate parties of intimate life, open some physiological moments from the new party exist... Some of these objects are quick-selling goods sex - shops, but it does not mean at all that it is necessary to refuse them under a pretext “All this for perverts at once“.

Lubricants. The greasing offered in tubes and bottles helps to find true relaxation and to avoid all painful feelings which happen at some women at “solemn introduction“. A certain sense in use of lubricants is also at the very beginning of sex life when the woman did not get used to contact with others flesh yet.

By the way, presently in drugstores are offered by lubricants with pleasant and entertaining additional functions: relaxations, coolings and even... accelerations of an orgasm.

of the Nozzle. It is known that not all women are capable to test a vaginal orgasm. Many women receive mainly an orgasm klitoralny. As they say, to combine business with pleasure, - that is to come to a simultaneous combination of vaginal and klitoralny stimulation, it is possible to use special nasadochka from silicone.

However, not all men, owing to natural conservatism and other, quite explainable internal foundations, will accept it enthusiastically. Therefore it is worth working delicately and diplomatically, having turned everything into a peculiar game. Actually, it is also option of love game which should not become the main thing and the only thing in series of love delights at all.

the Pillow - the best girlfriend. Sometimes, for acceptance of a pose, optimum for pleasure, you want to lean this or that part of a body on a pillow or other soft improvised subject. But esthetes arrive presently differently: get specially sewed pillows for sex created on a special pattern taking into account corporal bends...

Vaginal balls. Ability to correctly use them can be considered as the highest sexual class. What represents this cunning device? Only two balls (can be made of latex, a stone or metal), sometimes with small thorns. Their main appointment - training of internal muscles of a vagina. Having learned to operate the last, it is possible to bring itself and the partner additional pleasure.

Bed linen. No, sex can have, of course, and in the car, and outdoors, and on a floor, but if you prefer the most widespread and traditional bed option, take care of that the linen was fresh and beautiful. Perhaps, with some, for example, romantic symbolics.

Underwear. Let`s not dissemble, not all representatives of a strong half turn close attention to underwear of the companion. However, for a change in clothes it is worth having a couple of “otpadny“ and sexual options. It at all not necessarily have to be options from sex - a shop though there not only a leather armor of “the dominating ladies“, but also very beautiful sets often are on sale.

Aromas. They are capable to excite though, it is remembered, great Napoleon had about it other opinion. From a battlefield he wrote Josephine something like:“ I ask you, do not wash, I will return soon“. As the general considered, any smell is not capable to be compared to the natural “sustained“ aroma of a body of darling...

But this matter of taste. However, you should not sprinkle plentifully yourself spirits before a campaign in a bed. And here a drop of perfume or rose attar, an aromatic deodorant or a trace of aroma of shower gel can be pleasant for the partner.

to the Person business - a pheromone perfume - the substances provoking and strengthening an inclination. In any case, it is worth checking a time on itself.

But, certainly, devices devices, and, above all are feelings. And differently fashionable ideas will not be of great importance!