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We will be healthy! What I will temper the child I solved

even during pregnancy. I in the childhood was the weakened child - very often was ill. The situation was cardinally resolved when my parents, having despaired, decided to begin to pour over me cold water on the Child system. It happened when I already was eight years old, and “behind shoulders“ there was a fat medical record. I “am on friendly terms“ with cold water to this day. But to begin to pour over the kid about one year I did not decide in any way, all this time I nursed it that in itself good immunity gives.

Beforehand, in two months prior to an excommunication from a breast, I decided that it is time to pour over the son water! My father helped to get up courage to me (then, 18 years ago, he was an initiator of my douche). We together with it (at the end of bathing), in a game form began to pour to Dana at first over palms, then a hand to an elbow, a leg, and soon and all son. Now it is called at us: “Down, and all!“ . I.e. the liter mug of ice water during one moment pours over the kid from shoulders and to legs (on the head I do not pour).

Should tell

that in what system parents would not be engaged what they would not undertake, it is necessary to believe in what you do with all the heart. I love water. And for all hundred percent it was sure that it will bring to my son only good that he will be healthy and strong. I and speak to Danilushke: “Water loves you, it gives you strength and health! You will be strong and strong!“

Now to my son two years and two months. When after a bathtub I gather a mug of ice water, he speaks: “Water loves Danya!“ Of course! She loves it and does it healthy. For the last one and a half years, we had only one ORZ (during epidemic on the city). And all last teeth (canines and radical) at us were cut through without the slightest temperature, cold and all other that was accompanied by all means by emergence of the first teeth. Though these teeth at all my acquaintances climbed very painfully.

Final, water is ours not only rescue. We walk practically in any weather one - twice a day, preferring to a carriage foot walks. The son very much likes to climb on a sports corner. And now we have a new hobby - soccer! He already so dashingly kicks the ball! Generally, it is possible to write much, but I told the most important. Good luck!