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Five reasons of a spontaneous gluttony

Of course, it is possible to consider that the reason of sudden attack on the refrigerator - lack of will power. But sometimes our specific features and habits become the reason of spontaneous attacks of hunger.

Reason the first: chronic otitis

Frequent inflammations of a middle ear in the childhood develop tendency to excess weight - during large-scale research it was succeeded to prove to the American epidemiologists. Having carefully studied eating habits and a state of health of children - school students and adults with frequent ear infections, experts found out that this disease does harm to the nervous terminations of flavoring receptors. It is shown that we begin to give preference to fat and sweet products. The result for a figure is sad: statistically, those from us who regularly should suffer from an ear-ache carry on themselves extra kilos 62% more often.

Action plan: the most ridiculous in this situation - to try to refuse forever favourite buns and to choke violently with a celery and carrot instead of candies. It is certain way to provoke a stress and it is even stronger to grow fat.

Fat and sweet - unreliable rich rolls without account and milk chocolate. Gradually reduce their quantity and look for healthy alternatives. If there is a wish for cream - it is possible to eat a low-fat pudding, yogurt, fruit jelly or porridge with cinnamon and fruit. Instead of candies it is possible to have a bite raisin, dried cherry.

Accustom themselves to have breakfast and dinner nourishingly. For this purpose refuel “long-playing“ carbohydrates and proteins: an omelet with broccoli, tofu cheese / sheep cheese and sweet pepper; a sandwich with slices of avocado, tomato and feta; porridge with a handful of berries and walnuts (oat, rice, millet, buckwheat); dishes with bean. They for a long time provide the normal level of glucose in blood and exempt from attacks of “sweet fever“.

Reason the second: the appetizing problem

Hard mental work can backfire on

: it provokes spontaneous flashes of hunger. In blood samples which the Canadian nutritionist Anzhelo Trembli (Angelo Tremblay) and its colleagues from Laval`s University periodically analyzed during experiment the increased level of hormone of a stress of cortisol, glucose and insulin was found in examinees in time and after the periods of intellectual work. These substances send signals of hunger to a brain and strengthen desire urgently something to be supported.

Action plan: choose in allies of the correct candidates. These products have to give, on the one hand, quickly feeling of saturation, and with another - to keep it as long as possible, at least several hours. Therefore the food, rich, in - the first, by cellulose (whole grains, fruit, vegetables, bean), in - the second, abundance of liquid (juicy fruit), in - the third - proteins will be required (beef, fish, bean).

the Australian doctor Susanne Holt with group of colleagues during experiments revealed the most nourishing products. In decreasing order of a sytnost:

is quickly “extinguished“ Besides, by appetite and erases in a brain feeling of hunger the food rich with nonsaturated oleic acid: walnuts, avocado, olive oil, salmon.

of Sweet, alas, satiety cannot brag of a high index. On the contrary, chocolates, cream cakes, croissants, cookies and to that not only burden similar gastronomic pleasures with excess calories, but also meanly cause in us feeling of hunger. The reason - a large amount of fats in confectionery.

Reason the third: not that floor

to Resist to an appetizing savor and tastes of favourite food at men it turns out better, than at women, - experts from Laboratory Brukhaven at the Ministry of Energy of the USA received to it evident confirmation during experiment.

to Examinees to men and women was done positron - an issue tomography while when they were tempted with favourite dishes (shish kebabs, pizza, rolls with cinnamon, chocolate cake). Pictures of the scanner showed: it is heavier to weaker sex to resist to food temptations, than strong.

the General for people, patients with both anorexia, and bulimia is that they have the distorted ideas of the body.

the fact Sounds unfavourably, but: from here both tendency to an overeating, and susceptibility to frustration of food behavior (a nervous gluttony, anorexia, bulimia) in difficult vital circumstances at women. The contribution is brought also by natural impulsiveness of nature: to long maintain a hungry diet to most of women not in power. Such methods of weight loss only provoke obesity.

Action plan: Try everything - to eat let not on hours, but in certain time: breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus two having a snack. Such style of food normalizes a hormonal background, promotes healthy digestion and brings round the “corroded“ stomach. It is better for that who got used to swallow food with a huge speed to change the European devices for the Chinese sticks: it will slow down process of absorption of food, and the brain will manage to receive a signal of satiety.

If cannot maintain operation schedule of food, it is possible just to eat gradually and often (green vegetables, yogurts, small loafs, cherry, plums (including frozen), a citrus) and a large amount of cellulose. It will help to be recharged by endorphins and to fill shortage of good mood physical activity: walks by a fast pace, rope jumping.

Reason the fourth: chaos around

Dirt and a disorder in kitchen can become the reason of unsuccessful attempts to grow thin.

This curious dependence on own experience was found by the American decorating designer Peter Walsh. In the book how to turn the cluttered-up den into the cozy house, Walsh gave to readers in general simple advice: get rid of unnecessary things, it is more than air, moderate the appetite in respect of new to nobody unnecessary purchases. To the surprise, Walsh was very popular as... nutritionist! Grateful readers filled up it with letters: it appears, once it raked blockages at itself in kitchen, their food became more rational and organized too.

Having inspired by

, Walsh wrote the new book ″ The Chaos in the house lays fat on my bottom? ″ (Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? In it he urges to relieve the dwelling of excess things again, and at the same time and of food garbage. Airtight argument: surplus of things - a consequence of unlimited unhealthy appetite, and unlimited appetite leads also to surplus of excess centimeters on a waist.

Action plan: should put surrounding space as desire to overeat in order, and with it and excess weight will begin to recede. Walsh advises “to put into a diet“ first of all kitchen. For a start it is worth leaving everything that is not used for cooking, laying and storage of food.

the Burst ware, the idle mixer, an old toaster which is cut up to unrecognizability a chopping board, a fondue pot and a microwave which are not used for years.

it is important to p to watch also temperature indoors: the more cold, the stronger getting hungry, experts from Harvard warn. Often use this human “weakness“ at restaurants, intentionally maintaining low temperature in halls.

Reason the fifth: fast - foot

Dependence on fast food - piece dangerous. The matter is that fast - the foot, besides a huge amount of preservatives, fragrances and additives not useful to our health, mostly represents simple carbohydrates. Getting to blood, they provoke sugar attack - glucose level in an organism sharply decreases, and already one or one and a half hours later we have the unpleasant gnawing feeling in a stomach - sat down on fast - the foot an organism demands new “dose“.

Action plan: Should be tried at least for a week - another to refuse fast food and semi-finished products and to switch to the healthy food made by the hands: to make vegetable salad, an omelet with tomatoes and greens, to mix fruit smuzis or turned sour - spicy cream soup in the blender absolutely easily and takes not much time. And it is possible to try to bake own home-made whole-grain bread. Such menu will allow to feel long satiety - first of all at the expense of cellulose. Gradually clogged flavoring receptors will regain consciousness, and you will be able to see fast - foot in its true light - an assemblage of salt, sugar and fat.