Rus Articles Journal

We - as all!

Morning at me is considered rather quiet time of day: mother and the father (if to the father not for work) wake up a little before me, but only to manage to deliver to cook a breakfast to me. I am a child choosy: if last night late ate - do not wait that today early in the morning at once I will ask to eat. At first to wash a face (faugh! nasty thing and muck! I do not love!) . Then can drink, of course, at this moment parents and tasteless drugs to podpikhnut, speak supposedly it is useful and it is necessary. Nobody asks me about it, I still do not understand it. In half an hour my favourite porridge. What? It doesn`t matter! The main thing - with milk, with sugar and oil. I love any, it is ready both in the morning, and in the evening it is. But there can be also an ambush: it when instead of porridge - boiled chicken with buckwheat or a liver with potato. But to what you will not go for the sake of any arrangements. Further free time - I in itself (with toys and books), mother and the father, at last, reach a breakfast.

A I weigh waiting, as soon as mother will finish the great causes, she begins to dress me, and it means only one - we go to talkative soroka, annoying crows, angry adult boys and big and beautiful cars. Here the scope and fun begins. The main thing - all to be in time: to lift a stick from the earth, to catch up with a neighbour`s cat, to complain to mother of the big boy, to knock the little girl in pink overalls. Oh! Heap of affairs! But as always mother at the wrong time! It appears, I got hungry again!

I it is valid, there is a wish for something tasty. And mother for lunch tasty also gives me: soup, a cutlet with potato and compote. But that`s it compote remains is not drunk up. A dream as the enemy wanderer tears me to parts and puts to bed. - - highway. I sleep...

But... not long. Without me the house will not resist, hour of my absence - and at mother already and a dinner on a plate is ready though I have only an afternoon snack (it rationally, and our way - I want to drink also candy). Mother gives cottage cheese, apple and cookies. Porridge is laid.

Now my look which strengthened from a dream and force attract with

toys. New is not present - it is necessary to break old. Though... Why to break, this is mother with the father think what to break, I anew do them and I create! To them, parents not to understand. So I am keen before father`s arrival. And it in pockets has a lot of interesting: for example, why to the father this iron piece with a kruglyashka on a tail. And here it is useful to me. If asks - I did not see. Though... Will show a horse - I will give, at me a lot of things interesting is.

Dinner. Nyam - nyam. I with the father at a table. Mother a spoon to me, a spoon to the father - thinks, we together with one plate will eat quicker. Or it decided to deceive me again? For the father? Not - and, let the father himself, I for him do not want. For the grandmother? Well... all right, for the grandfather I can too. There now, again deceived, stuffed, fed. Now we will look at hour with the father futb... Stop! And - and - and, animated cartoons, mine, I want! Otherwise do not understand. We watch half an hour how the drawn boys drive a ball in the field. Not that the father wanted, but I for the grandmother did not want to eat too.

All! Khryusha told that it is time for all to sleep. The father carries me in a bathtub, we wash together under the current water, mother guards near a towel, at once snatches out from - under waters and regrets that I was washed. But it was not necessary to push under water or to soil me!

Oh! Oh - it - it! Something I wanted to sleep. It the father with soccer badly influence me - play boring sports. Mother pulls on me a pajamas, on resistance there are no forces any more. The glass of milk, two minutes on a father`s neck and me takes prisoner the Dream. In plans it is necessary to battle against Vaskaya`s cat in the yard tomorrow, to catch up with a pink kombinezonchik and to ask the grandmother to eat for me porridge. I for it ate.