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Excursions to production for school students of

of Excursion to production - that can be more fascinating for school students who try to understand every day how this big world is arranged. For them many industrial enterprises open the doors and give the chance to observe process of creation of what they together with parents see every day in shops. Such excursions are not less informative, than trips on historical and literary monuments, and at the same time are fascinating not only for children, but also for the parents accompanying them. Best of all they suit school students of 5 - 6 classes: they are spectacular, interesting, nenapryazhny and, from personal experience, are much better remembered, than traditional visits of the museums, estates and parks. From the point of view of my child, we will compare with them, maybe, only the Darvinian museum.

At the moment in the Moscow market it is a lot of offers both from travel companies, and from the enterprises to spend day, watching process of production of these or those goods. Excursion to plant “Coca - Cola“ will acquaint children with history of development of the company “Coca - Cola“ in Russia and in the world, will tell secrets of preparation and will show the production technology of the best-known drink in the world. At plant of Christmas tree decorations will show to children how Christmas-tree decorations are made, at factory of Baskin Robbins ice cream school students will see from what they make their favourite delicacy, at excursion with visit of a film studio “Mosfilm“ will see a movieland from within. Also school students have an opportunity to visit confectioneries “Mouth Front“, “Babayevo“, “Red October“, bread-baking complexes “Cheryomushki“, “Kolomna“, “Silver pine forest“ etc. For children I will be more senior excursions to oil refinery, in the telecommunication company, in Control center of flights are interesting.

the excursion Choice

At the choice of suitable excursion should pay, first of all, attention to age restrictions which show the enterprises. On some excursions let only children with 5 or even from the 8th class. It is possible to try to order excursion through travel agency, for example, through the Center of excursions “Moscow“ where the age qualification decreases as they undertake responsibility for children. At the order through intermediaries excursion cost rather strongly increases, but it is in addition possible to order services of transportation of children from school to a venue of excursion from them and back.

it is better for p to Register in advance, for several months. So, on “the Mouth the Front“ now record goes only for the next academic year, on “the Bakery № 9“, according to them, record is kept for January, 2010.

Should pay separately attention to requirements to tourists who show the enterprises, they can strongly vary: a number of people in group, existence of replaceable footwear and other.

When I chose by

excursions for a daughter`s class, we refused idea of visit of plant “Coca - Cola“, having decided with other parents that if excursion is pleasant, it can do rather a harm, than advantage. For the same reason rejected Ochakovo plant: they have no excursion separately on production of kvass, and to look at production of beer to the fifth class, in our opinion, was rather early. On plant on production of Christmas tree decorations we obviously did not get on well at a season, and about “Mosfilm“ read not really good responses. There was a wish to show to children (yes what there, and to look at!) production of some well familiar product which they often face in everyday life. Better than tasty. Our choice stopped at factory on production of Baskin Robbins ice cream and on bulochno - confectionery combine “Kolomenskoye“.

the Factory on production of ice cream

It was the first production excursion on which we descended. Reached by school bus which to us was provided by RONO. Children, despite early morning, were in very high spirits, everyone waited for a holiday.

At doors of factory us was met by the technologist of the enterprise who led us to the big room where the prolog of excursion is carried out.

to us developments “Baskin Robbins“ in Russia, and also any curious facts connected with activity of the enterprise told

a story. For example, every month at factory the new grade of ice cream with new taste is developed.

Then we came into various shops and tracked all production cycle of preparation of ice cream. The expert told that all technological processes are carried out by means of the computer. We saw how the special automatic machine packs up ready ice cream in glasses and packs them into boxes. After that boxes with ice cream get to the special cooled rack warehouse 5 high - the floor house. On a sekundochka as everything allowed to come and feel temperature there - 30 degrees!


at the end of ours travel us was allocated in cozy cafe where everyone could try 3 grades of different ice cream. Children remembered this tasting still, likely, week.

this excursion has one minus - it not really spectacular as all main productions happen in the closed tubs. Well and one more, small - we cannot quietly pass by “Baskin Robbins“ now (well though, not went to “McDonald`s“!)


- confectionery combine

the Second excursion which we visited, - bulochno - confectionery combine “Kolomenskoye“. It was trial excursion, but since April at them they are entered on a regular basis. On this excursion we reached under the own steam, met already on a checkpoint.

Us was carried out to the dining room where we were met by very lovely woman - our guide. As well as on “Baskin Robbins“, she was the technologist of the enterprise. Kids and adults for the company dressed in dressing gowns (the top part of a uniform of workers of combine) and in hats.

At first we visited baking shop. All technological chain on production of white loaf is almost completely automated. It was very interesting to children to watch how dough is kneaded, long loafs are formed, and especially - as they are baked and fall from an oven on the conveyor already hot. Then we were led to the line of baking of “Darnitsky“ of bread. Unlike white, there dough is baked in rectangular metal shapes.

to us showed to

On other floor confectionery production, there do wafers and wafer Shokoladnitsa cakes. In the center of shop the huge conveyor settles down. On it wafer sheets get to drying, then are filled in with a stuffing, formed in several layers, fall down nuts, pass through the cutting machine and are filled in from above with chocolate glaze.

After excursion us was expected by a surprise - tea drinking with just prepared rolls and wafers as a gift. Children were very satisfied. According to poll which takes place after each excursion in school, on ten to ball school this program received “9“.

How to get at excursion

Factory of ice cream Baskin Robbins
of Excursion by appointment.
Address: Moscow, Ogorodny Ave., 16
Phone for record: (495) 967 - 37 - 01

of MBKK Kolomna
As practice of carrying out at this plant of excursions was resumed recently,
that they have a lot more days off until the end of academic year.
Address: Moscow, Hlebozavodsky Drive, 7
Phone for record: (499) 611 - 13 - 43