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For the first time

Ya long did not think that it is time to bring the child. But somehow in the summer I arrived to the cousin to Moscow which already had a daughter. And she told me: “That you think, it is time!“ We with it are given birth in one year, month and day. After that to me such thoughts began to come.

Ya, of course, first of all went to the gynecologist to be checked and make all tests. Very long did analyses on antibodies to a rubella. But here in November I was told that everything is good, and it is time to work.

In January I had a delay. I already thought that it “it“. But after a campaign to the doctor it turned out that this small inflammatory disease. The doctor appointed easy means, like broth of a pine-forest uterus and tampons with therapeutic mud. And in a month everything passed. And at this time we with my common-law husband decided to get married (after the first delay, that is our mutual desire to become parents, it became desirable). And all thoughts of the child, of course, owing to the forthcoming disorders and celebrations left on a background.

Though day of our wedding, on March 5, was, strangely enough, optimum from the point of view of conception of the child. But we did not know it and had just fun. And weeks through 2 - 3 after a wedding I had a delay again. It was this time already more difficult. And as I was frightened, surprised, delighted when I saw 2 strips! Several times I changed analyses, without trusting the test. But the fact was the fact - I am pregnant!

Then. By the way, I can tell nothing bad about the doctors and ZhK as has heard plenty of even more terrible responses therefore I consider all service on firm “4“ there.

the First ultrasonography was for me revelation and shock. The doctor showed me the increased picture of the kid, and I clearly saw how he lies, sleeps, one leg overhung. And at that moment it was of the size of small pea! I was so impressed that, of course, burst into tears. This real happiness!

of Weeks in 12 me was visited by a tone. Real. I remember how I strongly petrified my stomach - I was even afraid to go. It was necessary to go to a day hospital - droppers, ukolchik and vitamin cocktail 2 weeks - and everything is all right!

the Second time acquaintance to hospital was connected by

with my suspiciousness and inexperience. On term about 20 weeks I had very plentiful allocations of which I was frightened and even called “ambulance“ (business was at work, on Saturday, and I am an alarmist!) regarding dribble of amniotic waters. Analyses all were normal, but I was kept nevertheless in hospital by 2 weeks and did “the preserving therapy“. The second ultrasonography which I made in the same hospital was the only pleasant moment. There I was told that there will be a son, and at us all right. And I still had in memory that look - he resembled some alien who smiled to me! And eyes, widely open eyes! Even now, when I look at the son, I remember this ultrasonography and that look!

And then - then a maternity leave, pleasant purchases and, of course, pleasure and fear of the forthcoming childbirth.


On the term of 36 weeks made the next ultrasonography by results of which left that the child is ready to the birth. Perhaps it also became that starting fact on which I decided that it is already time to give birth (here naive!) Grandmothers in a question of the beginning of childbirth sense could not educate me. And, when there came fights, I rushed off in ZhK, the benefit it was in the neighboring house. But there I was told that on this term they do not undertake such responsibility, and if it seems that you give birth, - call “ambulance“. So I once again called “ambulance“ and “went to give birth“. The maternity hospital, of course, decided that early - the term of 36 - 37 weeks for the present. And me keep steel.

Probably, for me it was in that situation the way out - stay in hospital. After total checks of hospitals and maternity hospitals for that period food, service significantly improved, there it was even pleasant to me: in the same place big club on interests - same, as well as I, the expecting mummies and who already became them. In food and living conditions I am not especially choosy, the husband had an opportunity to complete the affairs, and I appeared under supervision. There I got several girlfriends and got invaluable experience from the giving birth women. On the 38th week I was written out for a week and ordered to come again - already to childbirth. What I also made.

I Arrived home already prepared - that with itself can be taken and that is not present. And I got chamber the same. But here it was impossible to give birth at once in any way. Probably, through “chur“ tried to keep. Situation was aggravated with the fact that in a week this maternity hospital was going to be closed for a sink, and I have to be transferred automatically to another. What I only did not do to accelerate process of childbirth: talked to my puzik, every day went much, both on a direct surface, and on a ladder, massed nipples and still followed some advice which was not postponed in memory. And here on Sunday there was the last day in this maternity hospital, and since morning I began harbingers. Such legenky, but not fading. All this by the evening amplified, and I was very glad. As I did not want to give birth to the child on Monday, so he all the same decided that this best time. And for fidelity the nurse stuck to me sinestrol though I wanted to refuse, but she insisted that it is already obligatory to give rise today.

I here childbirth. After an enema and shaving I in the rodzal. Opening is small, pain tolerant. To me something stuck in a vein and ordered to sleep. Nearby anybody. Then, when bothered to lie to me, I decided to resemble - so at all not a soul anywhere (well I, of course, delivery rooms did not go further). In advance I will tell what this day giving birth was only 3, and I gave rise very first of them. As nobody disturbed me, I went backwards - forward as then it seemed to me that pain is not so felt. After a while brought one more woman in labor into the next block - criminal. Here - that I also learned that the doctor somewhere nearby because to her, unlike me, besplatnitsa, the doctor came every 5 minutes, with the words “darling“, “lassie“, etc.) . I was still not visited. After a while it frankly began to irritate, disturb and anger me. And I directly asked whether will come to examine me. Here all also began. Other doctor came, punctured a bubble and here the real fights went. I can precisely tell, pain does not remain in memory, but there were feelings: I shouted, pulled legs and so forth. No anesthesia, except a baralgin was offered to me and that, after my request for it.

I here - full disclosure. Nearby the midwife and the doctor, but it is impossible to make an effort to me. I still remember the wild desire which visited me at that moment: I wanted to eat! At anybody did not hear anything similar any more. And here, for luck, that doctor who constantly was at a platnitsa glanced, to look as at us at affairs! It turned out that the child on the verge of a hypoxia, it is necessary to cut urgently (to do an epiziotomiya). I as it heard, at once agreed to everything. And from the following attempt the son was born! To me it was put at a breast, all in blood, dirty, not rubbed off at once. And then, when incurred me on usual measurements, of course, nobody wiped. - having sewn up all the rest a section, ice on a stomach and so forth already is also not remembered - all this there was a nonsense in comparison with the main thing. I was happy! When I remained one in a rodbloka, sent to all SMS and called all who waited for a call. And at once asked the husband: “Well as, for the second we will go?“ Here such feeling at me remained after this childbirth.

of Blood lost by me much therefore with great difficulty in several hours I could rise and not fall. Which - as to me helped to reach chamber later. And almost at once brought the son - not just on feeding, for ever is a maternity hospital with joint stay. It was so heavy! I cannot sit down, the head is turned, and nearby the son. It is good that the first day he slept practically all the time, and I could be restored a little. And further - heavy everyday life of the ordinary mummy - milk came, the breast hurts how to be decanted why the child cries, etc. Everyone in a varying degree passes all this and finds the solutions and answers.

the Main thing turned out - the son nearby, I love it, and everything will be good!