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Why the stomach hurts?

the Duodenum are called the initial, following directly a gastric sphincter piece of a small intestine in which there are very important events. In a stomach by means of the gastric juice consisting of pepsin and hydrochloric acid, the food is exposed to initial digestion. At this stage proteins are digested generally. Fats and carbohydrates come out a stomach almost in not changed look, and here bile and juice of a pancreas get down to business. In a duodenum gleam bile emulsifies fats, turning them into the small droplets available to action of one of pancreas enzymes - lipases. Carbohydrates are digested by means of other enzyme - amylase. At last, trypsin - the third component of pancreatic juice - influences nedoperevarenny proteins in a stomach. Further, in a small intestine generally there will be already an absorption of the food which is completely prepared for this purpose.


It is clear that the condition of all bodies connected in one knot - a liver, a pancreas and the duodenum, - is of great importance for digestion process. What are these bodies ill?


the Duodenum

her inflammatory diseases (duodenita) and stomach ulcer are Most extended. It is necessary to tell that they seldom strike one gut separately - much more often together with a stomach.


- inflammations mucous a stomach and a duodenum usually happen chronic. The most frequent reason - violation of motility of the gatekeeper of a stomach and the gut therefore sour contents of a stomach are constantly thrown in a gut, causing inflammatory changes of its mucous. But also bile, getting into a stomach from a duodenum, changes its mucous. It here mutual negative influence at each other two bodies which are simply obliged to work amicably.


to Harmonious work can be disturbed by improper feeding, stresses, various frustration nervously - endocrine regulation. Among associated diseases - lyamblioz, helminthoses, diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, chronic pancreatitis.

the Characteristic symptom of a disease - belly-aches which have persistent character develop before meal, in the evening and rarely at night. Almost all children have nausea and heartburn (especially when also the stomach is affected). Fatigue, muscular weakness, dizziness, a sleep disorder and headaches, tendency to locks are frequent. Children are thin, they have a deficiency of food and there are signs of a gipovitaminoz of group B (In 1 , In 2 , In 6 ).

the Diagnosis is usually made to

by means of duodenal sounding therefore the timely campaign to the gastroenterologist at such complaints is simply necessary. Especially, it is necessary to exclude existence of stomach ulcer which treatment has the features.

At an aggravation of a duodenit or a gastroduodenit needs to put the child to bed approximately for two weeks, it is obligatory to apply a diet - a so-called table № 5 (hepatic) with an exception sharp, fat and fried, with use of milk, cottage cheese, eggs. In treatment vitamins of group A and B are applied. If acidity is increased - the preparations reducing it are obligatory. After an aggravation of the child it is better to send to local sanatorium of a gastroenterologichesky profile. Prevention of an aggravation it is necessary to carry out two times a year - in the spring and in the fall.

Stomach ulcer affects with

usually a stomach and a bulb of a duodenum. This chronic recurrent disease proceeding with formation of an ulcer, and then hems and deformation of a bulb of a duodenum. Ulcers, among other things, are dangerous by development of bleedings, especially at untimely assistance.

developing of stomach ulcer is influenced by the mass of the reasons: from hereditary predisposition and nervous stresses before violations in food. There are ulcers and at reception of some drugs - aspirin, hormones. Each of these reasons brings the bad contribution in development of an illness, and at different stages value of separate factors can change.

Predisposition to stomach ulcer yet not a sentence, but only a sign of the fact that it is necessary to show consideration more for such child, to try to bring up in it since the childhood a habit to balanced and regular diet. It is necessary to pay attention to a psychoemotional component - it is necessary to teach such child to transfer correctly difficulties, not to become reserved. By the way, the interesting fact - an ulcer arises not at the time of a stress and when a stress already behind and, apparently, it is possible to take rest and relax.

the Leading complaint is pain. In the beginning it has uncertain character, the epigastriya, a navel is localized in the area, sometimes spreads on all stomach. Further pain becomes more constant and intensive, accepts night and “hungry“ character.

Vomiting, nausea, an eructation, heartburn, increase in salivation at children occurs less than at adult patients. Fatigue develops, there can be violations of a chair.

Treatment of stomach ulcer needs to be carried out by

in a hospital. To put the patient to bed in this case - already medical action. Except a diet, in the beginning very strict, and then gradually extending, application of sedatives and antatsid - the preparations reducing production of hydrochloric acid and its neutralized is very important. If in developing of an illness the kompilobakter plays a role, then treatment by antibiotics is necessary. Antirecurrent courses and are obligatory in the spring in the fall. They will be appointed by the gastroenterologist.

Stomach ulcer really often recurs

, at least because it is very difficult to convince the patient to replace a way of life, to clean from it the stressful moments, to force to react more quietly to them. However children`s and juvenile ulcers, time treated, can not renew.

the Liver

Exists special specialty - the hepatology studying physiology and pathology of a liver. The liver not only neutralizes the toxins and medicinal substances getting to an organism not only “stores“ carbohydrates in the form of a glycogen at the right time to give them to an organism glucose, it still (for us this most important) - produces bile without which as we already spoke, processes of splitting of fats would be impossible. Besides, by means of bile products of disintegration of erythrocytes are brought out of an organism.

the Bile formed in a hepatic segment by means of intra hepatic channels gets to the general hepatic canal and from there gathers in a gall bladder. At receipt of food in a duodenum gleam bile reflex gets from a bubble to a gut. Such here rather difficult process demanding coordination of all its components and for this reason subject to any violations.

the Most frequent reason of belly-aches at the senior preschool children and school students (80%) - dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, cholelithiasis and cholecystitises. At every fourth child directed to ultrasonography concerning inspection of a gall bladder find anomalies of its development.

Dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways - the disorder of motility of a muscular wall of a gall bladder and its channels which is shown violation of removal of bile in a duodenum.

are Distinguished by two types of this pathology - hypertensive at which the tone of a gall bladder and sphincters of bilious channels is raised, and hypotonic at which the tone and physical activity are considerably lowered. The second form meets more often.

the Leading complaint - pains in the right podreberye, in an epigastriya. At a hypertensive form of pain carry short-term, in the form of attacks, quite sharp. At a hypotonic form, on the contrary, the pains aching, stupid, with feeling of a raspiraniye in the right podreberye, are often combined with nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite. Most of children has symptoms of neurosis - irritability, tearfulness, irascibility, headaches, heartbeat, perspiration.

For diagnostics detection of morbidity at a palpation in the right podreberye matters, very valuable data can be received by means of ultrasonography, and also duodenal sounding.

Chronic cholecystitis - the inflammation of a wall of a gall bladder and its channels - has always secondary character, develops against dyskinesia, stones in a gall bladder, anomalies of development of bilious ways. Happens infectious (staphylococcus, enterokokk, a dysenteric stick) and the noninfectious nature. In the latter case an important point is stagnation of bile and change of its structure. The matter is that in healthy bile microbes and lyambliya, as a rule, perish, and the changed bile does not possess such action.

the Inflammation in a gall bladder seldom happens isolated - in this area so everything is interconnected that existence of cholecystitis leads to development of a duodenit, gastritis, dysbacteriosis which, time having arisen, support by the existence a chronic inflammation in a gall bladder. In this vicious circle difficult happens to understand what is primary, and that secondary.

the dull aches aching, pressing. Amplify after reception of cold, greasy, fried food, hot dishes, carbonated drinks. Periodically pains have character of enough expressed attacks. At a quarter of patients - subfebrilny temperature. Sometimes the bitterness in a mouth, an eructation, headaches, violations of a chair, dermatitis disturbs.

Doctors usually diagnose increase in a liver, pallor, existence of symptoms of intoxication, morbidity at survey in special points etc. The diagnosis is made by the expert by means of auxiliary methods - ultrasonography, x-ray research, duodenal sounding, scanning by means of radioactive preparations, biochemical research of a liver.

Sharp cholecystitis at children`s age happens seldom - symptoms of a so-called sharp stomach are observed - and it is treated generally conservatively. Survey and supervision of the surgeon are obligatory.

Cholelithiasis - the disease, mainly meeting at women, but also at children of advanced age nblyudatsya in recent years even more often.

Treatment of diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways is rather labor-consuming

, demands considerable patience not only from the doctor, but also from patients and their parents. Strict observance of rather difficult diet and diet, change of a way of life, careful search and elimination of all chronic centers of an infection - all this, of course, difficultly. But all this complexity, certainly, is justified by the fact that the percent of an absolute recovery or at least sharp reduction of quantity of aggravations is very big.

the Pancreas

This body bears on itself two main functions - endocrine (the pancreas excretes insulin - the hormone responsible for sugar utilization with organism cages) and ekzokrinny, directed to digestive functions. To different functions of gland there correspond also different anatomic educations, different cages. As we speak about digestion here, we also will be interested in this the second, ekzokrinny, function of a pancreas, (from Latin - pancreas).

Fortunately, sharp pancreatitis occurs at children very seldom. But a dispankreatizm - set of reversible violations of ekzokrinny function of a pancreas - the phenomenon quite frequent. Usually it arises as a result of other gastroenterologichesky diseases: gastritis, a gastroduodenit, stomach ulcer, cholelithic - with obstruction by a stone of distant department of the general bilious channel.

the Main symptoms - nausea, vomiting, an eructation, an abdominal distension, alternation of ponos and locks. Belly-ache has poured character, children of younger age often cannot correctly localize it. The diagnosis is made on the basis of ultrasonography and biochemical blood test.

As for chronic pancreatitis, the symptom here dominating are the stupid, aching or pricking pains in epigastralny area, sometimes they give to a waist, the left hand, a leg, the left half of a thorax. Painful attacks can repeat several times a day, especially after reception of greasy food, fruit, fermented milk products, vegetable soups or sweets from - for their sokogonny effect.


At all children lowered appetite, nausea, vomiting, the raised office of saliva, an iskhudaniye, an abdominal distension, an unstable chair is noted. There are intoxication symptoms: emotional lability, blue under eyes, grayish color of integuments, easy yellowness a skler, dryness of skin, manifestation of a gipovitaminoz, etc.

If to sum up - a difficult clinical picture which cannot but cause alarm. To understand this picture, to separate the reasons from consequences, only the skilled gastroenterologist can appoint the correct treatment. I specially almost write nothing about treatment - from - that self-treatment here, as well as at any disease of this sphere, is absolutely impossible.

That in our forces? How to prevent development of these diseases? The recipe simple - from early age to accustom the child to regular food, to eat only those products which are necessary to it on age. At first this breast milk, then feedings up, then what is useful, and not just what is tasty. If at the child the healthy food stereotype is developed, it is much less subject to similar diseases.