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How to look for work with the help of the Internet? A lot of things become easier and more available than

With arrival to our life of the Internet: it is possible to chat, for example, in the mode it - a line along with several friends, left to have a rest or live abroad, it is possible to order products on the Internet - shop, it is possible to download the searched song of the favourite bard long ago... There is a wish to distinguish one more from indisputable advantages of the Internet: an opportunity to be taken by search of the new place of work if old for any reasons ceased to satisfy you.

How to look for?

according to the Rabota Segodnya newspaper, the most effective ways of employment is the following: the address directly to the employer - 35% which found work through friends and relatives - 30%, according to the announcement in newspapers, on the Internet - 15% (for comparison: according to data of the American association of employment, nearly 90% of graduates of the American higher education institutions look for work on the Internet), through jobcenters and recruitment agencies - 12%. Of course, to increase chance to find work, it is necessary to use whenever possible all above-mentioned ways.

If you the beginner on the Internet, then, I believe, my councils will be useful to you.

With what to begin


First of all, to you it is necessary to make competently the summary (or CV - Curriculum Vitae). How to make it, it is possible to learn, for example, on the websites of the Est Rabota newspaper or BLM - Konsort Consulting group. On the website “Job Gunter“ you will find samples of the Russian-language and English-language summary and, besides, in the same place will be able to use a template for the drawing up. On a page of the Novosibirsk sotsioanalitichesky center of “Superkadra“ - too quite good version of the professional summary. Having visited the website of the Rabota Dlya Vas newspaper you can learn what mistakes need to be avoided by drawing up the summary. Council: attentively re-read the summary: spelling errors if do not frighten off the employer, then can serve as a laughing stock at interview.

the Websites of recruitment agencies

Many firms and the companies having the website on the Internet publish the vacancies which are available for them in the corresponding heading. It is possible to learn about it, having glanced, for example, on the website of the Vimm - the Bill - Dunn or Guta Banka Company. You can wander on the similar websites and send the summary directly to the employer. There are thematic websites on which vacancies for workers of a certain sphere are also published, for example, the Banker or Labour exchange of IT - experts.

However many firms which are not available in a staff of service of personnel, regular psychologist and other personnel brotherhood address services of the recruiting companies.

of Recruitment agencies in Moscow now more than one hundred is. Of course, among them there are very many firms - a something ephemeral therefore it is worth dwelling upon those recruiting campaigns which proved in labor market as the reliable and checked by time intermediaries between the applicant and the employer as any serious firm will address to staff recruitment agency with a name rather, than to little-known office in which, undoubtedly, financial side of a question will be more attractive, probably. And it means, also your chance to find really interesting and highly paid work increases. Among the large recruiting companies of Moscow it is possible to call as Kontakt Agency, the Company “Ankor“, “Komus-personal“, Profil Agency, the Personnel objedeniye “Metropolis“, Triza Group.

If you are not limited to

in time and all - want “to embrace immensity“ :), having sent the summary as it is possible in the bigger number of the firms which are engaged in employment, welcome here. Unfortunately, not all references submitted on the website at me opened, but, maybe, to you will carry. :) You can send the resume in the word or RTF format to the agencies having only e-mail. However, in the light of fight against the viruses transferred by e-mail, many firms ask not to send the attached files (or attachment) therefore you should copy the summary in a message window... If the agency has a website on the Internet, then recommend to you to glance there: on the majority of them you will find a form for the summary in the mode it - a line as, for example, on the websites of Recruitment agency “Vis-a-vis Consult“ or Scarlet sails Agency. Be not afraid to seem persuasive: having filled in the summary in the mode on the website, duplicate it also by e-mail. Unfortunately, the most part of the agencies presented in this list has no not only the website on the Internet, but also e-mail: so the summary should be unpacked and sent you by fax.

Other websites on employment

I Recommend to you to glance

by all means on the Russian Internet Job Agency portal - www. job. ru. There is a huge base of vacancies which is daily filled up as directly by employers, and recruiting agencies. You will be able to post the summary on the website, having filled the corresponding form. One more quite good website - “Work for you“: here, as well as on Job. ru, it is possible to place the pass - the summary, and also to see bank of vacancies, having set certain parameters of selection. You can also leave the summary on the website “The Summary - Bank“. The SuperJob server suggests not only to place the summary and to find that which is necessary to you in bank of vacancies, but also, having tested, to learn, for example, for what salary you can apply. I do not undertake to claim that the result is true for all 100%, but, I admit, rather interestingly :). In the same place you will find the big list of the Moscow recruitment agencies. Similar service is provided by the websites Job. rbc, Work for all, Joblist, Zarplata, Russjob, Rambler - Career, and also the Kirill and Mefodiy multiportal.


Information on how to be prepared for interview, can be found practically on all websites of large recruiting agencies. It is very detailed and sensible, in my opinion, about it it is written on the website “Career in Russia“. On the website “Work for You“ you will be able to read, about an important aspect of interview: as it is correct to conduct negotiations on a salary. The article “Traps for Applicants“ will tell you about how not to fall a victim of provocation of the interviewer on interview. On the Server of information technologies it is possible to read the article “How to Behave on Interview?“

What`s next?

So, you distributed the summary on recruitment agencies and directly to employers, posted data on themselves on the websites on employment. What`s next? Do not wait that from tomorrow your phone will be broken off from calls with tempting offers, and the electronic mailbox will swell from letters with the invitation to interview. Sometimes for this purpose weeks and even are required (be not frightened!) months. So stock up with patience and...

of Good luck! :)