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Simple history of one feeding

To the birth of my girl I considered breastfeeding as something absolutely natural, necessary both to mother, and the child, something simple and not demanding any efforts or knowledge, something based only on instincts and the woman`s nature. And if it is honest, I did not think at all that there can be some problems, I just knew that the woman nurses, and all. And only on the personal experience I understood how I strongly was mistaken. No, I did not cease to consider feeding as a breast natural and important part of motherhood, did not begin to consider it as something like a feat or heavy work. Just I understood that it is necessary to stock up with knowledge of this question, it is necessary to put the work, the patience, confidence in the forces is necessary.

In the first days and even weeks mother and the child get used to each other, learn to understand each other. The large role is played by composure of mother, ability is quiet and sustained to understand and accept a situation. The first that I speak to those to whom I try to help with question GV: “You are a mother. You are anyway right. The main thing - tranquility!“ Before childbirth I, of course, read both about colostrum, and about milk arrival, and about the correct applying, and about laktostaza, and about argumentativeness of a question of decantation. Read not one article where pluses and minuses of feeding on demand and on the mode were described...

as a result the first book myth was smashed by

in delivery room. How many I read the wonderful, installing feeling of tenderness and affection of phrases, type: “Be not surprised if your child begins to look for a breast and to stick to it right after the birth as soon as it is put to you on a stomach!“ Is not present, did not stick. Did not stick even when its, already pure and wrapped up in sterile diapers, brought and put near me. Still I remember the phrase of the good-natured nurse:“ It only in books of the child begins to be sucked at once. It needs to study together with the child! Do not worry!“ Wait! And as stories of girlfriends: “He as stuck, could not tear off!“ Everything is embellished, or just I and my daughter others? Perhaps with us something not so? The daughter refused flatly even to try to suck also next day or to stick at least, and every other day too, loss of weight went already more than norm, physiologic for the newborn, appointed dokorm.

That occurred after, more precisely, what I decided on and went, I realized just now when my girl is one and a half years old when GV is already stopped. When my sister gave rise, and she had problems with breastfeeding when I very much tried to help it when I decided to become the consultant for GV. Now I analyze it and I understand, and then I just followed the heart. I did not begin to give to the child dokorm. No terrifying stories about droppers to the child in case of critical loss of weight, the statement of doctors worked: “With such nipples the child precisely will not take a breast!“ Carelessly thrown phrases of nurses: “The lazy baby, will leave nothing!“ And all this in “Hospital, benevolent to the child“, that is GV directed to support! And we tried! We - I and my girl! And just now I understand that I did not even allow thought about finish feeding, I believed in the child and in myself. I constantly put the daughter to a breast, suffered from severe pains from cracks, learned to hold correctly it at a breast, decanted that could and as could to compensate lack of stimulation of a breast by the child, tried that each droplet of useful colostrum got to the baby to a mouth. Despite all efforts, my baby did not want to eat independently a mother`s milk at all, shouted and did not stick. In maternity hospital to me advised to buy and use silicone overlays for nipples. With them business went better: in them milk ran, and the child just pinched it, eating though something, sometimes even poorly stuck, but before full feeding was still far. Obvious plus of slips consisted that under them healed old, and new cracks were not so formed, but I well understood that slips - the temporary help, and it is necessary to try to feed without them. Dokorm I did not give.

From maternity hospital us was discharged only because some increase though that the child himself nevertheless will take a breast, nobody trusted went by some miracle from the maximum loss of weight. For the first 17 days my girl did not gather additionally even weight at the birth, added only 100 grams to weight at an extract. But, having been born quite large (3790 g, 53 cm), the undereating child she did not look, slept peacefully, and during wakefulness was active (i.e. it was impossible to tell that she sleeps from powerlessness), already babbled something, was not capricious without cause. Probably, for this reason I did not see anything criminal in too small increase and just rather quietly continued to work on a question of natural feeding. At night the child slept peacefully, and I under the maternal responsibility ignored recommendations of doctors “to awake and feed!“, more precisely - tried few times, nothing good turned out, the child did not eat, it it was impossible even to manage to wake up, I was nervous, did not get enough sleep on condition of peacefully sleeping child from what I was angry even more. On 17 - y day probably insufficient stimulation of a breast by the child, use of slips, lack of night feedings affected. A result - laktostaz with a temperature, very low pressure, nausea, reddening, consolidation and breast pain. Though on 17 - y day of ours with it efforts the daughter the first time of the whole 20 minutes quietly and correctly sucked one breast, with the second it was more difficult, in it - that and infiltrate was formed. Antibiotics, physical therapy, a rastsezhivaniye the nurse, daily trips to maternity hospital on procedures... Recommended to nurse more the patient. In the diary wrote:“ I pay, but I feed“. But the main thing - my girl began to stick correctly, to eat and put well on weight!

For the second two weeks of the first month the increase made 670 g from weight at the birth. Slips were thrown solemnly out that not povadno was to grab them once again. Laktostaz passed, cracks began to live, the breast got used, pains left, there was enough milk, despite the lack of night feedings, my girl put on weight (for the second month - 900 g), and we with it were happy! So proceeded about two and a half months. Further I began to notice that the daughter began to be capricious at a breast, then frankly to shout, but all - slowly ate, and she began also to be pushed away strongly soon and did not wish to eat at all. At first it repeated not each feeding, and I quietly wrote off such behavior for weather, abnormally warm for winter, arrival and departure of the grandmother, New Year`s fireworks behind windows... Then she began to eat quietly only in 6. The 00th mornings then I to it not really persistently suggested to eat, since 9. 00. Further me covered horror that 3 - x the monthly child did not eat already more than 4 - x hours, and fight for feeding began. Until I did not perceive seriously and did not understand all volume of disaster of so-called false refusals about which I was told.

In particular, my mother many times spoke:“ In 4 months you spat and did not take a breast any more, till 6 months I fed you from a small bottle decanted, then you refused also it“. In the same way approximately in 2,5 months the daughter of the girlfriend “spat“, everything was reduced to “shouts and does not eat, I gave a bottle“. No! Such turn of events did not suit me! In vain, perhaps, we with the daughter of 17 days learned to eat mother? There is mother, mother has milk - means, will eat! The child had several behavior options. She could 45 be broken off minutes by shout at a breast and also suddenly, as well as began to shout, stick and to eat quietly. Could suck rather normally, but at the same time reluctantly, constantly turning away, not sticking plainly, I it called “a kiss through three“. Inflow of milk in this option was absent, at the same time the breast became easier, but not completely empty, i.e. back milk it, obviously, did not eat, and the child by sight was full, but with expression on a face “will try to give still - I will arrange a hysterics!“ The third option was for me the most terrible! The child quietly kept within on feeding, stuck, nasasyvat inflow and... it began to shout and be pushed away very strongly, at the same time milk hit with several strong streams it into a nose and eyes from what it began to shout and be turned out even more. Further 20 - 40 minutes of shouts, arrangements, ukachivaniye, washing me and the child, change of clothes, wet from milk, and a cover followed... As a rule, narevevshis, the daughter everything is ate up those remains which did not “spill“ by.

- breaks between feedings reached till 6 o`clock. Well, and of course did not do without darling and not a favourite breast! Often it turned out to give only “darling“ and then by hook or by crook to shift the child to other breast what there would be no asymmetry, and milk was in both breasts. To feed on the run as other mothers advised, it was impossible to me, I thought, from - for the small size of a breast. Each feeding I changed poses, sang songs, rocked to sleep, persuaded if there was a day off - gave the child to the husband to calm down. whether


in the course of studying of a question of false refusal by me excluded more and more less adequate reasons. I did not experience the hormonal changes connected with new pregnancy or the beginning of periods. Then did not resume training yet, i.e. milk could not gain smack from muscular lactic acid. Nothing new from products, especially I ate nothing sharp, i.e. taste of milk besides could not exchange. Severe gripes were excluded too, they were earlier and by that moment already almost passed, but before such refusal did not cause. There were psychological reasons, and besides it was necessary to sin on changeable wet Petersburg weather, visits of policlinic, New Year`s holidays, arrival of the grandmother, new abilities (exactly before refusal the daughter learned to turn over from a back on a tummy).

I still I understood how it seemed to me, the most important reason: when I took the child for feeding, it was very similar to a motion sickness for a dream, and she was rocked to sleep on a dream almost always with dissatisfied whims, I called it “I want to sleep and I do not sleep!“. It was necessary to take it vertically, to put so to a breast (a stomach to a stomach, the child along my body) and to persuade: “No, expensive, we are not going to sleep! You eat, and we will play further!“ But also here a peculiar paradox was that if to leave in a pose of “cradle“, then, having shouted and beginning to doze, the daughter willingly ate. The pediatrician recommended to feed “before hunger“, i.e. to offer a breast not when the child asks itself and when it is quiet, externally is not hungry. In response to a similar mother`s liberty my child constructed such expression on a face that there was a wish, bowing, to depart on halfbent and to apologize that disturbed. The daughter did not know and did not wish to learn what is a baby`s dummy and a pacifier on a small bottle, and then I sincerely considered that it only complicates business because the child at worst just remains hungry, as it would be good to give the decanted milk. I did not understand the happiness that exactly the unwillingness of the child to take a bottle helped me to suffer and cope, not to be decanted, not to calm as a result a pacifier, not to give a bottle. And as a result not to leave for good from breastfeeding.

Should pay to the daughter tribute that she refused not every day, i.e. after 3 - 4 days of refusals, it, having been starving, was ready to hang on a breast the whole day, and, otjevshis and having calmed down, for the morning with new forces began check of mother on durability. For entire happiness during refusals there was laktatsionny crisis (I like its optimistical name “growth jump“ more). Of course, I worried, though knew that it and how to fight, more precisely, how quietly to worry. I did not give dokorm also here, it is simple more saw of tasty warm liquid. For self-complacency even Laktovit tea, the breast offered the child even more often and even decanted a little after feeding, and also before feeding what the child would get more back milk.

Refusals ended with

also suddenly, as well as began. On February 23, in 4 months and 1 day we christened our crumb, next day I the first time saw how the child independently pulls the handle to a toy - a karuselka over a bed and is interested looks at it. Before conscious movements by handles were not. From now on the daughter began to eat well and quietly, ceased to distract and refuse. In 5 months, following the recommendation of the doctor, I entered the first feeding up - vegetables, then the child himself stretched to a usual cup (to mine, with green tea) and began to drink from it with my help. At first washed down from a cup with the decanted breast milk vegetables, and itself began to hold handles only about a year.

I began to replace with

With introduction of a feeding up feedings. From - for existence at me of a disease, not absolutely compatible to GV, it was necessary to minimize at first, and then to finish breastfeeding about one year. Someone from doctors did not allow to feed at all, someone approved only 3 - 4 months, but I at own risk listened to those who resolved about one year. I planned to leave morning in 6. 00 - 7. The 00th mornings and feeding before going to bed in 22. 00, and at night the daughter and so never ate. Everything unexpectedly turned out as I and planned.

Of course, the doctor wrote me the theoretical scheme of introduction of a feeding up. It was necessary to begin with a teaspoon of one vegetable and to bring to 150 g of the mix consisting of three vegetables soon. But my baby did not wish to eat vegetables in pure form. Any - from children`s jars, own preparation, in various combination, even added some salt. By practical consideration I calculated that with porridge the child was ready to eat anything in any quantity so by 7 months we had a porridge for breakfast, couple of spoons for lunch with vegetables and for dinner. The abundance of porridge, by the way, did not affect increases of weight of the child in any way. During the day the child of 1 - 2 time independently sucked breast milk and received from a cup after feedings up. In intervals between feedings the daughter drank tea, ate pear mashed potatoes, gnawed drying and pieces of apples (in 7 months there were 6 teeth). In 7,5 months the meat taken by the child with pleasure was entered. It replaced porridge in vegetables.

I cooked All food. Cooked vegetables in a double boiler, ground meat the blender, skatyvat in quenelles and too put in a double boiler, then again ground together with vegetables. Cooked porridge on the milk (later on goat) from thinly ground flakes for children`s porridges. In 8 children`s cottage cheese was joyfully entered. In the afternoon already practically did not give breast milk, the daughter gradually easily refused morning feeding itself - just ceased to ask a breast early in the morning, waking up in 8. 00, asked a breakfast at once and ate porridge with pleasure. To the 9th month to ours with the child the mutual consent had 1 feeding before going to bed. And that as addition to evening porridge and just for falling asleep though it is necessary to tell that after feeding the daughter could not fall asleep, and just be rocked to sleep on hands after a while. The baby fell asleep for 2 day dreams during walk - we lived at this time in the country so problems with frequent walks were no in the fresh air. The daughter was 9 months old when for the morning I suddenly understood that yesterday the child never sucked a breast that after evening porridge she quietly got to me on hands and quietly fell asleep.

Ya expected something grandiose from the end of breastfeeding... Well as! I ceased to nurse! New stage! The child leaves from a breast, I receive peculiar freedom! No... No announcements on radio and fanfares in our honor existed. Just ceased to feed. Here so easily and quietly it occurred. Perhaps, because it is so restless, painfully and problemno everything began? Yes, the pediatrician insisted to feed at least about one year, and, of course, I well understood usefulness and importance of breast milk for the baby, and 9 months - yet not year, but I did not begin to insist on continuation of GV, probably, because I was afraid problI eat with its termination then if I insist and I will continue. The child himself ceased to ask a breast, well eats a feeding up, drinks goat milk which was entered instead of chest as dairy product, has no problems with a tummy and skin, and on GV there was eternal atopic dermatitis in a varying degree from everything that I ate. My baby then well fell asleep just on hands or in a carriage. I did not enter mix, as well as a bottle with a pacifier, and a baby`s dummy, the daughter surely drank from a cup, and in 8 months learned to drink through a tubule, and we even passed drink from children`s poilnik and “neprolivayek“.

I had no Problems with a breast after an excommunication. All this suited me, the child, most likely, too. I was not sorry and I am not sorry about the end of breastfeeding before the planned term though I even when planned, perfectly realized that the child can not accept my plan about the termination in a year. I believed in the child, in myself, in ours with it forces! Everything was as was, and it was quite good, let and as long as there was a wish.

U me experience of problem feeding is, I help mummies to cope with similar and other problems, I go to study as the professional consultant for breastfeeding, we with the husband want the second child, and I very much want to nurse again, and I am grateful for all this to the crumb - the daughter!