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The child and the Alarm clock institute

again importunately peeps, pulls out me from the most sweet dream. When you know that it is already time to rise, but you make to yourself the promise to doze only five more minutes... It seems, again were late! “Rise, rise, - I whisper to the husband - already 7. 20!“ . He drowsily mutters something, embraces me, and I feel such happy, my beloveds nearby: on the one hand dear spouse, and with another - my sweet five-months happiness, the sonny Nikitushka...

At last rose, washed, we sit in kitchen and we drink tea. On a plate it is gentle - a green pan with the beginning to boil water - in it the milk pump will be sterilized. Nick still sleeps, he, as well as we with the husband, the real owl - falls asleep at eleven in the evening, wakes up at ten in the morning. Couple of days ago we noticed two white points on his lower gum, were delighted - teeth will be cut through soon - but rejoiced early. Nick, such before quiet, suddenly began to be capricious, gnaw everything that occurs in his path, and to wake up each hour at night and to demand a breast.

the Milk pump began to boil, I switched off gas, merged water and started decantation. Today I have at institute two important couples to which it is necessary to come just surely. Teachers are respectful to my status of the feeding mother therefore I do not attend lectures, I do photocopies, but practicians I try to visit everything.

Milk is filtered by

hard - the Nickname decently exhausted in a night. Drank a huge mug hot to tea - in ten minutes business went more cheerfully, and here the portion is already ready. I see off the husband and I cannot refuse in pleasure to get to myself to Nick under a flank - at night, after the first prosypaniye, we take away it to ourselves. It seems such tiny on our big bed! On hours 8. 40. I am blissfully extended near the kid - me to the second couple today. But Nick does not want to sleep, opens the huge gray eyes and cunning smiles. I give it a breast, the kid with a serious look sucks, then turns away and begins to finger my hair. Well, it was not succeeded to have a sleep. I run to wash it and to wash away, quickly I make a bed, I have on it the developing rug and I send Nick there to play while itself quickly I put on and I tint eyes. Exactly in nine the call to a door is distributed - it there arrived my father. My parents live in other city, approximately in half an hour of driving by an electric train, and thanks to the remarkable schedule “days through three“ the father nurses Nick while I grind away at the tenacious studies.

Yes, and that Nikitka? Somehow it strange became silent. Op - a pas, Nick tore to pieces the garland with nice multi-colored balls intended for a carriage, but I poveshennoit me on arches over a rug. Having terrified that the kid could choke with a ball, quickly I clean the remains of an ill-fated garland. And the kid already saw the grandfather, and at once a smile - to ears! The small sun adores sitting with my father - who else is able to sing such rollicking songs, very naturally to represent Kuzyaka - to Buzyak and to throw up to a ceiling?

A I already am late in institute, at full speed I rush to the tram. Two couples pass quickly, the grown heavy breast only forces to worry enough (God forbid, again stagnation!). I enjoy unusual silence, I answer the paper, on a break I communicate with girlfriends, but... All this not that is madly there is a wish to small treasure, to embrace, press to itself... A long-awaited call, it is rather home!

A of the house me is met by the father with the fallen asleep Nick on hands. “Well as he behaved?“ - with alarm I question.“ Normally, but one refuses to lie. We with it played new game - in animals. „ How the doggie tyafkat? “ „ Tyaf - tyaf!! “ And so about all animals. Very much it was pleasant to our kitten. And I to you here a turkey fried“, - the father smiles. I am wildly hungry - I eat yesterday`s soup and today`s vkusnyushchy turkey. I see off the father. Nick sleeps. Time 15. 00. I sit down at lessons, but Nick - dry woke up here. This achievement - we rush in a bathroom to pee. But in Nick`s bathroom very much interest mother`s jars and a mirror. At last made all affairs, we go to change clothes. Recently we put on pampers only walk and for the night, noticed that in them the kid not so smartly turns over, and physical development is very important. Nick masters a sofa with toys, and I sit down at lessons again. Blissful and suspicious silence... With emotion I turn around - indeed, Nick reached the culinary magazine and with concentration gnaws a cover. So, in I will shift the magazine, it is time to give a breast. And on walk.

the Nickname does not like to Put on, at first just grumbles, then squeals by a heart-rending voice. I call to the aid the most powerful weapon: “The flower, scarlet - scarlet exists...“ . The sonny adores this song, right there happily smiles. At last we are ready, I lower a carriage and forward, on the street! The kid does not sleep, looks at the sky, at me. I tell it as there passed day, he listens also to all - everything understands! In six we come back home.

Ya I begin to potter with a dinner, the kitten lies in carrying nearby and chatters in own language with animation. Our daddy comes to seven, Nick is excited - again games and songs!

we Have supper. We bathe Nick. He with pleasure splashes, catches in a tray of lovely yellow ducklings, grumbles when I try to wash it. Nick likes to be smeared with cream for the night. Only you will distract - right there fingers in a jar with cream and in a mouth. Again to wash hands. At last we are extended with the kid on a sofa - it has a dinner. Nick sucks, falls asleep... Time 22. 30. I shift Nika in a bed, I hurry to the husband. The remained evening - only for us...

Yes, it is heavy to study and bring up the kid. But contrary to fatigue, the constant tension connected with desire all to be in time, the feeling of improbable pleasure does not leave. And all this thanks to my sonny who inspires with one smile me and gives confidence that everything will be good!. Now I know precisely that children are such huge happiness to which nothing can be compared!