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Yevpatoria (on July 18 - on August 1, 2001)

we Visited the city at the sea of Yevpatoria.

City. to us very much liked old part of the city - old constructions 18 - 19 more centuries, merchant houses and hotels remained much. The second part of the city is entirely built up with yellow five-storey apartment blocks, the third new buildings, all territory adjoining to the sea is filled with sanatoria and boarding houses.

Transport. the City of Yevpatoria is the only city in the Crimea in which there is a tram. And this tram on one track goes. As laid once only one track with traveling at stops, and to this day. Travel by the tram costs 30 kopeks. On the city buses on 30 kopeks, share taxis on 60 kopeks and on 1 UAH also go. To move more or less without crush was in share taxis, though it is expensive.

Parks - we were in Frunze park. Down the street tents of dealers were stretched. On the left is pass - an amusement park which worked from 17 o`clock, a set of children`s attractions, at the prices above Soviet;) - more than 3 UAH

In Frunze park are also a glade of fairy tales. But very much small. The main thing - the Crust was pleasant.

is farther than

if on is more scarlet to pass in depth of park and to turn to the right - you will come across the Soviet attractions where the prices from 1 UAH. It is not enough swing, the children`s sun, a ship, still something and a Ferris wheel. All this practically is in the wood and it is possible to pass by, without having noticed. Also there is a hire of rollers, children`s machines, and in the small pond made hands of the person - the pool driving on boats single.

In the same place nearby dolphinarium. In it 3 dolphins act, they are able to dance, jump through the suspended circles, to jump out highly of water, to bring a ball in “pads“ (I do not know how it at them is called), to bring any ringlets, to sing, etc. The picture painted by a dolphin is sold at auction - at us sold for 200 UAH. Sell cartridges - slow songs with imposing of noise of the sea and video - cartridges with record of representation. All this passes minutes 40 in the closed pavilion with the pool. The hall is made conveniently as at movie theater or as at stadium descent down, unlike the Sevastopol dolphinarium where all ranks at one level. On the other hand, having bypassed a dolphinarium, there is an aquarium, there a great number of any beautiful small fishes. In the same place nearby collection of various bugs, lizards and snakes.

In the same place the mooring from where Tavriya`s ship on half-hour walk with bathing in the sea sails. In the evening - a disco by the ship.

the Park on Tokarev Street very well hid, to go far. In general Yevpatoria - pedestrian;) By trams and minibuses where - or it is impossible to reach to within several steps, from everywhere it is necessary to walk. It is not enough attractions in park, and there are no people at all. The free zoo was pleasant. Owl, fox, bear and set of other animals.


“Yevpatoria - a children`s health resort“. This slogan is known to all. And whether you know what a set of sanatorium ipansionatovsky beaches - dirty, coming into water, you pass on seaweed, azaydya in water, it is possible to break legs? In water there are concrete blocks of an ilikamna of the size of one two bricks, and with quite keen uneven edges (from where only?) water opaque, they are not visible, a bottom stony and they in places - you go, go on water and bases a leg about a stone: It is created almost on all beaches of the city beginning from Seaport and almost to the Diamond beach. We visited the beach of the Ministry of Defence, Central Resort policlinic, beaches at the left and to the right of the mooring in the bottom of st. of Frunze, plazha of boarding houses / sanatoria Dnieper, of Krupskaya and to them adjacent. On these beaches there was opaque mutnovy water, places of an alga and stones in water, and places at an entrance to input a strip about one and a half meters wide from sharp small stones of 1 in size - 5 cm thanks to which of water it was necessary to leave on all fours :) Especially it it was observed on the New beach which begins from final 1 - go the tram along a route 4 - go the tram. Ashore on the majority of beaches very clean and beautiful sand, but at an entrance to input everything is not always as good as ashore. The prices of an entrance of the beach from 1 UAH to 5 UAH for 1 person including children. On 5 UAH there was an entrance on the beach which is located in the bottom of the street of Frunze. They to our otezd lowered the price to 3 UAH. The most interesting that this price not for the beautiful sandy beach and the sea, and for plastic palm trees in the territory of the beach, big irushka, floating ships, vertoletik, etc. which can use at additional expense children. However on this beach at an entrance to input again stones, again opaque water and other. Meters two hundred on the left from this beach - the beach of the Central resort policlinic - an entrance of 1 UAH, but the sand is much purer ashore and at an entrance input does not have a strip of stones. So if all - to bathe in the center, then likely it was best of all on the right part of the beach of the Central resort policlinic, both on quality, and at the price. The main thing if to go according to the permit, to learn what sea in sanatorium, first of all go in the sea to swim, but not to the sanatorium building. Sanatoria everywhere good and comfortable, beaches pure and well-groomed, but at an entrance to water can be stones and muddy water: However - there is such saying - who looks for, will always find!

So, good beaches.

After long and persistent searches by us all - found the best plyazhiyevpatoriya and they are really ideal - clean sand on the beach, polnostyyuprozrachny is crystal - clear water (you stand up to the neck in water and it is visible vsechto at the bottom - as in the pool), total absence of seaweed, jellyfishes and kamneykak at an entrance to water, and in water. The pleasant soft velvet bottom and small depth does bathing not only by the pleasant adult of a melkogochisty sand in the beginning, but also to children. And it is easy to find this place! There is such elitnyypansionat “Planet“ (from 30 at. e. till 1000 at. e. in days there is an accommodation). And so it has a beach which it is located on a crossing point between ozerommaynak and the sea. This crossing point of meters 150 and Planets beach directly there. Vkhodna the Planets beach costs 2 UAH to the adult and 1 UAH to the child. And so from a zaboraplyazh of “Planet“ and to the right even prior to the beginning of sanatorium “Crimea“ or as it is called, sanatorium of young Leninists or Artek - 2 goes the wild free beach. It takoychisty and beautiful, as well as Planets beach! To whom souls, the cafe and other - to tova on the Planets beach, and to whom it is not important, on wild - differences only vdusha is necessary. Very good minibus of N6 on 1 UAH goes from one beach dodrugy - a route “Kiyevskaya Street - the New beach“, and it goes popr. Victories, then on Internatsionalnaya St. by the station. It is necessary to leave nakonechny in the bottom of Kiyevskaya Street - on the left the sea, to the right Moynaki`s lake - iproyt of meters 50 and you will get on the Planets beach and 20 more meters and you the nachisty free wild beach though transportation costs took place. The Sdiky beach it is possible to come quietly from the sea on the Planets beach inikto you does not notice. In the same place there are pereodevalka and souls. For a vzroslogochelovek on the wild beach grace - quite smooth descent and meters 20 popoyas. For small children it is not really good everywhere - there`s nothing to be done, such is the sea - when calling water on all beaches to children almost at once on a belt and through 2 metravysha of the head. On our Dnieper with it it is better, kids can lap and not takbystro becomes deep.

the Beach was stretched to

far. To it it is also possible to reach if to go on Moynaki`s bereguozer to an isthmus, passing through which solenushchy water corroded mneshlepanets :(, and you are farther through landing also on the place.

to children can swim In Moynaki`s lake only 8 minutes, adults are about 15 minutes old - as when bathing in this water heartbeat increases. Obmazyvayasgryazyami, various diseases treat - it is necessary to be smeared and keep it 40 minutes, then to wash away water from the lake which is rich with salts - a brine. Etaprotsedura is called a double salt exchange. We on ourselves did not carry out experiments - somehow it did not happen.

Behind the wild beach the beach of the sanatorium “Crimea“ closed now begins

- or kaky call, sanatorium of young Leninists or Artek - 2. To reach there mozhnodvumya by ways - or on the wild beach on foot, but it is far, or sowing naavtobus N8 and N15 near the market, near the station, near a supermarket “Yevpatoria“. We go and leave at a stop of “Limanovk“, further we pass on a territoriisanatoriya and we appear on the beach. There it is even better, than on wild. Sand imeetdrugy structure and it more small, as a result on it it is soft to go in water. Water to a takayazha the purest. Entrance to water excellent. To go from the beach of “Crimea“ on wild on foot nearby therefore it is possible to go though Kiyevskaya Street down though on Limanovka, you vypopadat on the cool beach which goes from the Planets beach all the way of the “Crimea“. And beyond the “Crimea“ Zaozerye begins and there are beaches of sanatoria “Beacon“, “Seagull“, “Photon“ - too it is quite good, but only places. And still it is possible sowing on 1 - ytramvay or on a minibus? 6 to go on to the New Beach. There we imeemneprozrachny water and an entrance to the sea on pebbles. On the fan.

Also very good beach, but pebble opened in 7 Km from Yevpatoria - “Sun“. There is a minibus number 7 - “The Station - “Sun“ at the cost of 1 UAH“ The sun is the entertainment complex which opened on July 19th, kotoryyimet a set of bars, cafes, invites to itself various groups and di`s pevtsov - Jay. It is located in the country on the seashore - the beach pebble. Razlichnyekamushki, all different in a coloring, smooth, not sharp, small and priyatnyena oshchup. On the beach bo - about - about - about - lshy hills from which you slide in water. In a vodemnozhestvo of white jellyfishes - can, they love pebble? Deeply already through 3 - 5 meters. Water too crystal-clear and beautiful.

If to walk several km on the coast towards the city, we will come to Novyyplyazh.

In the city a set of various cafes and cafeterias . It was pleasant to us in cafe a vozleparka of Frunze on the embankment, in the bottom of Tokarev, near it the Israeli circus, washed tried mussels - very interesting taste. In cafe ipriyatny waiters quickly served. And at them the popugaychik light-yellow sat, kotoryyochen it was pleasant to my Nastya.

Still it was pleasant to p in cafeteria - there is near two markets and a supermarket “Yevpatoria“ and nearby a tram stop. There it is possible not bad and to deshevopokushat.

the Markets

On central were not. Were in the market near a supermarket “Yevpatoria“ - veshchevoy grocery. But - attention - having passed further on other party nakhodistya an eshcherynok, it call wholesale as there, it seems, buy up produktysanatoriya. There the prices are much 50 - 70 percent lower.

In general this year, is told, the prices in Yevpatoria were high. That is typriyekhat at the sea - means, your money all are filled the pockets. To our vdnepropetrovska everything is much cheaper.



With housing to us was not really lucky Housing. By inexperience we went with bags to watch option and so there and remained because bags were very much heavy. Now we know that it is necessary ostavlyatsumk in a left-luggage office and to run by options. Do not address to local agencies at all!! Just then in the afternoon with fire you will not find them, ayesl the housing did not approach, will lose part of money, everything will not manage to be returned. We got a five-storey apartment block, two-room, in one room owners, in another we, a floor - the refrigerator, use of a plate, and the fifth floor. In Yevpatoria okazalostyazhet even with cold water - when it was, it was the holiday, and it bylatolko in the morning with 6 to 7(8) and in the evening after 18 hours an hour. Column! Kakayakolonka, if there is no water even of cold! Well though, our owner kvartiryrabotat in sanatorium of Krupskaya and we went there to a shower.

But in principle in Yevpatoria have no place to live near to the sea Everywhere far to go, in esliv the old city, near those beaches which were not pleasant to us. In you itogetratit money also for journey and as it is good to live in 10 minutes from the sea. The main thing, once again, if to go according to the permit. to learn what sea in sanatorium, to a vedprezhda of all go in the sea to swim, but not to the sanatorium building. Sanatoria vezdekhoroshy and comfortable, beaches pure and well-groomed, but at an entrance vvodumonut to be stones and muddy voda:vot such affairs.

of Excursion

Excursion to Balaklava and Sevastopol in 3 days prior to the 10th anniversary of Navy. Address to tourist agency “Evropolis“ - they have otlichneyshiyeavtobusa, but as there are excursions we do not know as we went with others. The agency “Tavriya - 99“ us deceived Nashezhe with bus, having promised at a prodazhebilet the bus with the conditioner, and gave idle time ikarus. Claims were not, but simply it is not pleasant when tell one, and then another. It was necessary to a prostosraz for ikarus honestly to speak - there would be more to them respect for the truth. But it is necessary to pay them tribute - tour was conducted on the highest urovvn. It Ochenponravitsya! We went hour 2, landed in Balaklava. Visited in when - a tosekretny balkavsky bay, listened about its history, swam for a while on jolly boats a vmor on a bay, saw the only submarine of Ukraine, shtolnipodvodny plant for submarines, etc. The nature there very beautiful - vevpatoriya the steppe yes the steppe around, and there mountains and rocks.

In Sevastopol pobyvaliv a dolphinarium and an aquarium . In a dolphinarium except dolphins were still malenkiymorsky a cat by nickname “Alice“ and a sea lion, forgot a nickname, ochenyinteresno acted. And in an aquarium the hall - akvariumypostavlena one on one on three is not really successfully made up, and it is not visible to children. And so uvideligorod, very beautifully.


Adaptation - for the third day the stomach hurt and 2 days held on. Then everything passed.

Mora Nastya it was pleasant to p. Only it turned out that mother and the father go to bathe to “pole“ - so Nastya called the place where she does not get to the bottom - and persuaded us not to go far. Dithat bathed on a rubber ring, the first week did not allow mother to depart from itself and mother had to hold it, then it was pleasant to it and she swam. But preferred not to come into “pole“. Without circle lapped near the coast. With swimming at us a pipe - to float to learn something in any way it was impossible. Well at most, what we can show, it how to do any movements. But as she will understand that at the same time it is possible to float and keep over water and not to sink - with it there was a puncture, Nastya did not understand it. Postponed to more age of reason. Or we will try to go to the pool.

was eaten by Nastya at the sea well. Dithat to us did not prevent to have a rest at all.

of Game. We played with the child, building sand castles, teaching it to swim, walked in parks and photographed much.

Locks at us were the huge and the most beautiful, everyones different with pools and carved steps. Specially bought shovels, unbending and not breaking, allowed to dig quickly a hole though in meter down. Tried to construct the sandy woman sunbathing on a back, on the first time it turned out not bad, but at it the disproportionate trunk for some reason turned out;) On the Sun beach tried to construct the lock even of stones and we managed it. Nastya took active part in all constructions (in difference from mother who preferred to rest in bed on a sand and to give advice on construction, well occasionally to help;)), and for Nastya to break the lock is a highest high;) ) Nastena was dug in in sand and once she at us so nearly fell asleep.

the father with Nastya Sunbathed as a result very little, and all pottered with sand. But suntan and so stuck to them. Used creams from suntan not to burn down under the scorching sun with coefficients of protection 25, 12 and below, and also bought burns balm. All this as is impossible useful was.

Nastya by the end of a trip learned to swim on a circle and was not afraid to do it as in the beginning.

For the having pets

our pussycat lived this time at the husband`s parents. The first 2 days could not come vsebya and probably, missed. Refused to eat absolutely. As a result they got a fright ipobezhal to the familiar woman who has some cat the champion there. She advised them to buy Nika a dry feed of “Interior“. On it - that Nika and zhilapraktichesk all the time. Occasionally a soizvolyala to eat egg - not boiled, but crude, a vegetable marrow and carrot. Drank curdled milk. Here its diet was such the first 2 weeks. Then priyekhal for 3 days we and run ran vmagazin for Royal Kaninom and threw out that to an interior as the forage is lower on quality. Fie - fie, further the pussycat began to eat normally and to lure kormomy became dry seldom.

Now we took away Nika to ourselves. She did not forget us. When came for a while, she the first denstoronitsya, as if taking offense, and then slept only with us. Now the zheona remembered us at once.

With a toilet we had no problems - our pussycat very clever and everything understands. Now the pussycat became very gentle and tender, but not persistent, that is she does not climb on hands, and sits and waits when it is taken. Then comes off on a polnoyprogramma - we listen to music of loud purr and we observe a blissful muzzle.

Here such it, Yevpatoria in our understanding. Nevertheless, we perfectly spent time and have well a rest.

For you were written by Nadia and Zhenya Kostiny.