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The beginning of

is simpler the higher mathematics, than to understand that the child wants...

Most important that in me was inspired by all girlfriends, on courses, in popular magazines, well and all others are long and to tasty nurse the child.

I here as the fates decree I safely became pregnant. All nine months passed successfully. However, last month I convulsively looked at the breast and vainly represented that it will be eaten by someone soon. It was strange.

Then I began to worry that childbirth that already on a nose, has to take place practically “yesterday“. And there is no colostrum. With hopelessness, I decided that it is a child the bottle-fed baby. And so on, following from this...

what had to take place, i.e. childbirth as a result took place. The first five minutes of the newborn son as it is necessary, put in a boob. He there something muffledly gave smacking kiss, and he was carried away. And I was blissfully cut down under a dropper. For about ten hours.

Having regained consciousness, I understood that precisely - everything was gone. The son already as ten hours the bottle-fed baby, and I overslept everything. Also began to demand to bring the son. As executed. Put to me it under a side on my full discretion. About me forgot for days.

the Child tried to give smacking kiss something. I, as well as it is necessary, looked at it and cried with happiness.

On second day the child understood that a mother`s breast - guarantee of its existence. Also stuck into it as a kleshchik. On what I thought that else slightly - slightly, and he will bite off it, and it without teeth! Also began to podfilonivat and turn slowly to it more back.

the child grew thin For third day. To us appointed mix, to dopaivat. Brought a glass bottle, the pacifier to it was with a hole in infinity. And what I was a silly woman, I, of course, gave this mix to the child, he drank all small bottle in a minute, happily srygnut everything back. Here I roared - that....

Then planing

a vrachikh told that if the child does not begin to gain weight, it will be carried away on procedures, and it for a long time. So, mummy, try to feed.

the Son ate with

a breast all night long. I cried with pain, with pity to myself, the sonny and in general to all children of the world. But... per day, we gained 100 grams. Doctors weighed the child two times, did not believe that per day it is possible to grow stout so.

From this point everything was

on the mend.

the Only thing that me confused that it is necessary to feed on demand. But at least, than time at 4 o`clock. And if he sleeps 6 hours in a row? I beat around the son about the bush, and quietly so spoke:“ You want to eat? Perhaps you will wake up? The lunch is ready“.

In a month we perfectly understood each other. I understood that not each its shout is a requirement of food. And can mean it a lot of things. But other problems began, as always. Dysbacteriosis, then allergy, but it another story altogether.


as a result fed us year and two months, at the same time I already half a year worked.

But one I took out - trust the intuition and feelings. And at you everything will turn out in this difficult and joyful business - motherhood!

Children, especially own, - the biggest riddle....