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All force in water

As any mother, I wanted to meet the sonny prepared in spite of the fact that he is not the first child. Read about development of babies much from the first days. It could not be prepared only for one: the son was born the healthy athlete (weight - 4600 gr., growth - 58 cm) . Examining houses of the kid, the doctor told that with such sizes the son long will not be able neither to sit down, nor to rise. If only with it not to go in for physical culture, massage and swimming.

In two weeks we with the son went to the pool at children`s policlinic. The nurse working there was the true professional loving the business. At first it showed itself as it is necessary to do the movements, then I repeated everything under its sensitive management. After the nurse showed me as the child has to dive, I understood why on a foreground to cost a bottle with sal ammoniac. Some grandmothers who came together with mothers were nervous. During their youth so did not “scoff“ at children.

our occupations in the pool were every day. They began with massage to which I was taught by the doctor. After massage we swam, swam, swam...

In water my kid did not seem clumsy any more. We with the husband began to call the son “small fish“ for fun. At immersion in a bathtub it appeared in the native environment, the kid in mother`s womb is in liquid too, and then loudly demanded that it was returned back.

of Month through two us was transferred to a splash pool. And here I found out to the surprise that my boy dives with open eyes and with curiosity looks around.

Many mothers were skeptical about our visit of the pool and the more so to diving. Said that water will get to ears, and they to inflame that the child can catch a cold. But undoubtedly agreed with what it is useful to float. Our ears did not hurt, cold did not take. And if still to consider also the fact that floating children develop quicker, then, so advantage of swimming everything is more. I will tell that my little son both sat down in time, and went.

Now to my boy the sixth year goes. It is ahead of peers in development still a little. The son goes to kindergarten in which there is a pool. Still under water floats with open eyes, but better to see scattered at the bottom of a toy, learned to float in special glasses. My boy can hold for a long time the breath, sometimes frightening by it unprepared people. The swimming coach says that at my child quite good chances to become the Olympic champion, he likes to swim since the birth.