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To us - one year or As we celebrated birthday of Yaroslav

Here and passed the most long-awaited day 2008. To our beloved sonny Yaroslav was one year. It was the happiest year in our life: everything became in a new way, in our small family the child appeared.

Now when everything passed, we want to share experience with other parents. Perhaps, our councils will be useful to someone.

First of all, we glanced over magazines, books and the websites. Articles from magazines and stories of other parents about this joyful event very much were useful to us.

We came to a conclusion that we will not invite many guests. In total - Yaroslav still small. We were limited to grandmothers and grandfathers.

creation of invitations were decided to be approached creatively. For this purpose picked up the beautiful children`s picture and imposed the text of the invitation. Then printed on the color printer and in end attached a small bow. It turned out in our opinion very lovely.

the Following step. We gave it the name “Kaluzhonok“, so to speak umenshitelno - caressing from our surname. We tried to show in the newspaper all first year Yaroslav. Therefore at first selected photos, and then started creation. You can estimate what at us turned out.

the Newspaper was printed also on the color printer in necessary quantity and sent to great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers and all other relatives. One copy was left for a holiday.

should have thought up Further something concerning decoration of the apartment, and here we were helped out by idea with an engine on months of year. I can offer such here engine option for other mothers.

were selected Besides by the brightest photos, bought a pack of a multi-colored cardboard, made cars, strung cars in turn on a thick thread that it was possible to hang up then on a wall. Except all this we made several big bows of organza to decorate room walls where were going to celebrate birthday of Yaroslav.

For guests were bought by special ears, caps, clownish noses, the inscription “Happy Birthday!“ and also balls and any small souvenirs and gifts, jewelry for cake, a candle in the form of figure 1.

Since birthday dropped out on Monday, we decided to celebrate days off. Distributed all invitations, ordered festive cake. With cake on celebration of birthday decided not to be started since and so there were many any cases and cooking. But on birthday I baked a small cake, beautifully decorated.

On Monday we got up early since it was necessary for the father for work. Since evening we decorated all house with balls and bows, the apartment took a festive form at once. The father presented to mother a big bouquet of flowers, and then mother with the father presented to Yaroslav all gifts, put on a stool and put before it cake. Very much it liked the lit candle with which he did not know what to do and therefore Yaroslav also did not blow into it. Cake to Yaroslav, the truth did not get therefore he has breakfast traditional cottage cheese with banana and remained extremely happy. Further according to the program there was a choice of a subject, so to speak, of destiny. Here we before it laid out a chocolate, garlic, keys, a coin, the book. Yaroslav chose an interesting thing most in his opinion is a bunch of keys which to him was made by the grandfather of old unnecessary keys (at us in a family now at everyone on the bunch of keys), and then grabbed the book. Therefore we decided that at our child everything in life will be good, both mind chamber, and welfare.

For memory we decided to make by

molds of handles and Yaroslav`s legs. Bought special weight for a molding which stiffens then.

Now about gifts. Gifts chose useful. Grandmothers and grandfathers presented to Yaroslav a sports wall and a repair set with a table and various tools, mother with the father presented the big car, the designer, finger-type paints also is a lot of other trifles.

the holiday was appointed by

On Saturday to 4 o`clock in the evening, Yaroslav just had to wake up after an evening dream. Mother prepared a holiday table, beautifully decorated. Distributed to guests caps, noses and ears. Turned on specially selected children`s music, favourite songs of Yaroslav, cheerful and clockwork.

we prepared for

For guests competitive tasks in the form of forfeits.

Forfeits were such. It was necessary to answer questions:

In how many Yaroslav was born

to All guests surely.

at the end of a holiday suddenly was remembered that it is necessary to leave a wish to Yaroslav, for this purpose lined a Whatman paper on guests and years (10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 years) and all guests left the wishes and assumptions of that what Yaroslav will be in the future.

I we, and guests remained very happy with a holiday. There were many pleasant impressions, good photos and remarkable video. We hope that someone needs our experience. We wish all cheerfully and to interestingly celebrate the first birthday!