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To become 5,7 younger... 10 years of

what we offer you it is hardly possible to call a diet in the usual sense words. More likely, it is the special plan of food, the special complex developed by nutritionists to help women to support for many years optimum weight and to look younger. Such power supply system is calculated approximately on 1500 kcal a day. It is quite enough not to hunger if, of course, you live in the city and you do not do active manual work.

And each dish will be tasty, useful and will help you not only not to gain weight, and even to grow thin. In 2 - 3 months your waist will become thinner, heart - is healthier, bones - are stronger. But also, you will notice how memory will improve, and the body will look tightened, muscles elastic, and complexion will please you too.

the Secret of efficiency of this plan of food first of all that you exclude from a diet all dishes containing “empty calories“ which not only do not give to an organism of useful substances but also provoke accumulation of toxins. You will be able to replace useless and harmful products with dishes, vitamin-rich, with minerals and antioxidants. Eggs, fish and seafood, cereals, nuts, vegetables, fruit and greens - all this sources of invaluable nutrients. These products there is enough kaloriyna to satisfy hunger. You will even be able to afford a glass of red wine! As soon as you begin the “dietary reorganization“, in several weeks will notice how the condition of your skin, nails and hair will change. But not only food influences an organism. Try to allocate at least 30 minutes a day for walks, dances, swimming or any other type of physical activity.

Begin to grow thin with 6 steps

  1. of Antioxidants
    is known to All that if you want to grow thin, then it is necessary to eat as much as possible vegetables and fruit: in them there are not enough calories and many nutrients, so, portions can be rather big. At the same time the last researches showed that some vegetables and fruit render the strongest rejuvenating effect. For example, bilberry well influences sight and work of a brain, improves memory. But actually all berries are rich with antioxidants - substances which free radicals help an organism to neutralize. These are the acids strengthening aging and disintegration of cages. They provoke intoxication of an organism and inflammatory processes.
    And if infections, getting to an organism, cause sharp inflammatory processes, free radicals cause chronic inflammations. And many physicians do not doubt today that free radicals lead eventually to developing of the most serious illnesses - from cancer, damages of heart and diabetes to Alzheimer`s disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.
    of Berry can significantly improve also your skin, they are exclusively vitamin-rich With and And, the strongest antioxidants thanks to which your skin will become more smooth, elastic and elastic. with
    to improve sight, eat spinach and any other vegetables with leaves darkly - green color (lettuce, arugula, a sorrel). All of them - a rich source of a vegetable pigment which protects eyes from harmful effects of ultra-violet radiations. But also, they contain vitamin K which is very important for strengthening of bones and prevention of changes and cracks.
  2. Useful additives

    substances Necessary for an organism we receive

    mainly from food. And, before “prescribing“ itself polyvitaminic preparations, pay attention to natural sources of useful substances. Potassium to
    It is useful to
    • of to heart, muscular and nervous systems. Deficiency of potassium is shown in decrease of the activity. The cabbage of broccoli, siliculose haricot, dried apricots, pumpkin and oranges are rich with potassium. Bananas and baked potatoes - also good source of potassium. It is a lot of it in carrots: 1 glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice contains 800 mg of potassium.

    • Calcium Doctors usually advise
    • to consume 800 - 900 mg of calcium a day, but the recommended quantity depends on a condition of bones and kidneys. One glass of milk fat content of 1,5% contains 240 mg of calcium, as much - in 30 g of Edam cheese, and in the same amount of firm cheese - 400 mg. Cottage cheese, kefir, curdled milk and yogurts are also rich with calcium.

    • Magnesium This mineral is irreplaceable
    • for maintenance of a power exchange, full functioning of nervous system and maintenance of muscles and a liver. Beet, pumpkin seeds, wheat bran, red beans are rich with magnesium. Also it is necessary to consider that it is better to extinguish or steam products which you subject to thermal treatment.

    of the Squirrel become especially important
  3. of Squirrels after 40 years when bone weight begins to decrease gradually, as a rule, by 1% a year. Besides at this age the metabolism is slowed down, and fatty deposits appear much easier and quicker, than earlier. These processes bear two potential dangers at once. In - the first, excess weight is an excess load of all organism which begins to grow old quicker. In - the second if muscle bulk becomes less, and bones - are weaker, then the balance worsens. So, chances to lose balance and to fall increase. And if the organism is weakened also bones fragile, then recovery can be rather long.
    That muscle bulk did not decrease and bones remained strong, protein is necessary for an organism. It has also one more plus: if a dish which you eat, protein-rich then you do not need big portions, protein is very nutritious and quickly causes sense of fulness. The products rich with protein, - chicken (without thin skin), breasts of a turkey, low-fat beef and pork, eggs, seafood, haricot and beans. But also, do not forget about dairy products: they contain not only proteins, but also minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium). Thanks to it milk, natural yogurts and low-fat cheeses allow to keep a blood pressure under control and promote strengthening of hair, nails and bones. And pay attention to a conclusion to which physicians came recently: calcium is not acquired by an organism if you do not receive enough proteins.
    One more argument in favor of yogurts: 50 g of natural yogurt a day reduce probability of a disease of gums by 60%. To such result the Japanese scientists came. They are sure that it occurs thanks to a probiotics - active components which contain only in natural fermented milk products.

  4. the Omega - 3
    Fatty acids which contain in seafood help an organism to resist to age changes. But also, there is one more very important opening of scientists: it is proved that acids an omega - 3 influence those sites of a brain which are responsible for good mood and ability to enjoy life. Today already nobody doubts that the emotional spirit is also important for health, as well as physical health. Most of all active an omega - 3 components contain in fat fish - a salmon and a salmon. But also vegetable sources an omega - 3 (for example, hazelnuts and a peanut), especially are very important if you do not love fat fish.

  5. Two secrets of youth

    the Majority of diets absolutely rejects nuts and chocolate: these products so kaloriyna that are capable to nullify all your efforts. Actually the segment of dark chocolate and a handful of nutlets are very useful.
    • Nuts are a surprising product.
      Despite the high content of calories, nuts do not promote fatty deposits! On the one hand, they are nutritious and for a long time relieve of feeling of hunger. And with another, to 20% of the calories which are contained in nuts it is not acquired by an organism.
    • you Want something sweet? Eat with
      bitter chocolate with the maintenance of cocoa not less than 50%! Cocoa - beans are rich with the substances normalizing pressure. They well influence a condition of walls of vessels, thereby preventing heart attacks, and stimulate work of a brain.
  6. Cereals
    the Researches conducted in 2008 showed that wholegrain (whole grains of wheat, brown rice, and also the bread, flakes and other products made of cereals) are simply irreplaceable for those who want to lose weight and not to take him again. The matter is that cellulose with which whole grains are especially rich is slowly acquired by an organism thanks to what the person long does not hunger. Besides, at wholegrain products very low glycemic index: it means that at their digestion and assimilation sugar comes to blood very slowly.
    Scientists came to a conclusion that people who regularly eat whole-grain bread protect themselves from diabetes, heart diseases, a hypertension and even periodontosis. It occurs thanks to the fact that cereals contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals and cellulose, and all these components well influence health. If cereals are exposed to the strengthened processing (namely it occurs by production of high-grade flour), invaluable nutrients simply are removed. Therefore white loaf does not give to an organism practically anything - it is and there are empty calories which work only for increase in weight and help nothing to health.

  7. Physical activity
    If you want to be healthy, it is necessary to know that sport not only helps to burn excess calories and to lose weight. When you move, strengthen muscles, and it improves a metabolism, accelerates a metabolism, and thanks to it the food is acquired quicker and you do not grow stout. Not to mention that for the correct work of heart and easy the person needs to move.
    Is considered that for longevity run is especially effective. Doctors from Stanford`s University observed 21 years two groups of volunteers - supporters and opponents of run. Also it became clear that those who regularly run for 16 years prolonged to themselves active life. But also, they have less often cancer, a hypertension and heart troubles. However, if you do not like to run, it is not a reason for chagrin. Physicians do not doubt now that daily it is quite enough thirty minutes of any physical activity in order that you remained healthy at any age.

  8. Red wine and other drinks
    Hardly to you met earlier diets which included dry red wine. Why it is done by us? Because in red wine there are too antioxidants which are necessary for the correct work of arteries. And that it is even more important: useful components which richly red wine, well influence a condition of heart, vessels and a brain. The most important - the correct dosage: do not exceed the recommended dose in 150 ml. Other useful drinks are a tea and coffee. Tea well influences heart and vessels, increases immunity, protects tooth enamel. And black, green and white types of tea are equally useful to health.