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And we

If meat from a knife you did not eat the necessary books a piece,
If observed hands of a slozh haughtily,
I did not enter fight against the rascal, with the executioner, -
Means, in life you were at anything, at anything!

If, a way cutting through
the Fatherly sword,
You reeled up salty tears
On a mustache,
If in hot fight
Tested that it how much, -
Means, You in the childhood read the necessary books

(V. S. Vysotsky)

the Voice as conscience sick, long nights and days,
In a whisper to me repeating, eternally sounded behind,
Something is hidden. Find. Safely for the Side glance.
what was gone beyond - waits for you. Rise and go.

(R. Kipling)

Here, there was a wish to share with the favourite website the personal experience of education at the son... interest in books.


At my mother books filled up practically all apartment. And it not “backs under color of wall-paper“ and not fashionable modern “reading matter“. These are Books. Never in our family it was possible to keep books in a strict order - because to us (my mother, me) books are constantly necessary. That is we remove books from shelves, we read them, simply we thumb through. We buy new...

very much I endure

Ya about destiny of our books. Because I understand how modern world does not promote that those who will live after us also needed Books as we and the previous generations. And books should not become dusty on shelves, have to read them!

In particular, very much endured about the son - so he wanted to impart sincere love to reading.

At first the background has some

. In 26 years I gave birth to the son. Did not pass also several months as confirmed to the son on ultrasonography of a brain (where sent us, the suspected something wrong, local pediatrician) terrible for me at that time the diagnosis - a gidrotsefalny syndrome. First child... Gidrotsefal... It was so offensive for it, it is a pity for itself! Sleepless days and nights, uneasy walks, diuretic drugs, massages, procedures, trips on consultation to a star of children`s neurosurgery in St. Petersburg...

temporarily encouraged

of the Loudspeaker, again disappointed. The head of the child continued to grow disproportionately, development was obviously late, this thin venous setochka on a forehead just demented me!

A I - that was at mother “child prodigy“, the honors pupil, the favourite of all teachers... And gave birth to the son with such unpleasant syndrome. I then in despair thought: all right something another would appear not as it should be, but why the head? And why at pregnancy nothing foretold problems? Patrimonial trauma? At that moment there was no opportunity to look for the reason of the fallen-down trouble, it was necessary to cope somehow.

Whether by force of habit to active life, whether owing to internal energy needs, but having even been

in such extreme “newborn“ conditions, I did not want to put an end to own pleasures absolutely. Only now it was necessary to reckon with my new status of mother (mother whose child has some difficulties with adaptation with this world). That is I should “bring up“ my son to my habitual pleasures, considering all our difficulties.

we went

In a year with the son to the sea. Savages to Adler. It, of course, was the nightmare for me. But my sonny slept on the beach, in a shadow, under noise of waves so tight! In the same place, in year and three months, my Alyosha went. Highly raised hands to the sky and so walked. As if welcoming the whole world.

in general somehow after a year our life began to be adjusted by

I. The positive forecast of a star of neurosurgery came true.

When we came back home from the sea, nights became quieter, doses of drugs were reduced, and gradually to us cancelled them absolutely. Alyosha was an ordinary child... Well apart from a little big head of irregular shape. But I - that got used to his head. To me now other children seemed strange, with their unusually small golovushka...

In one and a half years we successfully went to a usual day nursery (and even there were almost not ill - it is visible, the sea helped us). Teachers of mine to Lesh praised for excellent appetite (that in gardens a rarity).

In two years and three months (in August) we departed on “civilized“ rest to Turkey. And I again - could not refuse in pleasure to visit to myself excursion (and why still to go to other country?) . We went to Pamukkale (I clambered on amphitheater top in the Hierapolis with the son on hands), swam in “Cleopatra`s pool“, swam by ships, admired rocky likiysky tombs, bought east carpet at factory, of course, visited an aquapark, well and much still sights looked.

wash with

In three years Lesh mastered the bicycle and skis (together with mother), in five began to be engaged in sports section of taekwondo.

generally, I will repeat: after a year I did not feel a difference among themselves and other mothers of small children any more. Ordinary child... With slightly atypical shape of the head.

I now, after a prolog, I will start the main subject of my story - as I accustomed such child to Books.

Perhaps I am lazy mother? Or me my dear personal time? Or I was too “knocked out“ by problems of the first two years of Leshiny life (there were 2 more operations of hernia, but it has no relation to his head).

Anyway, unlike normal mummies, I could not force to read and tell Lesh fairy tales in any way. Though understood how it is extremely necessary. And still I well remembered what impression in the childhood on me was made audio - performances which my mother bought to me and the sister on phonograph records.“ Old man Hottabych“, “Alice in Wonderland“, “Robin Hood“, “Legend on Velunda“...

Approximately since three years I began to buy by

audio - fairy tales to the son. At first it were fairy tales for the smallest. The first fairy tale - about Emelya. Lesh was in indescribable delight, twisted a disk all day long. Then there were “Bremen musicians“, collections of the Russian national fairy tales, audiospektikl of “Buratino“, “Chipollino“, “Blame - Down“, “Dunno`s Adventures“ etc.

Very much being negative to the TV (especially after the oculist saw predisposition to short-sightedness at the child), I did not welcome viewing of animated cartoons. Of course, knew Lesh that there are animated cartoons. But did not aspire to the TV any more. Gradually children`s audiocompositions became a normal background in our house (what in other families is a TV). Having woken up in the day off or having come from a garden on weekday, being put to bed, my child hurries to the radio tape recorder. Chooses an interesting disk or the cartridge, includes and goes about the own business (draws, plays).

By six years he already showed interest in fairy tales “Thousand and to One Night“, “Tom Sawyer“, “Leader Krasnokozhikh“, “Treasure island“, “The wizard of the emerald city“... Well and “children`s“ fairy tales are not forgotten too. Especially Lesh audiofairy tales on the basis of the Soviet animated films where there are melodious children`s songs are pleasant:“ Maria, Mirabella “, “ about Funtik`s pig “, “ the Flying Ship “, “ adventures of the Pencil and Samodelkin“...

of the Fairy tale in musical registration, told by professional actors, literally touch soul - and not only the nursery. Somehow caught itself on thought that itself with interest I listen to a plot of the audioperformance “Round the World in 80 Days“ according to Jules Verne`s novel.

of the Fairy tale is brought up, learned, force to reflect, help to understand that such good and evil.

... I conduct in the morning to Lesh in a garden. “Mothers, and you know what firmest stone? Diamond!“ - it my son learned from “Sindbad - the Seaman“.


“Mothers as it was heavy Kozette - but it it was lucky, she met the kind uncle...“

“If to dangle on a rope, then to dangle all“, - the favourite quote from “Treasure island“.

“Is not present

, well it is necessary - to ask money for the own child!“ - this impression from “The leader red-skinned“.

“Mothers, and you would like to have vivifying powder?“ - such question arose after attentive listening of “Urfin Dzhyus“.

“Mother, here Vitya Maleev at first did to

easy homeworks, and then started difficult. And here I, probably, at school will do on the contrary“.

A as fell in love with Lesh fantastic stories of Cyrus Bulychev about Alice`s adventures!

Here I write

and directly most there is a wish to appear in dreamland, imaginations, hopes and adventures... Of these “bricks“ there is a magic country the Childhood. Lesh songs from the audiofairy tale “Dunno`s Adventures“ very much are pleasant:

“As it is interesting to

how it is interesting... Here to reach this place...“

“Imaginations, Imaginations... From Africa to Asia“

However, the audiobook - the fine tool for development of the children`s imagination, hearing, thought, but... it is not the book in her classical concept.

A of books, I will repeat, at us there is a lot of. And including nurseries. And including such on which there are also also audioperformances.

on vacation in Bulgaria the grandmother taught Lesh to read

In five years. At first he read everything that saw his eyes: signs on shops, labels on products. Then with interest began to plunge into children`s magazines... And suddenly began to take from the shelf in the room children`s books! It can include audio “Deniskina stories“ Dragoon, open the same book on the same story, and at the same time listen and study pictures.

he just takes

But a thicket some book, opens it on any page and begins to read with enthusiasm. Yes, now he reads books chaotically - several books at the same time, always from the middle. Sometimes reads under a radio tape recorder sound (but it seems to me, it is good - it will be simpler to concentrate at school attention under an extraneous noise).

of the Book thoroughly lodged in the Leshiny room - several pieces always lie in beds, part on a floor, others - on a chair and regiments. “Mothers, well you abuse me? Here Znayka had books too everywhere - both on a bed, and under a bed!“


of authors is read by my child with pleasure in 6 years? Among favourites now: Cyrus Bulychev, N. Nosov, V. Dragunsky, V. Golyavkin, A. Volkov, A. Tolstoy, A. Lindgren, brothers Grimm, S. Mikhalkov, D. Rodari.

I here wait for

A when it a little more grows up and will begin to read books with which I “was thrilled“ in the childhood and youth: Jules Verne, G. R. Haggard, Jack London, A. Dumas, A. Conan - Doyle, Mayne Reid...

Now in this sense very fertile time: book treasures can be bought freely. Books now so beautifully make out, it is pleasant to thumb through them. Our happy children!

Very much I hope that my experience will help other mummies not to be afraid of “scary“ infantile diagnoses. I wish all fascinating travel to the Country of the Childhood, we - that with you “read the necessary books in the Childhood“!