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Self-confidence with
You the aura of sensuality and sexuality, on it has to surround 15 rules of the real temptress of

  1. , but not men actually react to appearance and a make-up.
    Learn to love yourself! Fostering love to itself, the woman softer becomes more sensual more gently.... Adoring itself, treating itself kindly, it attracts those who nearby.
    Neither clothes, nor a skillful make-up, nor a beautiful breast will not attract the man if from you appeal fluids do not proceed. The most important - an internal spirit, your own power. Happens so that there are you all such beautiful, and mood worse than ever, and nobody notices you, and you anybody. And here you will run out in shop behind a forage for a cat - in jeans, slates, uncombed, and men and watch leave. If you feel the internal beauty, then and the opposite sex will not remain indifferent. Well, and to radiate appeal fluids, much is not necessary. It is more than positive in a look also a healthy lifestyle - fitness, walks...

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  3. At conversation. the Following secret consists that men do not suffer talkative women: they cause feeling of irritation. Therefore become the attentive listener, but not the active storyteller. Never criticize the man! Construct the conversation so that the man began to tell about himself. And if you at the same time also admire the interlocutor, then you do not have the price! But do not change and do not confuse a praise to flattery. The feeling of content itself, satisfactions from conversation will call the whole scale of positive emotions which it by all means will connect with you. How such woman can not be pleasant? Nonsense!

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  5. Sense of humour. to Men like the women having sense of humour and able to have fun. It is boring for men with very serious women therefore quite often men prefer to spend time in the men`s company in which to them is more cheerful or in the company of cheerful women. Men especially need laughter to treat himself it is a little easier. Laughing and playing the fool, they remove an emotional pressure.

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  7. Novelty. If the woman is capable to play on contrasts: strong, weak; playful, thoughtful; if she watches herself, is interested in sex, is sure of the irresistibility - it will be able always to attract the man. The real temptress likes to think out scenery, to change role - to become suddenly cold, and then to pay the attention to the man again.... This woman watches at the world as on a magic trunk with gifts and pleasant surprises, and new acquaintance is just one of them. Remember: to change constantly always to be interesting. Remember: never to think of the pleasant man as about future husband. Not to be persuasive. Not to be dissolved in the man completely. Remember: the man is a hunter on the most ancient instinct. My golden rule: “I know well that it is attractive, and any man will not cause in me very strong awe; eventually, on light many worthy applicants, besides, need be not to looked for, and to choose the man“.

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  9. Ability to watch itself. the Size of your waist or volume of hips - of course, your personal record. It is possible to be fond of candies, and it is possible diets. “Model character“ of your figure as advertizing goes on is not so important for men. But always there have to be clean hair, a fresh natural smell and beautiful linen. I will not speak about a whiteness and beauty of teeth, about pure and fresh breath: it is not discussed.

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  11. Gait and bearing. you Remember
    , how in “Office romance“?“ All will be double up, will shrink as if an old boot - and scratched!“ Here so it is not necessary. Gait has to be easy, from a hip. That at you standing: sneakers, flats or 15 - centimetric hairpins. Marilyn Monroe and her similar stars would never win a rank sex - a symbol if did not shake hips when walking.
    You know that sutulyas, you steal from yourself up to 10 centimeters of growth? And let funnymen joke that stoop - not a postural defect, but the testimony of weight of brains... This cold comfort. Stoop - the first indicator that his appearance and health is indifferent for the person. The beautiful bearing is not just direct back. A beautiful bearing for the woman it: a high chin, a direct look, equal shoulders, a high breast (even if it not really high), the pulled-in stomach, elastic buttocks. The woman with a good bearing is perceived as higher, harmonous and self-assured. And it is very important components of an image of the sexy woman!

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  13. Gestures and poses. the Man it is pleasant to strong:
    • When at it is watched delighted eyes.
    • the Habit to make up lips at the man, to draw attention to legs, throwing off a shoe, to cross the legs.
    • Stirring by hair - one of the best gestures for drawing attention of men. Hair - very powerful sexual irritant.
    • Touch. Touch it as though it is casual and even a little scaredly. All charm - in full innocence of such contacts. However and they will manage to include his imagination, will force it to think of more gentle touches, conscious caress. A touch - a signal, very strong on influence, the sexy woman uses it with maximum efficiency. It is possible to touch the man`s hand to emphasize the thought, to touch him, exchanging objects - handles or glasses. Also there is a “casual“ touch when the hip of the man touches female.
  14. Other gestures are effective too. Here a pozhimaniye shoulders, the inclination or rocking by the head, pobleskivany rings at you on a finger, crossing of legs or “dance on one place“ join in a rhythm with music.

  15. Voice as bait. It is considered strong that a passion voice - a deep voice. The more you are sexually attractive, the lower at you a voice. Such conclusion was drawn by the American psychologists. The voice often played an important role in acceptance by men and women of the decisions relating to reproduction of posterity. And especially at night! If the girl is madly good, but possesses a squeaky falsetto, then the man will hardly be tempted by all other delights. Therefore the voice it is necessary to train. Add a few low notes to a timbre, and make the soprano unforgettable! That the man was thrilled, hearing you even by phone. Also dreamed of your sexual groans under the bedroom arches.

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  17. Mimicry
    Look. At a meeting it is necessary to look long to it fool in the face, maintaining a look, a deep inviting look of the woman wishing to dissolve in itself the man. Not just eyes, not just made up fluffy eyelashes, namely a look. Languid or with a squint. Bashful or invocatory. Open or thoughtful. The main thing - that it became sexual incentive for object of your desire. Your eyes “play“: they at first widely reveal, slightly and fleetingly eyebrows rise. Pupils are expanded. Then, when the attention of the potential applicant in grooms is drawn, you turn away and lower two bottomless oceans of eyes, smile. Eyes - a window to the soul. And your soul (and a body) wishes this man. So do not hesitate to show it!
    Smile. Your main task: to make a smile the promise of the most courageous hopes and desires. The promise that the man cannot even imagine to himself! Try to approach a mirror and to look on itself a little haughtily. At the same time put sponges a tubule as for a kiss, and slightly - slightly smile. Difficult? But it is necessary! Show to your elect that the kiss of your lips will bring him to the moon and back.

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  19. Aromas. Scent of a Woman charming aroma - as much about it it is told! And it is not vain: having correctly chosen spirits, the woman repeatedly increases the appeal to a male. Several recommendations: Choosing spirits, try to remember a smell of toilet water which the man whom you want to carry away uses, it is worth finding aroma of the same tonality. New aroma has to be combined with your deodorant harmoniously: cocktail from smells of soap, cream, shower gel, a deodorant and spirits can be “stunning“. Do not use the most popular perfume: your smell has to be only yours that the man got used to respond to it.
    Use a magic potion - an aromamasl. They are capable to awaken erotic imaginations, sensuality... To increase appeal before appointment, it is possible taking baths from aromamasla. It is possible to drip in an aromalampa, and it is possible to use for massage. For example, to remove stress, to be adjusted on love, use oils of orange, a lavender or a geranium. If opposite to collect the strength or to encourage the man, in an aromolampa it is necessary to drip oils of a lemon, grapefruit or an eucalyptus. And at last, oils patchoulis, ilang - an ilanga, rose attar or a geranium will help to kindle with the man fire of desires.

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  21. Food - aphrodisiacs. “The way to heart of the man lies through his stomach“ - gold words! But dishes for a dinner should be chosen intelligently too! It is possible to make just cutlets, and it is possible... the most real love potion! For this purpose it is not necessary to water roast with own blood... Just choose products - the aphrodisiacs capable to awaken and strengthen sexual desire. It is honey, nuts (especially almonds), bananas, avocado, caviar, dates, eggs, chocolate, raspberry, a celery, fast meat, mollusks, sea cabbage, mushrooms, spices (a carnation, caraway seeds, vanilla, ginger, a nutmeg, curry powder).

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  23. Creation of a situation. Decorate the room with flowers. Light aromatic sticks or an aromalampa... Do not regret time, find beautiful candlesticks. Love by candlelight - it is romantic, mysterious and sexual. Couple of easy chairs, the sofa covered with a fur cover, a couple of swans or dolphins, couple of peaches or apples, pair beautiful tea or coffee service... Gentle pleasant music in combination with the twilight will only emphasize an intimate situation.

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  25. Linen. Easy silk sexual penyyuarchik, silky shoulder straps, openwork lace... The dress for a bedroom has to be translucent, but not vulgar. Nothing so excites men as a certain innuendo and mystery in clothes, emphasized feminity. Most of men consider that the female silhouette hidden under translucent light fabric gives huge flight for their imagination and excites stronger, than barefaced nakedness.

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  27. In a bed: Sexy women are quiet in questions of sex and more ordinary women love it. They think of it more and make love more often than others, but find own sexual life satisfactory. Master a type of massage - erotic, east, sensual. Learn art of a kiss... And do not forget about important ability yet - a subject of pride and the weapon of east geishas - art to reduce vagina muscles that will allow to surprise the man and to bring a variety intimate life. It is more than imagination and novelty: read east treatises about love caress, and your man, and you can be proud of yourself because she is born for love and is capable to submit the man, giving them a true pleasure...

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  29. of Supersekret. And finally my favourite recipe - a ceremony on increase of sexual appeal - “Bathing in a moonlight“. Use for development of the female charms power of the closest to us planets.
    is required to You pure 3 - a one-liter jar, a silver subject, for example, a spoon or a coin, 3 lemons, petals of 3 yellow roses (or a handful of flowers of a camomile or a linden), rose attar (another is possible, for example, ilang - ilang or patchoulis). The ceremony needs to be carried out a day before a full moon. Early in the morning pour in bank clear water (spring, well or thawed) and put a silver spoon - water has to stand so in the forenoon, not less than 6 hours. Cut segments 3 lemons, put in bank, add pink petals and rose attar. If you use dry herbs, they need previously to be troubled boiled water and to insist 20 minutes. Then expose to bank on a window sill so that it was penetrated by a moonlight, and leave for the night. Next day, in the evening, in a full moon, fill a bathtub with warm water and slowly pour out in it the contents “loaded“ with a moonlight banks. Then lay down in a bathtub, close eyes and relax, representing that you swim in the lake from a moonlight, imagine yourself the sponge absorbing lunar energy... It is necessary to take a bath not less than 20 minutes. After a bathtub be wiped dry, drink orange juice or green tea with a lemon.