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How we were pregnant women. And with what all this ended … Part III

the Beginning

30 - aya week, or I Meet the midwife number two (on October 18)

Time I do not waste, I meet personally Ganina who once again confirms to me that for January it will not take me. Sends to other young and nice midwife Christina Lyalina about whom I read numerous dithyrambs. I go on office “Mother and the child“ where we also get acquainted. “Well, god ordered!“ - my husband told, having heard its surname, however, probably, did not order all-. At that time we remained with the arrangement to meet on the 36th week before “airing“ of maternity hospital from December 1 to December 14.

In the last day before an extract from 9 - ki me is infected with knitting by a hook. Yes so that in one day I knit remarkable pink pinetochka.

31 - aya week, or I Begin to be engaged in needlework (on October 25)

Descended once again in consultation. There I was pleased that I have blood with indicators of a corpse and pus on leukocytes though other indicators of this analysis are ideal that, in fact, cannot be. Sent to repeat. Fuuu... From a finger. I hate.

I Am engaged in

in lying on a sofa, reading various literature on the Internet. Generally, I try to absorb experience of predudyshchy pioneers. Sat down on knitting, but already spokes. I Dovyazyvat a white suit for future lyalechka. Painful thirst for shop with different buttons, ribbons and threads began to be observed.

I Am engaged in

in musical education of a rebenkan on the example of Celentano`s creativity. On quiet melodies calms down, on fast begins “to dance“. So ridiculously and it is still horrible a little from the fact that your stomach itself for some reason begins to move. In day we go for three-dimensional ultrasonography. Eh, rather! So there is a wish to look at this kicked little one and to look how she there with 22 - oh grew up weeks. Very curiously!

32 - aya week, or We go for volume 3D ultrasonography (on November 1)

As I waited for this day as examined surprising volume photos on the Internet! And what disappointment comprehended me! It was terribly offensive for me for the thrown-out one and a half thousand for which showed us instead of the volume image some one-time - brown spots, nothing was clear, and even two-dimensional ultrasonography was bad quality, I need only to guess “professionalism“ of the doctor. The ultrasonographer, licking, told:“ Your girl buried in a placenta and is not shown, give you I will rewrite, and all of us will look another time“. Better I repeatedly also did not come. As so on their device we saw nothing. And this center did not cause special trust in me. You feel that you were inflated. The masyavka already of 1700 grams weighs. Girl.

Practically I reconcile that all - at us will be the daughter. Approximately we decide to call Ksenia. Ksyun - Dryun. My most beautiful option Elisa was rejected.

For moral preparation I import the word “childbirth“ into search of video and I admire all details of process. Ah, here it as occurs.

33 - aya week, or We go on a pregnant photoshoot (on November 8)

Very much wanted to photograph the nakrasiveyshy moment in life of any woman. In 7,5 months I already reached sufficient degree of roundness that to depict this. Phoned to the photographer which worked for us at a wedding, and acted in all foreshortenings in studio. Fine!

I Redo ultrasonography in a maternity welfare unit. The doctor did not even turn the screen so in general nothing was visible not. All parameters correspond to term. Weight already 2100 grams. A circle of the head of 314 mm, here and a problem (for those who know about existence of number pi) what its diameter?

34 - aya week, or try to deliver Me diabetes of pregnant women (on November 15)

the Analysis of sugar in blood shows boundary value, and I am sent for inspection in the Center of planning of a family on Komsomola Square about the Finnish station. Three times were necessary to go there. Induced to do the threefold blood test of a finger. Next the heart, under loading and after two hours. Loading consisted in drinking of awfully vile liquid, representing a glass of water with about 100 gr white sweet powder (glucose) calculated according to my weight and growth. Muck still that. As a result diabetes of pregnant women to me was not delivered though insufficiency to glucose everything is wrote. Recommended a diet and forbade to eat all sweet. I celebrated this sad event two donuts with icing sugar then I some time really consciously refused all sweet though it and was difficult.

to us was given a carriage and a bed with a mattress. The first snow went, bringing closer the long-awaited moment. Here so it was also represented to me in the summer: “There will come the winter, will be cold, the snowball will go... And then...“

35 - aya week, or I all - in 9 - ke do not give birth (on November 22)

Well, here and the necessary moment came to call the midwife and to go to conclude the contract. However here I was expected by an unpleasant surprise. By new strict rules the midwife of cool office “Mother and the child“ according to the program for 15 thousand cannot come to the 5th floor of free office. In their office only childbirth will cost 35 thousand. It will be expensive. In office “Family childbirth“ - 25 thousand, but places are not present for a long time, and I was sent... On the 5th floor since new year it was possible to take only crew for 30 thousand, and PDR respectively put for January 3 or is sensitive later... Generally, madhouse and nonsense. One of exits was to drive in maternity hospital the car already at the corresponding moment on free childbirth, and there among 3 obstetricians of change my midwife would prompt me the best. Would hint to be more attentive with me that I will thank and, type, ““... But such option poorly suited me, there was a wish somehow all on planned. In the upset feelings I understand that something does not grow together. To me begin to praise highly 1 maternity hospital on Vasilyevsky Island. I begin to read responses and to learn about opportunities paid childbirth already there.

36 - aya week, or Walk in maternity № rum; 1 (on November 29)

some feelings similar to fights Began

. The stomach pulls, and it seems somehow periodically. Went to consultation. From there broke in 1 maternity hospital on “ambulance“. There looked, told that everything is good. The pharynx is closed, and the stomach is not intense. The child big will be. Taking an opportunity asked how to find or contact the midwife Narbutovich Anna Vladimirovna who was very much praised (according to reviews). As a result it turned out that she that day was on duty, and she was called at once. Here so we also got acquainted with the midwife number three. The only restriction was the fact that it will not be able to arrive to me since morning on December 31 till the evening on January 1, but think that as - nibud I will slip new year. Generally, decided to give birth there. 16 thousand the contract with maternity hospital for service childbirth and 10 thousand to it on hands (and there nobody for a bribe considers it as in 9 - ke). Made an appointment exactly in 38 weeks and told that it is necessary to otzvanivatsya every week. Happy, I went home.

In consultation made the last blood tests and dab. Told to come on December 17 last time... Even distorted me on this word “in the last“... Anywhere not denessya now...

I Buy by

for the child many small nuzhnost in a drugstore.


37 - aya week, or I Collect things in maternity hospital (on December 6)

At last collected bags on duty on which placed from above the list of contents and the fact that it is necessary to report. I sleep much, but it is somehow strange: from 12 in the evening to 5 in the morning and then from 9 to 12 in the afternoon...

Gradually raked all junk in the room. So to speak, the nesting syndrome joined. Read that it occurs weeks for two before childbirth. Well, we will look - we will look. Went behind curtains and eaves to shop. Beautifully! Transported a big sofa from parents from Kupchino... Now we are located...

38 - aya and the last week, or We celebrate anniversary from the date of our acquaintance (on December 13)

Here and the 38th week went... Rather already though something began... PDR for January 3, and as first labor, so maybe 7 - 10 numbers in general. In the same place begemotik will grow under 5 kilograms! Rescue me! And still I madly am afraid to transfer the child. Lyalka began to hiccup on 3 times in the course of the day, but moves already much less. Only in transport or in the car revolts, it begins to be extended, and the stomach increases to edges...

Began to prepare for

a uterus neck by a belladonna and but - shpy 3 once a day. In the first day 38 - oh weeks I note something mucous with pink streaks. Stopper? It would be possible and not to pay attention if not one but... Pants begin to become wet periodically for some reason... I joke with future daddy that began “to mirotochit“. As the alternative of increase of humidity was obvious (can on a bladder there presses or still that...) in maternity hospital I do not rush, however all increasing their quantity already suggested defined an idea. I begin to use linings.

Last time I go to a maternity welfare unit behind analyses. They are long looked for, but all - found. The doctor practically turns to my question of “miratocheniye“ a deaf ear, saying that it can be defined only on a chair, however did not suggest to look, only wished me success in future fulfillments. That... It is necessary to wait for Saturday appointment to the midwife patiently.

I Begin to look for the test for definition of amniotic waters, and in parallel I read horror stories on the Internet about consequences of lack of water and the premature expiration of amniotic waters with the subsequent infection of a fruit. By the way, so to me to find the test in the cultural capital and it was not possible. For some reason I begin to say to mother that all a pier, the last week I otgulivat, and then in fight... Probably, felt...


It is celebrated our anniversary of acquaintance at the Japanese restaurant. It is impossible for sushi? Yes already all is possible for me!

After long abstention we decide to be engaged in “it“. So to speak muzheterapiya. Cool!

there Comes Friday evening, get out of a bed, and flows already on - serious... I speak to the husband: “Went!“ I go to a bathtub, I do all procedures of “shaving“, etc. I come back to the room, I sit down on a bed, I listen to an organism. The silence, everything stops also desire where - or to go at once disappears.“ I will wait everything - before tomorrow`s survey“. I send the husband to shop to buy a lot of ice cream, various cakes, apples and still the numerous list of all delicacies. I broke, I wanted much and only. Here such here last feast. Final weight is 91,5 kg. Total increase of the weight of 27 kg. On this place of my narration the smilie with protruding eyes would approach. And, by the way, I did not begin to carry a bandage.

Childbirth or What all this ended (on December 20) with

In 4 mornings I get up in a toilet, again flows. Eh, to doderzhatsya to twelve. But here everything it seems passed. I go again to sleep. I wake up at ten o`clock in the morning, I eat a small kusmanchik of a yesterday`s cake - a medovik. The mood is disgusting. We leave the house, in silence we go to maternity hospital. In 12. 15 I come on the floor of delivery room. The husband remains below. I sit in a corridor, I wait. Nearby the girl with the festive bag intended to my midwife Raskhvalivayet me her in all paints, what supposedly she the good fellow. There is Narbutovich, and the girl sincerely thanks her. When the joyful scene comes to an end, and I, at last, enter viewing, I speak: “I too so want!“ I with a cunning smile am answered: “Will be, do not worry!“.

I am asked about my affairs. I tell that something leaks for about a week. “As it „ leaks “ that for affairs? And well - we will look!“. I climb on a chair. Narbutovich gets into me. When something suddenly poured down in the basin substituted under a chair, my eyes got on a forehead: “And what, I give birth what - whether today?“ It to me:“ And you as thought? Disclosure finger. Forward waters departed. I only parted amniotic covers“. Told to go to a reception. Only to tell what leaks from 10 in the morning, but not with yesterday, and not for about a week. Otherwise will send to infectious diseases hospital.

Went down, I speak to the husband: “Tomorrow you will see the daughter!“ And itself so begins to shake a little bit from excitement. Out of feelings of neither pleasure, nor simplification, nor fear - only nervousness. The husband too with eyes has a metamorphosis. Came to a reception. According to the numerous read reviews of childbirth I expect to see the embittered Cerberus in the form of the reception nurse. However I was served quite lovely. Filled all pieces of paper, took pressure and temperature. Tried to impose an insurance, but I did not give in. Looked at me on a chair and told to undress and give all superfluous to the husband. Put on a white state shirt, took a bag of hygienic gadgets and the mobile phone of MP3 a player. Sent the husband home, having punished everything to tell that I laid down on preservation, but not on childbirth.


Made a klizmochka after which the nurse tactfully left. After sincere cleaning of an organism took a shower and began to wait for the doctor. I feel that I grow white everything, and the head is turned. When the doctor everything is came and began to ask in every possible way me, before eyes fog with asterisks began to appear. To me peremeryal pressure, turned out lowered - 110 on 70. Cheered up cold water from a wash basin, at once it became easier. Nervyak!

Allocated for

in a rodblok on the 2nd floor. There I was already met by the midwife and asked about my skhvatochka. Yes what there “skhvatochka“? I still perceive myself as the simulator. And I feel nothing at all! I was told it is necessary to resemble on patrimonial “to acquire fights“. Well, I went to go - to examine the place of future action... In patrimonial there was everything decently. The big room of meters 25, all is revetted with a pink tile under European-quality repair, in a corner a cabin with a sphere, a bed and a patrimonial chair. Lockers and tables with tools. The tape recorder and a small decanter with water. I am interested: “Today - I will give rise to that?“ Say to me that we will hope! Called the husband to chat... Made on the mobile phone two of my last pregnant photos in reflection from medical lockers. It is more we than you such, Lyalechka, we will not see. I go and smile, for the best disclosure of a uterus... I represent myself the revealing lotus.

B 13. 30 skhvatochka began. At once went in 4 minutes and for 30 seconds. In an hour in 4 2 minutes. Octahedral hours hung on a wall. Their form, probably, was forever printed in my memory. 14. 34 - 14. 38, now will be fight... Eh... Went... I go half an hour more. To become bolnovato. I say to the midwife what I already definitely do not feign. There is a wish on big. I go to a toilet, stupidly I look at a toilet bowl and I come back. So... 10 more minutes are killed, it is necessary to occupy still with something cerebration and to distract. I study covers of medical affairs on a table... Slightly feels sick, right there stretch me a basin. From its look it perekhotetsya at once. Told that it is normal reaction to the revealing uterus when the fruit on it presses. I Navorachivat one more circle, examining various tools in lockers... On a window sill noticed a leather birochka on a hand. Karasyova Elena Viktorovna on December 20... Ah, means allegedly everything - I will give rise today. Already easier...

15. 20. I go to entertain myself in a shower. I sit on a sphere, I pour warm water on a stomach... It seems easier, but it is boringly terrible. I leave and begin again to wander on patrimonial. The midwife asks and that it I so quickly in soul - that played enough...


It is sick... And it is unclear where... In a lower body everywhere, but above legs... Time was divided into thin is black - white strips. Painfully - it is sick - painfully... Uuuuf... Well there is also a wish to live... Then again, on new. Between fights I rush on a bed to have a rest minute. On fight it is impossible to lie, I jump and I go, will not end yet. I do not look at the watch any more, it is concentrated only on own feelings. The midwife looks... Disclosure of 6 cm. I begin to growl and groan on fights. Was not going to shout from the very beginning that not to lose forces... Painfully... Already forgot that it is necessary to smile, and the revealing lotus is forgotten too. The doctor glanced, looked at disclosure and left. Told that disclosure goes very muchquickly... It is not good for the child...

Delivered to

the monitor for heartbeat measurement... After the 5th minute measurement the midwife called the doctor... Speak, heartbeat at the child 220 in a minute. Very badly... All ran. A heap to the people came running. Put such - that droppers, make an ukolchik... I do not worry... Only I work... Fight - rest - fight - rest... What was pricked there, I do not know at all...

was Told that for disclosure of a uterus the epiduralka partly will help. Well potuzhny not to tighten the period. Of course, to the last wanted to suffer without anesthesia. But the brain and conscience grasped the fact that applications of a preparation will help the child with labor, and me so, at the same time, to endure pain. I decide: “Give!“ The doctor comes... Shrugs shoulders:“ Well, for your money - any your whim“.

17. 05 there is the sweetest doctor - the anesthesiologist in a green dressing gown - small, lysenky, smiling such. Charm, generally. Begins to ask and that I know about epiduralny anesthesia. I answer with some postulates obtained from the Internet... The doctor speaks: “Well - well...“ The sister comes. Speak to me to turn on the left side, to curl up and at all not to move, moreover - to hold the breath... Fig to, prosbochka... With such stomach! But I try with might and main. Stick something in a back... I turn back... I wait... Minute, another. Effect zero... I look plaintively at the doctor: “Well? When?“ To distract from pain, I ask to tell about an epiduralka... As the fairy tale for the night... The tender word treats. Remarkable companion.

Gradually begins to work with

. High! Nothing hurts anywhere... Remarkably... The organism remembers that he terribly wants to guzzle. The midwife promises to talk in kitchen that left to me soup.

the Remarkable anesthesiologist me left

for a while. The midwife sat a little bit near. It is necessary to tell that in the course of childbirth I anybody`s participation do not need to be alone, on the contrary, to behave as it is possible more naturally in response to pain and that nobody looked at it, especially the beloved husband. Why to the person to suffer, looking at my sufferings, and, besides, to distract me from important process? And why only husbands on childbirth are taken? Though, probably, helps someone.


an hour and a half. I roll, I bliss out. It is impossible to rise. I am afraid that now as the anesthesia will release me, and again it will become wildly sick. I do not want! Concerned I look at the watch. It is advisable to be in time to seven - to give rise to that! At half past six the midwife approaches and looks. Speaks:“ We on a home straight. Let`s be trained to be extinguished“.

“However the girl - that large will be. Far for 4 kilograms. The head at the exit, and legs under edges. Therefore 90 percent that we will cut you“.

I here the moment came! Me, accurately supporting (it is impossible to go after an epiduralka, by the way), transfer to the next maternity chair. Well, I think, the finish, here I for three attempts - and all! Also I will shoot back. But not here - that was.

Carefully going, I climb on a chair. I am fixed on this device wonderfully. Twisted a steering-wheel so knees at my nose appeared, legs bound, put on boot covers, spread with something, iodine perhaps. Hands stuck into iron handles somewhere around a bottom. Came still the person five.

“Well, went! Fight - three attempts“. The remarkable anesthesiologist cool calculated a dose and therefore I already felt fight, and pain relatively is not present. On fight began to growl even more, but any more not from pain, and from tension, having gathered all forces as the barbarian rushing to fight with the big axe. “Rrrrrrrr...“ In the theory, of course, I perfectly knew how to make an effort. But in practice for some reason a fig it did not turn out. In total in a forehead, but not in a bottom...

First fight...

- Tuuuuzhimsya! Time - two - three...
- the Second, time - two... Well you...? Why we do not work?

Third, fourth, fifth, a floor of a head left! “How it? Just half?“ - I begged, expecting to give rise already after the third fight... “Give give!“

the huge aunt Came. Well, at least, then so it seemed to me. Pulled hard on me.... Also began to press under edges... “Davaaaaay...!“

Fight comes nearer... I try... I take away air a mouth. Time attempt, two... At the end I break and again I inhale air... The third attempt does not leave. There is not enough oxygen...

“Yes at it now eyes will get out!“ - the kind aunt commented at the left... Itself I feel what somehow not there turns out... I hear click by scissors... I was cut... Ooop!

Fight... “Well give“... Here the aunt pulled hard... Cramped legs... Release me... Aaaa... The head was born, shout: “Well done! Give on following we will finish...“

I Make an effort last time, and I am slipped out by something slippery: “Bultyyyykh!“

All! I listen a little with emotion, it is necessary to tell... To cry - that we will be? In couple of seconds someone it is dissatisfied zanyl. To me in a nose put something green and sklizky.

- Well, who it?
- the Girl!

Fix birth time - 18 hours 55 minutes. I all - was in time to seven...

- So. Well - we will be extinguished still a time. Here and placenta. Whole. Ok!

Put to me the child on a breast. I try to hold all this how many and unclear, moving... And green from meconium! It Obkakatsya in labor. For fear, probably. Poor thing.

Well, and where the promised euphoria? Where tears of happiness and the gushed maternal feelings to this defenseless sklizky lump? - che - go... Only satisfaction from well done work and some dullness for fatigue... All... Take away it. I concentrate on own organism...

Why it is pain does not pass? Has to be, at once pleasantly and cool. “Why to me it is still painful?“ - I am indignant to doctors. Instead of the answer I receive an ice hot-water bottle, and from above for weight still a bottle with water.

the Daughter is carried away. Wash, weigh. It appeared, absolutely and no more than 4 - x kg. 3650 gr and 57 cm. Such here dlinnonozhka. Speak, a kefalogematoma at us. Obvitiya was not. Across Apgar - 7/8.

I Call the husband: “I congratulate. You became a father!“ “All right?“ - I hear the surprised answer. I dictate parameters a rebyatenka. “I will call later. So far,“ - I leave to digest information.

I Call mother who called me in 3 minutes after the end of childbirth (likely, felt): “I congratulate. You became a grandmother“ “As it?“ - I hear the surprised answer. I dictate parameters a rebyatenka.“ I will call later. So far,“ - and also I leave to digest information.

In five minutes the anesthesiologist - the nice fellow arises. Adds to me a bit super - means to the plastic tubule going from the catheter inserted somewhere behind in a back.

- Well, how are you?
- it is excellent. Thanks. Still the second it is necessary now!
- As it, already? Means, well we do the work. At us some not only after the delivery cannot think of the following childbirth, but also say that at all more man will never be admitted

we Neigh...

a certain severe lady Comes and begins me to sew up with concentration. Sewed up minutes twenty. The daughter was heated under a lamp, sometimes shouted - developed lungs. In total! Three shovchik are ready. The daughter was dressed, I was covered too. On a katalochka. Legs transferred... They feel nothing, do not move... The child put in legs and carried... In the elevator and in postnatal office in a corridor for two hours... The child already shifted near in the couveuse. I lie, I examine. I do the first photos by the mobile phone. In it is general - that, of course, I profuflonit childbirth... Quickly. Yes with anesthesia it was lucky. Slept perfectly before childbirth.

Brought to

the promised soup. Russian cabbage soup... I never probably ate such vkusnotishcha with a roll... Still I remember... In one blood-stained hand a spoon, in the second, soiled by meconium, a roll... Cool... In two hours brought to chamber number one. Empty... There after airing it is cold terrible. I lie, I look at the child...

the sister the nursery and the pediatrician Came. The child was examined, changed clothes for clothes local. Talked. Inoculations offered. Tried to put to a breast. A fig it did not turn out. Discontentedly pokryakhtev, dithat fell asleep.

I Call the husband: “Carry things!“ And it has already there a topsy-turvy on washing of legs.“ All right, tomorrow then. And do not forget food more! There is a wish to guzzle madly“. Brought the second neigbour and plopped on a bed. I ask at least rolls from the nurse. Did not wait. And getting hungry very much. Very much - very much. Allowed to rise after 6 hours. I go to plunder the refrigerator in a corridor. To my honor, eaten then returned in the same quantity and the range.

Came crawling back in chamber and flopped in a bed hammock, passing the forbidden sitting position that, it is necessary to tell, it was rather difficult. I sleep, in the sleep I hear - brought the third neigbour... It Orubitsya...

, What was farther, or the Main impressions of maternity hospital number 1 of the city of St. Petersburg (on December 21 - 27)

at five in the morning strongly ached with

of Hours seams... The anesthesia departed. Called the midwife what that, seemingly, was not glad to at all... By a sleepy voice told that it is necessary to put ice and to ask the anesthetizing prick. Got an ice bottle in the refrigerator and put between legs. Felt better. Made an analginum ukolchik after processing of seams. Seams processed peroxide and potassium permanganate twice a day: at seven in the morning and in four days.

the Relative tranquility was only in the afternoon. Every night there was an end of the world. Slept on half an hour, then woke up from a baby`s cry. When came back home, there was such happiness that only one child, but not four shouts at once. And from the fact that it was possible to leave burning only a night lamp, but not a ceiling light which burned constantly. Paid chamber solved everything for economic reasons - not to take.

In spite of the fact that the child the first, in principle coped. At least, panic was not as happens. Both washed it, and dressed (though hardly, it is necessary to tell). Dithat got out of my ridiculous diapers minutes through ten, and when clothing various jackets was afraid to turn out handles.

of Heat stood in office terrible - 24 - 26 degrees in chambers which aired once a day. Also there was such steady specific smell of breast milk. When I the first time took after the delivery a shower, appear, that from me was washed away kilogram of dirt and sweat. The shower cabin was one on all office, as well as a bidet. However turns were not. A toilet too one with two cabins. Everything is rather pure. No bloody spots and the given-up laying and cotton wool as I observed in Petrovsky and Mariinsky hospital, existed. It was even a shame with little girls there. The bucket for children`s pampers and dirty diapers which were provided by maternity hospital that very much rescued was directly in chamber. It was taken out twice a day. And every time, coming into chamber, the nurse politely greeted. The person in office there were about about thirty. Washed the floors every day a miracle - structure after which slippers stuck to a floor. All maternity hospital prepared for New year therefore on a post the sister had a small fir-tree, and garlands were hanged out everywhere (even joyfully poured rain hung on the fire extinguisher in an intensive care unit).

my Neigbours, unlike me, gave birth everything free of charge. One baby has a blue face from a prolonged umbilical cord, at the second - huge bruise on a bottom from - for pelvic prelying, the third - premature on the 36th week and mine with kefalogematomy. Not everything depends on money, of course, this matter of luck. However it is always good to make secure personal team of doctors who at the difficult moment would be engaged in you, but did not ignore.

the gynecologist came In the mornings and felt all stomachs. Called her Klara Genrikhovna, such porridge in female an appearance of years under 70. Exclusively vile lady. Closer to 11 the pediatrician (the grandmother - a camomile) with the nurse who dragged the two-storeyed cart came. To children processed navels, gave advice on leaving.

elicited the admission for our father Next day. Only one visit for all stay maternity hospital was necessary. And no more than two in one chamber in a day. But for a poltakha all who wanted broke. Though the second-hand market especially was not. The father came after a violent otmechaniye of legs. Carefully took the daughter on hands, curiously inspected. Called the child the daughter of the Chinese beekeeper from - for a characteristic section of newborns a peephole and alfalfa butterflies.

In the first days of a lyalk slept much. Had a rest from childbirth. Overslept 6 hours in a row at night, and I all sat next and watched. That on a back children did not turn over, enclosed the roller to them, curtailed from a flannelette blanket. She all night long shouted at second day for hunger. And amount of the squeezed-out milk for a satisfying of hunger was incomparably smaller, than amount of the liquid emitted with tears for this hunger. To appease a hysterics gave on a glucose solution droplet.


We were fed standardly for hospital, by t. e. in the majority all the fact that feeding it is impossible. Not I the first, for certain, note it also not the last, and for some reason so nothing changes, and in all maternity hospitals a situation identical. Last feeding of the half-sixth. Then survive on supplies in the refrigerator.

Went to physical therapy to kill with

microbes between legs a special lamp. Once the granny operating process forgot my neigbour for time exceeding the put limit on daily murder of microbes. Then that complained of the burned back as though on the sun of a perelezhal. Monsters, well to tell.

by everything did to

For the 3rd day ultrasonography of a tummy. My uterus was reduced to 13 - 14 weeks, and besides found some clots therefore gave oxytocin injection. Next day ultrasonography was redone and clots were not found. Poured, of course, in buckets. It was necessary to carry a few weeks more pants - setochka and the superabsorbing laying. For childbirth I lost 200 ml of blood as wrote down in business, and then, probably, couple more of liters. It was weighed in prenatal office (in postnatal scales it is not necessary). With childbirth only 10 kg left. Other 18 - 20 kg are coming me after the end of feeding by a breast. It was not necessary to guzzle constantly.

As the mad mummy - the pervorodka at the slightest pretext ran in an intensive care unit which settled down on our floor: “And what she hiccups, it is not harmful?“

For the fifth day were going to write out all, however I very much did not like skin color and an eye a rebyatenka. Ran after the pediatrician, with a request to measure bilirubin in blood. It, refusing supposedly the alfalfa butterfly herself will resolve, all - listened to my request. Through a couple of hours the uneasy nurse came running and told that the child is taken away. That value 270 at put 230. Then I subtracted from an extract that in general was 380, here to you and the physiological alfalfa butterfly.

Took away the child for two days in an intensive care unit. Shone in the special couveuse with a bandage in the eyes in almost immobilized pose and dripped a dropper. I so felt sorry for her. Carried it the milk decanted: To 40 ml there are each three hours. At the same time I was engaged in decantation hour one and a half of these three. Bought molokootsosik in little shop at maternity hospital. Such small with an enema and the microcouveuse. On the first a time very much was useful to develop a breast. Then he died at home at boiling (plastic absolutely bad appeared and did not sustain temperature). For emergence of milk still drank tea of Laktavit. Milk began to increase gradually by days the fourth - the fifth. And the small bottle of the decanted milk in 50 ml did not begin to seem almost unreal business. By the way, my first decanted penicillinic small bottle on 10 ml was artfully stolen by the aunt who collected on chambers of a small bottle with dokormy. Having found loss on which decantation all morning left, nearly cried. In general, it is necessary to tell, nervous was after the delivery there, it is a little discomposed that in principle easily explainably the fatigue and various hormones which filled my, just given rise rebyatenka, an organism.

mother Came. Brought ointment. Began the baby to smear kefalogematy two timesand in day. From - for it - that bilirubin also rose, blood from a hematoma breaking up, got to blood. Kefalogematoma, by the way, all - was not punktirovat then. Resolved itself in 4 days in two weeks after the delivery.

Met the midwife. Gave it the chocolate hare, wishing a Happy New Year and ten thousand though not really felt that she worked them. I arrived to its change, especially she with me did not sit, did not give advice and did not do any massage (though it and was not required to me, but all-). The section is, the patrimonial trauma is. Eh... Was upset, of course. Though prompt childbirth happened from rather - for dribbles of amniotic waters within a week and in consultation the doctor told nothing to me. But everything is good that well comes to an end. Maybe its professionalism to me rescued the child when pulse jumped up so we will not judge. The nurse came and took 16 thousand for individual childbirth and 3500 for an epiduralka. And in the contract for anesthesia it was specified in the column the service “psychological assistance“. Well - well.

of the Baby was returned. Did vaccination to BTsZh and against hepatitis C. About what then, having read about complications, very much regretted.

Seams removed

for the fifth day. Thought, it will be more sick. Unpleasantly, of course, but tolerantly. Gave numerous presents from various producers of pampers and means for newborns with a lot of prospectuses.

of All given rise in one day is placed in separate chamber which was completely processed before settling. Therefore when for the 5th day wrote out all my neigbours, one of whom as it appeared, lives in the neighboring house, I was transferred to chamber number four (near the refrigerator). From chamber number four next day too all were discharged, and I was transferred to chamber number three. In this chamber there was a bay window, and it was located directly over an accident ward. Therefore sometimes observed how on “ambulance“ bring future mummies who, hobbling as ducks, came into an accident ward and as take away newborn kulechka in the resuscitation car in children`s hospital (more sadly).


For the 6th day, after my numerous reminders, to the child made ultrasonography of a brain to look at possible consequences of our patrimonial trauma. But told that it seems everything is good, bones are whole and there are no traces of oxygen starvation.

In the last day the missed husband arrived to maternity hospital, but as the admission on it was not, we long talked by the mobile phone. I on the second floor at a window, in the best traditions showing the baby through glass, and it below. Romanticism. So home there was a wish - just horror.

For the seventh day on December 27 on Saturday me, at last, was written out. The husband and his parents met me. I never felt such tasty air of freedom after an exit from maternity hospital. At an exit we were depicted by the local photographer. Made pictures together with a New Year`s Snowman on a porch of maternity hospital. Held in hand treasured white lacy kulechek with a pink ribbon. Then we, at last, went home to celebrate a joyful event.

Here such here history!