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How we were pregnant women. And with what all this ended … Part II

the Beginning

14 - aya week, or Again on preservation (on June 28)

For June I ran all general doctors and, in general, felt quite perfectly. However the intake of the next gynecologic analysis, a heat bath and a bad arrangement of stars made the dirty deed, and I rang out with bleeding in hospital, in Mariinsky again this time. Most of all the fact that when ourselves arrived to Petrovsky hospital where I lay for the first time, we were not accepted there killed. Speak: “Not on „ “ ambulance; also you bring down. You can though „ from here; “ ambulance; to cause, and let you in hospital on duty carry“. I only made a helpless gesture: “So bleeding...“ It seemed to me that urgently all run, and I will be led on survey, and it was everything on a fig. You will die on a threshold of gynecologic office and if not on “ambulance“, you are told “good-bye!“.

I Crawled to consultation, to the doctor which is aware of all my affairs, and from there with a roar of a siren I was brought to Mariinsky theater. Sounds obviously irritated me and all manner too. It is possible to tell, already grew to 14 - oh weeks, and here such opportunity. Arrived on Friday, and till Tuesday nobody told anything to me. The device ultrasonography was occupied, the ultrasonographer. Having been tired of indifference and inaction of doctors and enraged by uncertainty (can at me it is about hours!) I decided to act. For decent money went to the Medical perinatal center in Kupchino to do ultrasonography 2 - go level. There all looked, told that everything is remarkable, but the low provision of a placenta takes place (11 mm from area of an internal pharynx). With the course of pregnancy everything, quite perhaps, is normalized... “For 75% at you the boy (that in principle coincided with my desires, and the father was initially focused on the girl though always with the reservation that, in fact, all the same if only healthy).“ Here here at you the pimpochka up watches an ent and if to a bottom - that the girl... And at you up! Cheerful what as it is jerked! And punctual - develops to the day“. PDR was planned on New Year`s Eve. Let`s give birth under a ring of a chiming clock and the speech of the president. As they say, “a joke for April 1 - a gift for New year“. Well and it is remarkable! Made couple more of photos and video of our jerked 73 mm from a nose to a tail! The daddy sat that time at a door when told that he everything is all right, very much was delighted. Too worries.

Calmed, I returned to hospital, and next day all - to me made ultrasonography there and told the same. And how many the kept nerves for those last days!

15 - aya week, or the Sentence to sexual abstinence (on July 5)

of Provalyalas I in hospital of 10 days, and then on a day hospital week. The main sentence of doctors - full abstention you understand what... Eh... We suffer before the following ultrasonography in 22 weeks, perhaps, a placenta washing all - will deign to rise.

the Campaign in a drugstore became weekly ritual. I already ate such mountain of tablets that, probably, will move my not been born a rebyatenka yet. Earlier daily reception of a tiny contraceptive tablet caused a moral negative, and reception of vitamins was business almost unreal. Well, I do not love all these white and not white castors and pilyulk. And now here it is necessary. Conscious I!

16 - aya week or As we begin to stick mother from within (on July 12)

I Sit at work in front of the computer, Tuesday July 15, an afternoon, nobody, one may say, I touch... And here something became obvious from within to occur. Whether wings of a butterfly, whether some glugs... Aha! We move, means!

Every day I drag an unreal a lot of food for work. I pass for 70 kilogram Rubicon (well at registration there was not Thumbelina, weight in clothes too - 64 kilograms, estimated as by summer to throw off kilogram 5). Well, I think, to 80 kilograms, probably, all - I will fall short. Naive...

On inclusion in ZhK my paunch is measured and listen to Zhorik`s heartbeat by a special tubule of Aybolit.

17 - aya week or As we are irritated a Down syndrome (on July 19)

On the 15th week, as usual, HGCh do to

screening of AFP +. Without going especially into details, this analysis is necessary for diagnosis of congenital malformations. The answer came in two weeks, and it turned out that we have 0,31% of a deviation, and according to new standards there have to be no more than 0,25%. It was necessary to pass on consultation in the genetic center. There suggested to make a puncture and genetic material sampling of a placenta for the exact analysis only. But I refused, it is not safe and ultrasonography of the second generation said that everything is all right. Especially did not worry, knew that everything is normal. Though, to put it mildly, it was not really pleasant.


18 - aya week, or the Ban of “dolce vita“ (on July 26)

to me forbid to eat a chocolate... I terribly want F... Well please... In reply a severe look - you will manage!

the Waist is absolutely lost sight by

... And to you 4 kilograms in 4 weeks nayest are weak? But I look not so awfully, rather lovely and nicely. In principle, my pregnancy was not reflected in hair, nails and skin, at least, negatively in any way. I begin to eat calcium. Opposite - very bad in chewable tablets. The navel begins to change and stretch, and the daddy wants to get surely into it a finger... Brrrr...

21 - aya week, or the Gift on my “equator“ (on August 16)

“For 20 weeks of pregnancy give future mummy a gift. Half-term behind, and she it deserved“, - endurance from the next website devoted to pregnant affairs.

We got married! Here such here gift. The most remarkable. Rings, the 2nd palace on Furcivilian, a veil and a wedding dress of color Champagne (the tummy is almost not visible), and my happy eyes! The application was submitted in 2 weeks, and on a spravochka there was a place on Sunday August 17 in 16. 15. The weather was good, only hot too - even 32 degrees! Unique and hottest day of summer 2008, but all the same walk was successful. Hurrah! I Love the husband! Now I am the real Lyalechka Karasyova!

Several days I enjoy lawful holiday at the dacha. Berries, florets and very “tasty“ air. I embroider, I read, I eat, I sleep...

22 - aya week, or “Absolutely adult“ ultrasonography (on August 23)

This time we took

the father with ourselves. Let like. Did in the same place, in the Perinatal center in Kupchino though there was a temptation to make modern 3D ultrasonography in other clinic. Well, nothing - still there will be opportunity!

of 27 cm, 440 grams. And beautiful correct profile of the person, development besides to the day... The father was enraptured, observing as it moves, beats with handles and yawns. To us measure all stones, watch all bodies. But Zhorik was a girl this time... “Concerning a sex of the child I have no doubts any more“, - the doctor said. “Well there was a boy! How so? Deceived!“ It was necessary to see a contented face of the daddy who won a victory of floors at this stage... Well nothing, we will look yet... For now Zhorik all the same remains Zhoriky though sometimes in conversation the pronoun “she“ is already used... The placenta crept on the necessary distance, and it was resolved again! Than, as a matter of fact, we also used in the same evening.

Smells ceased to get

, and diameter of concern from smokers was narrowed to 3 meters. But in the evenings the stomach began to press on a diaphragm so added one more pillow.

24 - aya week, or we Come into contact with the midwife (on September 6)

decided to Give birth in 9 - ke in Kupchino. Left pleasure of the choice “on - a little bit - on - then“. To read responses on the Internet and to solve quietly. However here I was helped by the fellow worker, having given phone and having showered with such positive recommendations this person - the midwife that I decided to call her right there. The voice was pleasant to me. Was told to come after 30 - 32 weeks and to conclude contact. Decided to give birth with the personal midwife, but in the general rodzal (so far the level of expenses was designated as 15 thousand). Childbirth according to the Mother and Child program in euro - chamber of 125 thousand... Well, it is too much... Let`s manage...

I am engaged in

in obtaining documents on a new surname So far (the passport, INN, insurance etc., etc.) .

25 - aya week or As we for the first time kicked the father (on September 13)

Business was at night - I began to be pushed and at night. Not to mention pressure upon a bladder which had to be “taken out“ now and at night. Put the father`s hand on mother`s tummy, and unexpectedly too came the way of the father the next kick. To his happiness there was no limit! Fine!

my paunch was badly listened by

On inclusion in ZhK by means of Aybolit`s tubule therefore provided me a new entertainment - Dopler. From the loudspeaker of the sensor heartbeat of a puzozhitel, 145 beats per minute reached. Cool!

Bought a new thing - a short coat of “bolero“ light-it is white - beige color. Beautifully and fashionably! Well, here and 80 - ti the kilogram boundary is passed. I - begemotik. Balance becomes heavier to be kept. Legs, my legs. Long ranges become tiresomely unreal. Peshkodraly I made the last feat on circulation during search of a wedding dress on the 19th week. . All! There is no wish to work at work at all - the pregnant brain relaxed finally. Only also you count the remained weeks to the decree. For work I usually came crawling to 10 - 10. 30. At this time in the subway, to my happiness, becomes already a little more free. Give way always. In transitions it is proud I float as the cruiser, having exposed two hands a ringlet for protection of a puzozhitel from unnecessary collisions forward. It became slightly more difficult to put on socks and shoes.

Something is absolutely heavy

. But whether it is time for us to ache with a cunning illness?

26 - aya week, or the Day hospital on the basis of ZhK (on September 20)

Probably, I so wanted to have a rest that the organism itself found to itself ORZ. Decided to wait houses, and at the same time to dig through droppers, and something and a stomach tightened that. On a day hospital offered new useful entertainment - the decompression is called. Quite pleasant procedure.

Appetite returned to a former framework, however weight still persistently grows. Dual feeling - houses you go from inaction crazy, and for work there is no wish at all... I sit on the Internet, I read to an opupeniye all stories about childbirth, I am morally prepared for action... I begin to write “pregnant memoirs“. Let will remain! Mood super - positive, encouraged even more by kicks from within. Especially shchekotno, when inexplicably Zhorik crawls to the side and pushes there... Then I begin to jump up on a bed as a finger between edges someone tycht...

I Go shopping and madly I want to buy everything, such small and pretty... Even approximate made the list. But I will be engaged in purchases not earlier, than a month before PDR. Besides, still there is a hope for Zhorik in the form of the boy, and therefore color can not approach. Well why do not do clothes of neutral color?

for the present I watch

At a bandage suspiciously... Well what else our weeks...

27 - aya week, or I Begin to swell intensively (on September 27)

I Go to buy a bandage. It is necessary to remove a wedding ringlet, and on legs there are traces from socks. I swell. At movie theater during the shouting postscoring I am kicked so that it is necessary to leave to a half of a session. It`s all right. Not especially interestingly also was. Begin to operate me from within.

28 - aya week, or I Learn the new word “koagulogramm“ (on October 4)

Decide to study my blood. Send to a snegirevka (maternity hospital number 6 of the prof. Snegirev). I go there and I make blood test. Free of charge you are waited in line by 2 months. It is necessary to arrive three times there (to learn the schedule of making an appointment, at times on record and the third time on the analysis). For a payment served the same day. In the diagnosis it appeared:“ Normokoagulogramma, fibrinoliz is not broken, a giperagreation of platelets“. In total like anything. However the doctor all the same recommends to me to give birth there as the maternity hospital specializes in similar problems. Well is not present. Such passions as about a snegirevka, I about anybody did not hear.

29 - aya week, or Acquaintance to maternity hospital number 9 (on October 11)

Parameters of a body 100 on 110 on 110. Well, unless I am not beautiful? However the doctor for some reason so does not consider. In additives does not inspire her washing 20 - ti a kilogram increase in weight and pressure 150. The last working week remains worked not enough, and the last working day is a Monday 13 - oye (October). On “ambulance“ I am sent on mine to requests in 9 - ku. However there it becomes clear that there are no places. I am detained from 8 in the morning to 16, after my almost full ozvereniye everything is define on patrimonial office. The shouts of mummies at night passing in peep of newborn children. European-quality repair of a rodblok 5 - go the floor and politeness of personnel make good impression. In a day I am transferred to prenatal office. Do ultrasonography and confirm the girl, but the screen was turned and I managed to peep nothing at all. Put a dropper with eufeliny, measure pressure twice a day.