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How we were pregnant women. And with what all this ended … Part I

we Will pass a prolog about all unfortunate - the happy moments of my previous life and at once we will pass to action... Though, perhaps, one moment all is there is a wish to mention...

It was especially lousy and sad

... Fall, November, rain, house, work, wine, sadly... In one of such not remarkable days at return from work to the subway the remarkable companion in a knitted hat making something of sheets of white paper was near... Having turned, it suddenly handed me a white paper zhuravlik with words: “Happiness to you and good luck!“. “It would be desirable... I lack it really now“. “Will be!“ - the companion in a knitted hat laconically answered and got off at the next station. “It would be desirable to trust, and suddenly the wizard?“ - I thought, having put on a foreground (on Klava of the laptop) a zhuravlik who according to the recipe obviously had to bring me both happiness and good luck.

And through a two-three of weeks, to be exact on December 16, 2007 we got acquainted with my beloved and were mutually fallen in love. Here such small ordinary miracle (well, for those who trust). The recipe of happiness is simple. The New Year`s fairy tale during the third appointment to kisses under a chiming clock smoothly turned into the most pleasant cohabitation. Remarkably celebrated a St. Valentine`s Day on February 14 with walk across Venice, and also made happy with the visit both other main sights of Italy and part of the southern Switzerland. Well, and in general were exclusively happy with each other, the adjusted harmony and the course of the developed circumstances. Therefore month through three after acquaintance I began to reflect that not bad already to begin process of an institution a rebyatenka especially as 28 years knocked, and you should not postpone in principle. Well, happens and so. Future father was not against. Naturally, having read as any progressive lady, “zaberemenniya“ and remembering all difficulties about 17 - summer abortion estimated:“ You will begin earlier, you will receive earlier - well in a half-year - year, well at most through two if it does not develop. Still it is necessary to povyplachivat a mortgage for just acquired apartment under construction, well to mine 30 - ti have to be in time“.

I I dream our yard - at the same time both a storm, and the sun. Huge fishes, nacreous, beautiful are on a silver platter, it is a lot of - attacked much... Here a miracle from miracles! To Bor I one, centimeters so 80 in length, stand, I examine, and it such beautiful, big, is poured by a rainbow on the sun...

pregnancy Planning

Probably the shortest part of the story as it was worth saying goodbye to hormonal tablets, all addictions. From the beginning of reception of vitamins did not pass, as they say, and two weeks as came on April 12, (2008), all the known holiday... There was Saturday, there were 12 o`clock in the afternoon, and my darling returned at midday from work... Well, and what was farther, in principle it is possible to guess though it is a big secret!

Treasured stripes (13 days after start of “kserodaptel“ or nearly 4 obstetric weeks)

As biological experiment was begun with

, curiosity of the researcher actively called for any research of results, well at least intermediate. The test, by the way, was purchased to a fish dream during the last periods in number of two pieces.“ It is useful,“ - I thought during the next campaign in a drugstore. And here in two days prior to the beginning of “monthly friends from the red train“ in the morning on April 25 I with a proud look left in a toilet with the test. Further the known procedure followed all. Somehow I did not expect result, still remembering various factors described above moreover that tea not the girl that here then... I planned “to plan“ own pregnancy. Well, there healthy lifestyle at least 3 months (maturing of an ovum of 80 days), well and so on. However above someone planned to give me planned somehow at once... At first the first strip appeared, and then also the second turned pink. Well, so still reluctantly... Did not begin to remake, at once it was confided and it seemed logical... A couple of minutes of joyful looking at stripes, sitting on a toilet bowl... A time for work...

At work I everyone half an hour got

treasured striped testik to check - well as there, nothing changed? Did not disappear there? Or perhaps also the third strip was shown to a heap?

News the daddy wanted to present

somehow originally, well and only after a campaign to the doctor when tell that everything is, and everything is normal. As I then was far from thought that “normally“ during pregnancy a lot more time will pass this into the area of negative values. I had patience not to tell couple more of weeks, but me a pearl, news was directly inflated from within, escaping in every way outside... “Something you today strange some“, - was noticed in the evening. Having thrown an unfinished plate, I is proud was removed to the room, having inflated from - for some nonsense. My prince followed in a few minutes me that all - to learn about the reason of my next dash of madness...“ It is direct as the pregnant woman“. News from this phrase began to be inflated even more and, without having sustained such internal tension, she all - escaped against will from me. “Well, because so it also is!“ - I muttered... “Truth?“. “Well...“. Curtain.

There now to you and original message on an event... All who wait for jumps to a ceiling or kisses a heap of roses or treasured mad happiness in eyes in 90% of cases receive the thoughtful and shaken look... Practically at any, even very eager posterity of the person always this expected event comes unexpectedly and what to speak about unprepared daddies... Such is psychology... Though then to me it was told that he waited and allowed: “Well, we did it without it and why it...“ Pancake... Here some for months, for years, and we have time, and in two weeks... I felt like the hero! And I was not estimated... Uf... Well, it is fine - all right. Day three both of us got used to it morally, and then every day happiness and love began to increase on - accruing though where still - that? Here so my white paper zhuravlik trained for a new profession in an aistenka.

of 5 weeks, or the First appointment to the gynecologist (on May 3)

May Day holidays took place

, and it seems it became time to go to the doctor. “The earlier, the better!“ - I solved and went in our 12 ZhK. Before a campaign I “peed stripes“ once again, well so, for confidence, so to speak, not to be embarrassed false arguments though in a stomach there were obviously some processes, and I never suffered from delays. Everything precisely came in time. Further survey and probing:“ Yes, are pregnant, but a uterus still absolutely tiny, here to you the direction on ultrasonography“. On ultrasonography showed me a black centimetric speck, the whole 1,1 mm... There is no heartbeat... Probably, small still... “You come through couple of weeks“.

“we Leave

?“ - a penetrating question of the doctor on which followed my accurate “yes“. Somehow it seemed to me that the doctor was even delighted though she, apparently, that to her to endure, what only did not see during the work... And here predo at me the pile of pieces of paper for delivery of all necessary analyses began to grow...

of 6 weeks, or the First travel to hospital on preservation (on May 10)

In a week I was for delivery of part of remarkable analyses again, and at survey noticed obviously dissatisfied person of a vrachikha.“ And that it at you here... Some botched work“. Yes, from where I know, there is more visible to you... I noticed nothing... Well, delays a stomach variable success the third week as before monthly, the breast hurts a little, and so anything special. “It is urgent on ultrasonography...“ Pulled out the manager and began to watch me, anxiously sticking on the screen... “Heartbeat is“. Well, thank God. “On hospitalization. Bleeding, the otsloyka is possible and if she begins, will not stop any more. We lay down?“ We lay down! What to do... Also we went on “ambulance“ to Petrovsky hospital... The hospital was remembered by pricks in a bottom and gentle visits my beloved which brought me in a klyuvika any nutritious yum-yum... It was also necessary to admit to the chief a bigbossa about what happened to me...

During that time pregnant women “about 14 weeks“ with a small tummy seemed to me something already developed and cool. I watched at them how the first grader looks at tenth-graders:“ Well, when I still such will be?“

of 7 weeks, or the Beginning of microtoxicosis (on May 17)

In a week me was safely written out, and next day on May 22 I departed to Italy in business trip. From there in a week I returned fattened, had a rest and freshened up from the sea and the sun, therefore some time everything went further without special incidents. Felt sick a little of course with 7 - oh on 9 - uyu week, but never reached a zhivotovyvorachivaniye... This bowl passed me... However, there was a wish to sleep much, well so somewhere from 7 in the evening to 6 in the morning... Ate as usual, no special desires or classical addictions to pickles came to light.

Have more than any bustle behind the leaving transport, trips “hare“ in an electric train and jumps from a platform. Maman, behave decently and remove, at last, your hairpins! “Eh...“ - my rollers sadly sighed behind a sofa. “Eh...“ - sadly I repeated.

I Choke with exhausts of cars, it appears, all city is awfully gas-polluted. And why it nobody, except me notices? How many on streets of the smoking people... I feel any for 10 meters and as always on the street someone the smoker in this diameter comes across, I begin to suffer... Darling, you at me do not smoke any more... Sorry..

12 - aya week, or the First “adult“ ultrasonography (on June 14)

Oh as there was a wish to see somewhat quicker rather what there grew! Therefore I began to read out from certain time weeks - not how many them passed and as it is necessary: began to estimate them in an ordinal numeral (well it seems so one week more). Even my birthday faded on June 12 into the background. Though darling threw me, having left in business trip and all relatives dumped on the sanatorium affairs. Therefore I remained to watch for the kupchinsky apartment all alone alone with “Contact“ and the Internet though the phrase “all alone“ could be hardly considered as correct already. I was already together.

Well, here at last also came treasured on June 16, and we went to our first “adult“ ultrasonography on which something would already have to be shown in the form of the little man. Began to read every week on the Internet an infa about the next week - that there occurs as looks and what dangers assumes. Our ultrasonographer was tenderness that already is even surprising for free health service. You expect a silent sadism, at least. Allowed me everything to look and commented on everything: “Bright what it at you“... “And who, of course, it is not visible yet?“ “Yes early still, here if even weeks 13 - 14... And so.“ Well, what cannot be cured must be endured... Having gripped the treasured photo, I is proud left an office, admiring the wonderful black little man. Here it, our first photo. KTR of 46 mm!

I begin to eat

Ya... Is much... Is much... Everything becomes tasty... Especially sour cream! Puzozhitel receives a code name Zhorik - well because eats all the time. I begin to sleep only on one side... Good-bye, peaceful falling asleep on a puzika...

13 - aya week, or Recognition to parents (on June 21)

the tummy - that was already obviously designated by

A... After a campaign on “pregnant“ shops bought pair of special trousers with a rubber insert on a paunch. Very conveniently. One linen short, second green velveteen. Which - which of Italy writes me about summer crisis of clothes... Oh, the girlfriend, you do not know yet what is crisis of clothes! I brush away a tear, postponing all my jackets - obtyagushka. But the increased breast which from my charming minipusek became even the third size cannot but please! We change a brassiere and we cause pride and admiration in future daddy (a pier, this is his doing, well maybe not absolutely hands, but it is not important). He more abruptly, than any plastic surgeon and it is just a magician and the wizard! It is not dissuaded, this is true! From the middle of June began to give way to me in the subway (also 3 months - that were not). I at first pribaldet, and then somehow even put on airs. In I is what!

Why news began me to hold apart

again... It is necessary to tell still somebody. It seems held on to the second trimester, and now the risk of the stood pregnancy (it was my main fear as examples before eyes were numerous) and an abortion was reduced to 15%. Therefore until now preferred to keep silence, and that there will be then these soplivo - compassionate views and councils. We will understand. Even the fact of my week absence from - for hospitals descended for the family as business trip. Though his mother was surprised when which - who blabbed out by phone that we together walk at companion Shishkin`s exhibition in the Russian Museum. Generally, spies from us useless.


It is proud having raised a camouflage wide t-shirt I showed to mother a stomach... The question was a little bit is shocked - scared:

- And how many?
- 12 weeks!
- Wanted?
- you Offend, it is planned! Well, only it turned out quickly somehow.

Mother digested news several days and those days did not lift more subject...

his mother, appears, for a long time suspected therefore reactions super - surprises on it is proud the shown photo of the black little man did not follow... Speaks, it is visible for a long time and on the person and manners though we told nothing. And as it is visible, did not understand... The grandmother on the signs predicted the girl. Well, we will look.