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Gifts - semi-precious stones

Semi-precious stones... Once you hear this word, and heaps of the jewels sparkling in all flowers of a rainbow appear at our mind`s eye. Probably, around the world not to find the person who would remain it is indifferent to these surprising creations of the nature. Perfection, richness of paints and a play of light in mysterious depths of stones - semi-precious stones bewitch.

For certain they were created by the nature with special intention. Some even believe that in jewels the most intimate knowledge of us and our Universe is ciphered. People on - special treated from time immemorial semi-precious stones and even considered them live. Stones not only were used as mascots and amulets, but also became a subject of religious worship. Was considered that they personify heart, the sun and the moon, light and heat. Not without reason fantastic “mountains of semi-precious stones“ were protected by mythical snakes, dragons or monsters, guests from other worlds. And only in the Ural narrations the Hostess of the Copper mountain was a keeper of mountain riches. Probably, emergence of this female image is connected with the fact that jewels always attracted to themselves women, regardless of their age and situation in society. And semi-precious stones, in turn, drew attention to those who carried them. Not for nothing appeared and there was popular a saying “Diamonds are the best friends of girls“.

Justice of this statement can be checked on personal experience. Try to present to your girl a ring or earrings with diamonds, and be convinced how soon this gift will become favourite its ornament. By the way, through pragmatic analysts will count such gesture not only sincere manifestation of feelings, but also excellent capital investment, over time semi-precious stones only increase in the price. If your opportunities are limited at present, and there are a wish to please darling with jewelry from stones, then pay attention to not less effective agate, amethyst and other stones. You should not ignore also semiprecious stones. It is considered that jewelry, the transparent sparkling stones, best of all look in combination with evening dresses while rings, earrings, a beads and bracelets from semiprecious stones it is possible to wear with clothes of the most different styles. So things are easy: it is only necessary to be defined what color is pleasant to your darling more, and to consider magic properties of stones. So, just in case, suddenly it is valid the truth? Certainly, do not forget that to large magnificent women there is more heavy and massive jewelry while tiny young ladies should select something easy and graceful.

But what to do to those men whose girlfriends and wives will count jewelry as a gift banal? Not to despair and not to refuse the initial plan, continuing to investigate products from semi-precious stones. Here, for example, a casket - a thing, irreplaceable for any lady and, perhaps, and not only for it. Needlewomen can store in it beads or threads for embroidery, technically advanced persons - memory cards, flash cards and other necessary devices. And already on a workplace there is more order, all necessary is not lost, and the graceful casket from onyx, nephrite or other stone which you will choose is pleasing to the eye the warm gloss.

In general gifts from stones - semi-precious stones are truly universal

. You judge. Present that you are invited on a visit to christening or there is a wish to indulge with something own kid. Go to jewelry store and get to the baby a cross from a natural stone. Consultants of shop will prompt what pebble it is better to choose for the child. The carved figure of an animal will be an excellent gift. From first months of life the kid learns the world and for its development it is necessary to provide it for researches the most different invoices. And the smooth figure will be so pleasant to be twisted in hands and to taste! There are only a few nuances: the figure has to be rather large that it could not be swallowed, but not heavy that the kid did not deliver himself bruise. If similar ideas seem to you doubtful, then get the night lamp made of stones - semi-precious stones. Light which passed through stone heart creates gentle shine, flickers as the night star shining only for the sleeping baby.

the Set of products from semi-precious stones simply ask to be presented to the senior generations of your family. The frames for photos turned from semiprecious stones or the albums decorated with the sparkling crystals will become a worthy frame for family photohistory. And maybe, hospitable and pragmatic relatives will be delighted to the “necessary“ thing more? Then present them the gift uniting in itself historical traditions and the latest developments of equipment - a dish with heating. Such dishes either are decorated with semi-precious stones, or completely made of semiprecious stones. The heating element which is built in in a miracle - a dish, does not allow to cool down to food during all festive lunch.

By the way, about festive lunches! Men will appreciate a festive cup from jewel. There is in it something reliable, eternal as semi-precious stones. It will be just pleasant to be held in hand, and drinks from such vessel will seem twice more tasty. However, the same can be told also about a set of graceful piles which will be a fine gift on anniversary to the chief. In general, products from precious and semiprecious stones which are literally created for men, great variety. Chess and backgammon from stones, desk sets and a press - a papya and even just mysterious cuts from agate with the tableau vivant appearing at the owner`s look - all this were appreciated by men of the past, the present and, most likely, men of the future will appreciate. And if to consider that rings with natural stones are popular with men not less, than representatives of a fine half have mankind, then possibilities of the choice become boundless.


it is Much told about magic of stones in which our ancestors so believed. It is possible to be skeptical about it, but who knows what will be shown by researches tomorrow? Voices of serious scientists who recognize that the crystal structure of jewels is capable to accumulate in itself information are already now distributed. May be that tomorrow we learn that we ancient were absolutely right, and doctors will begin to write out recipes on these or those jewelry depending on an illness. To what it we? Only that what - semi-precious stones you did not choose a gift from stones it is important that gift went in all sincerity. And before delivery warm a stone heat of the palms and wish something heartily. And then semi-precious stone will precisely bring to the owner joy, happiness and good luck.